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100,000 Levels of Body Refining : All the dogs I raise are the Emperor Season 1

? episodes · ONA Completed Raise Are the Emperor, One Hundred Thousand Layers of Body Refining: All the Dogs I, 炼体十万层:我养的狗都是大帝, 煉體十萬層:我養的狗都是大帝

Five thousand years ago, a teenager harbored an insatiable longing for cultivation. However, due to his unique physique, he encountered difficulties in breaking through the physical training period and advancing to the next realm of cultivation. Undeterred by this setback, he persisted in his practice, spanning countless eras from ancient mythology to the modern day.

After being Undercover for ten Years, I became the Big Villain of the Demon Sect

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Ten Years Undercover I Became the Big Villain of the Demon Sect, Undercover For 10 Years, After being Undercover for ten Years I became the Villain of the Demon Sect, Wodi Shi Nian Wo Chengle Mo Zong Da Fanpai, Wòdǐ Shí Nián Wǒ Chéngle Mó Zōng Dà Fǎnpài, 卧底十年我成了魔宗大反派

As a youth hailing from Earth, Luo Yunxiao was abruptly whisked away to the enigmatic realm of Xuanhuang, his destiny intertwined with the threads of mysticism and intrigue. Entrusted by the righteous sect with a decade-long mission to infiltrate the notorious Ten Demon Sect, fate took an unforeseen twist. Rather than maintaining his guise, he found himself thrust into leadership, appointed by the very echelons of the Ten Demon Sect.

Thus began his odyssey—a journey unscripted, a destiny unwritten—as he embarked on the path to forge his own legacy. With resolve as his compass and ambition as his guide, Luo Yunxiao sought to carve a new chapter in the annals of Xuanhuang’s history. Through trials and tribulations, he navigated the treacherous currents of power and deceit, determined to usher forth a glorious era of his own making.

After My Bloodline Was Destroyed I Became Invincible

iCiyuan animation, IQIYI
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 血脉被掠夺后,我无敌了,After my bloodline was plundered I became invincible

In the epic tale of “Supreme Power Inheritance,” Qin Lie, fostered by the Yun family since childhood, emerges victorious in the Four Clans Competition and awakens his fiery bloodline. His triumph, however, incites envy in his childhood sweetheart Yunxi, leading to a catastrophic betrayal. Stripped of his bloodline by Yunxi’s father and his cultivation brutally abolished, Qin Lie faces seemingly insurmountable despair. Yet, in the darkest hour, he stumbles upon the legendary inheritance of Taishi Tianzun, a discovery that sets him on an extraordinary path. With this newfound power, he embarks on a relentless quest for supreme power, traversing three thousand worlds and becoming invincible inside and outside the universe.

As Qin Lie harnesses the unparalleled might of Taishi Tianzun’s inheritance, he transforms from a forsaken youth into a formidable force. His journey is fraught with formidable challenges and ruthless adversaries, but his resolve to reclaim his destiny remains unshakable. Along the way, he encounters allies and foes alike, each encounter honing his skills and fortifying his spirit. “Supreme Power Inheritance” is a story of betrayal and redemption, where Qin Lie’s unwavering determination and newfound power lead him to the pinnacle of the universe, rewriting the fate that was cruelly snatched away. Also known as “Taishi Tianzun’s Legacy” and “Three Thousand Worlds’ Supreme Sovereign.”

Alternative Names: Taishi Tianzun’s Legacy, Three Thousand Worlds’ Supreme Sovereign

After Signing in for 30 Days, I Can Annihilate Stars

41 episodes · ONA Ongoing Qian Dao 30 Tian Yi Quan Bao Xing , OP After 30 Days Of Sign-In, Signed 30 Days and I Can Destroy a Star With One Punch, 签到30天一拳爆星,After Signing in for 30 Days, I Can Annihilate Stars

In the face of an alien invasion, select cultivators are chosen to enter secret realms to combat the monstrous threat.

Chu Mo, a once ordinary office worker, tragically takes his own life,

but his coworker’s betrayal adds to his despair. However,

in a twist of fate, as he falls from a building,

he finds himself transported to a secret realm and gains a powerful system.

Through this system, every time Chu Mo signs in to access the secret realms, he acquires incredible power, making him invincible. After thirty days of continuous sign-ins, he becomes an unstoppable force, capable of shooting stars with a single punch.

Now armed with this newfound strength, Chu Mo embarks on a mission to protect Earth and face the alien invaders head-on, becoming a formidable force against the impending threat.

Alchemy Supreme

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Alchemy Supreme , 丹道至尊

In the mystical realm of the ancient Medicine Continent, where myriad races coexist, the art of alchemy reigns supreme. Su Beihuang, the revered Yin and Yang Alchemy God, poured his soul into crafting a divine elixir, only to fall victim to a treacherous plot. Entrapped by the allure of a captivating beauty, he became one with his elixir, concealed from the world for a century.Emerging from the shadows, Su Beitian, the resilient descendant, faced humiliation with unwavering tenacity. Unexpectedly bestowed with the Alchemy God’s legacy, he returned with a surge of domineering power. Awakened to the harmonious dance of dual martial arts—ice and fire—he embarked on a journey to reclaim his destiny. The forge of alchemy once again echoed with his skilled hands, as he ascended to the stature of a young hero.As Su Beitian delves into the mysteries surrounding his mother’s disappearance, a tapestry of conspiracies unravels. Through trials and tribulations, he explores the zenith of martial arts, mastering the delicate balance of fire and ice. His alchemical prowess elevates him to the status of a supreme master, unveiling the hidden secrets of his lineage.Join Su Beitian on this unique odyssey, where the elixir of life intertwines with the threads of destiny, and the crucible of alchemy shapes a hero destined for greatness.

All my Apprentices are Top Villains

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我的徒弟都是大反派,All my Apprentices are Top Villains,My Apprentices Are All Great Villains,Wo De Tudi Dou Shi Da Fanpai,My Students Are All Archvillains,All My Followers Are Renowned Antagonists,Every One of My Disciples is a Master Villain,My Disciples are All Major Antagonists,All my Apprentices are Top Villains, Master of Demons: The Unruly Apprentices,The Demon Patriarch and his Roguish Disciples,Wicked Apprentices: The Demonic Master's Tale,Dark Lords and Devilish Disciples: A Demonic Legacy,Powers Unleashed: The Master of Malevolence and His Nine Furies,Conquering Chaos: The Unyielding Demon Lord and his Fiendish Flock,Demonic Dynasty: Ruling with Mischievous Mastery,The Wayward Clan: A Demon Patriarch's Struggle for Control,Sword and Shadows: The Master of Demons and His Sinister Protégés,Legacy of Darkness: The Enigmatic Demon Patriarch and His Notorious Apprentices,Evil Incarnate: The Master of Demons and his Cursed Apprentices"

When Lu Zhou wakes up in a new world, he finds himself as the most powerful and oldest demon patriarch, accompanied by nine mischievous apprentices, each brimming with wickedness that sends shockwaves through the realm. The eldest disciple commands an army of demons, while the second, known as the Sword Demon, resorts to deadly measures over minor disputes.

But there’s a twist – Lu Zhou has no cultivation foundation. How will he manage to train this unruly gang without any power of his own? As he navigates the tumultuous world of demons, Lu Zhou refuses to let anyone trample on him.

Among his apprentices, the seventh, Si Wuya, remains loyal and devoted to her “still alive” master, vowing to eat and sleep only when he returns. Despite the chaos and danger, Lu Zhou must find a way to bring harmony and discipline to his apprentices, who are feared and respected in equal measure.

With a mix of action, strategy, and moral dilemmas, “Master of Demons: The Unruly Apprentices” showcases Lu Zhou’s relentless determination to tame the chaos and redefine the concept of family in a world dominated by malevolence.

As the bond between master and disciples deepens, a glimmer of hope emerges, and the line between villainy and redemption begins to blur. Can this unlikely group of demons find their way towards a brighter future, or will darkness consume them all?

Join Lu Zhou and his rebellious apprentices on a thrilling journey of self-discovery, camaraderie, and the eternal struggle between good and evil. This unique tale will keep you hooked until the very end, eager to uncover the mysteries and triumphs that await them in the demon realm.

Apocalyptic Escort Agency

Ake Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Apocalyptic Escort Agency,末世鏢局,Apocalyptic Escort Agency,末世镖局

In a world shattered 150 years ago, cities lay in ruins, and monstrous creatures roamed freely. Survivors established base towns, and their lifeline became the bodyguards, individuals gifted with unique abilities to fend off these monstrosities.

Lu Renjia, a determined young man, became an escort in the southeast, seeking the truth behind his brother’s death. Through a series of perilous adventures, he inched closer to the elusive truth.

In this dark, post-apocalyptic world, Lu Renjia’s journey intertwined with courage, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Together, they unveiled a mystery that could reshape the world.

Lu Renjia’s tale is a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity, where the line between human and monster blurred, and the true meaning of survival came into focus.

Apprentice Upgrade I Become Stronger While Lying

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 徒弟升级 我躺着就变强,As my apprentice upgrades, I become stronger just by lying down.

**Title: The Apprentice Upgrades While I Lie Down**

In a world where cultivation and strength determine one’s destiny, an extraordinary dynamic unfolds in “The Apprentice Upgrades While I Lie Down.” The protagonist discovers an unconventional path to power: as his apprentice grows stronger and ascends in cultivation, he too inexplicably becomes more powerful, all while doing nothing.

The apprentice’s journey to god-level cultivation not only enhances his own abilities but also significantly boosts his master’s strength. With each level the apprentice achieves, the protagonist’s power skyrockets, making him an unstoppable force without lifting a finger. Witness this unique tale of cultivation, where the bonds between master and apprentice redefine the boundaries of power and destiny.

Alternative names:
1. Lying Down to Power: The Master and Apprentice Saga
2. Cultivation Boost: Mastering Through the Apprentice
3. Ascension Duo: The Passive Power of the Master

Apprentices Are All Witches Season 1+2

Youkou Animation
61 episodes · ONA Ongoing 徒弟都是女魔头第二季,Apprentices Are All Witches Season 2

The tale you’ve shared seems to be a creative work of fiction or a story you’ve developed. It features elements of fantasy, adventure, betrayal, and redemption. The character Yebei plays a significant role in the story by climbing the fairy ladder to open the gate of heaven and saving the fantasy continent. However, upon entering the fairy world, they encounter challenges and betrayals from unexpected sources, including a disciple in charge of the Dao of Greed. In a time of crisis, Yebei and their disciples unite to cleanse the demon atmosphere and restore harmony with the Tao. Eventually, they successfully return to the world, symbolized by the blue sky.

Arch Villain

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 今日开播我真不是大反派啊动态漫 ,I'm Really Not a Villain,I'm really not the villain! Dynamic Comics Season 1

Yin Wudao, a man of immense wealth and striking looks, met his end at the hands of the Dragon King’s son-in-law. But a twist of fate gave him a second chance through the “God-Level Villain System.” He aimed to be the ultimate villain, but there was a catch: he couldn’t help being decent in all he did. Despite his wicked ambitions, his innate kindness left everyone perplexed. In a world where darkness and virtue blurred, Yin Wudao challenged the notion of villainy with his unique blend of charm and malice.

As an Immortal I only Practice Forbidden Martial Arts

? episodes · ONA Ongoing As an immortal, I only practice forbidden arts, 长生不死的我只修禁术, Immortal I Only Cultivate Forbidden Arts, As an Immortal I only Practice Forbidden Martial Arts

In the mystical realm of immortality, Jiang Ming awakens to find himself bestowed with the unfathomable gift of eternal life. Yet, as he navigates the treacherous paths of immortality, Jiang Ming discovers a singular truth guiding his cultivation journey: to tread the forbidden path alone.Embracing the forbidden arts with unwavering resolve, Jiang Ming harnesses the power of the blood-burning knife technique, where each incision exacts a toll of years from his adversaries’ lives. “Eat my ten knives first!” he challenges, wielding his blade with unparalleled skill and determination.Venturing further into the depths of forbidden knowledge, Jiang Ming confronts the holy body of a hundred tribulations, where each day brings forth three levels of divine reckoning. Undeterred, he refines his essence to a hundred thousand levels, defying the very fabric of mortality itself.

With the Heavenly Evolution Technique at his disposal, Jiang Ming courts the wrath of celestial destiny, calculating the hues of saintly garb with preternatural insight. And to pierce the veil of illusion, he gazes unflinchingly upon the indescribable, mastering the art of seeing beyond the seen.Each day, Jiang Ming confronts the relentless cycle of life and death, his very existence washed clean by the underworld’s relentless embrace. Through ceaseless practice and unwavering determination, he discovers that his forbidden techniques render him invincible in the face of all adversaries.In the crucible of forbidden arts, Jiang Ming forges a destiny unmatched, carving his name into the annals of immortality with each daring step along the forbidden path.

Astral Pet Store(Super pet shop)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Chao Shen Chong Shou Dian, Super God Pet Shop ,超神宠兽店

In an age dominated by pet beasts, power hinges on the strength they wield. Pet masters dedicate themselves to honing their companions’ abilities, striving for advancement. Yet, amidst this fervor, a mysterious pet shop materializes, unveiling astonishing transformations. Within mere days, a humble skeleton fells a golden dragon effortlessly, while a mere guard dog wields the formidable prowess of the top ten petting secrets. And the enigmatic storekeeper, a self-proclaimed deity, orchestrates feats beyond mortal comprehension.

At the helm stands Su Ping, the shop’s proprietor, whose routine endeavors turn adorable pets into formidable prehistoric behemoths. In this realm where the extraordinary thrives, every creature, from lowly skeletons to revered dragons, holds the potential for astonishing evolution. Amidst the intrigue and marvel, Su Ping navigates a world where the ordinary transcends into the realm of the extraordinary, blurring the boundaries between pet and master, mortal and divine.

Azure Legacy [Cang Yuan Tu]

Shenman Entertainment
26 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Demon Hunter, 沧元图动画, Azure Legacy, Cang Yuantu, Chang Yuan Tu, Cang Yuan Tu, 沧元图

Meng Chuan’s world shattered when he witnessed his mother’s brutal murder, igniting a burning desire for vengeance. He trained tirelessly, yearning to be the strongest. However, destiny had more in store. His wedding engagement crumbled, foreign invaders threatened, and his sanctuary fell into enemy hands. Faced with these challenges, he picked up his sword, not just for revenge, but to protect Ning City’s people. This path was a heavy responsibility, a long and arduous journey, one that would test his mettle and reshape his purpose.

Became King After Being Bitten

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 被咬后成为王者Became King After Being Bitten,Make Me the Vampire King!, 被咬后成为王者, Above The Undead Master,Became King After Being Bitten, Bei Yao Hou Chengwei Wangzhe ,Blood World ,Bèi Yǎo Hòu Chéngwéi Wángzhě .Make Me the Vampire King!,

After being reborn, Wang Zhe finds himself in a changed world. The blood race now rules, and humans proudly embrace their status as blood dependents. Wang Zhe seeks to mend his past regrets and create a better life in this new reality.

Become An Immortal In One Life(Quest for Immortality)

45 episodes · ONA Ongoing Become An Immortal In One Life,一世成仙

In the vast and enigmatic expanse of a universe brimming with wonders, a young scion of noble lineage sets forth on a journey fueled by his unwavering ambition. Guided by an insatiable thirst for greatness and driven by the desire to transcend mortal bounds, he navigates through realms teeming with myriad challenges and boundless opportunities. With each step forward, he confronts trials that test his resolve and adversaries who seek to thwart his ascent.

Yet, undeterred by adversity and undaunted by the magnitude of his quest, he presses on with unyielding determination. Alongside stalwart allies and formidable foes, he unravels the mysteries of ancient powers and delves into the depths of arcane knowledge. Through battles won and lost, triumphs celebrated and setbacks endured, he inches closer to his ultimate goal: to carve his name into the annals of eternity and claim his rightful place among the immortal pantheon.

In this epic saga of courage, ambition, and destiny, the young scion’s journey becomes a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity and the enduring power of eternal ambition. As he forges his path through the tapestry of existence, he leaves an indelible mark on the fabric of reality, shaping his own fate and etching his legacy upon the cosmos.

Alternative names: Eternal Ambition, Immortal Aspiration, Quest for Immortality

Become the richest man today

Become the richest man today

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 今天开始当首富,Become the richest man today

Meet Lin Tian, a humble college student surviving on plain water and rice. After helping others, he gains the Shenhao system, forcing him into a life of constant spending. Determined, he faces the challenges, hoping to spend it all and uncover the system’s secrets. A unique and thrilling journey begins.

Beyond a Myriad of Peoples

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Stand Above Hundreds of Millions of Immortals, Above Ten Thousand People , Who Is Your Daddy, 万人之上, 萬人之上, Beyond a Myria of Peoples,over ten thousand people

Yi Feng, finding himself immersed in the mystical realm of cultivation, was disheartened to realize his lack of the coveted “spiritual roots” that granted innate talent for cultivation.

Considered an ordinary individual, he settled for a life of practicing martial arts, gathering disciples, and selling books,

leading a rather unremarkable existence akin to a resigned salted fish.

However, unbeknownst to him, Yi Feng possessed hidden abilities,

that surpassed the limitations of the three realms and transcended the conventional boundaries of the five elements.

Big Brother King

20 episodes · ONA Ongoing 新番上线直接看合集王者大师兄,Big Brother King,王者大师兄 在线观看,

Jiang Beiran arrived on the mysterious Xuanlong Continent, where he navigated complex relationships, joined the Guixin Sect, and quietly excelled in arts, martial skills, and grooming promising disciples, all while pursuing the path of immortality in obscurity.

Bind the Valkyrie at the beginning

? episodes · ONA Ongoing It’s over, I was bound to the beautiful Valkyrie Dynamic Comic,完蛋,我被美女武神绑定了动态漫画,Bind the beautiful Martial God at the beginning

In the intricate tapestry of destiny, Hou Yu, hailed as a cultivation virtuoso in his lineage, finds himself ensnared in a web of deceit, branded a frivolous scapegoat by conniving kin, all to pave the path for his elder brother’s ascent. Cast into the abyss as an offering to the formidable God of War, his unwilling sacrifice triggers the awakening of the slumbering Evil God. Drawn by the irresistible allure of Taibai, the sinister deity, he strikes a perilous pact, binding his fate to the malevolent entity. Henceforth, as he surrenders offerings to the insatiable Evil God, he unlocks a trove of rewards. This saga, also known as “Covenant of Shadows,” delves into the symbiotic dance between mortal and deity, where darkness and light converge in a precarious balance

Alternative names for this saga may include “Dark Covenant: The Tale of Zhou Yu and the Evil God” or “Sacrifice and Supremacy: The Pact with Taibai.”

Boss is super strong, but cowardly to death

Qixiang Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Boss超强,但怂的要死,Boss is super strong, but cowardly to death

In this enthralling series, our skeletal protagonist navigates a foreign realm, only to find himself overshadowed by a hero brimming with buffs and novelties. The hero, a powerhouse treated as the de facto protagonist, effortlessly steals the spotlight. Enter a recurring boss character, defeated 999 times and now cowering in fear of the hero. The unexpected twist? Our bony lead grumbles about the hero’s overpowered abilities, while the hero, despite his strength, is intimidated by the skeleton soldier’s intense gaze. This dynamic trio creates a captivating blend of tension, humor, and unexpected power struggles, elevating the narrative beyond typical hero-villain dynamics. As the boss expresses resentment and hostility towards the hero, the series weaves a concise yet rich tapestry of character interactions, showcasing the humanized struggles and complexities beneath the fantastical surface.

Chaos Golden Crow

? episodes · ONA Completed 混沌金乌,Chaos Golden Crow

Amidst the blazing fires of the Golden Crow,

the wastelands tremble, and the ages are filled with awe.

The rebirth of an ancient prince marks the rise of a new era,

with ambitions to rule the heavens themselves.

Defying the heavenly Dao, this resolute soul stands firm,

ready to challenge the very fabric of the cosmos and stand against the heavens themselves.

Chaos Heavenly Emperor

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Chaotic Heavenly Emperor, 混沌天帝诀, Chaos Heavenly Emperor Technique,Art of the Chaos Heavenly Emperor

In the celestial realm of Tianshui County, the saga of Chu Jianqiu unfolded like a cosmic tapestry, weaving together destiny and the extraordinary. He, the illustrious young master of the revered Chu family, was destined for greatness from the moment he took his first breath.From the tender age of four, Chu Jianqiu embarked on a celestial journey, cultivating not just his mortal form but a destiny entwined with the very fabric of the heavens. At the age of fourteen, a revelation graced him with the rare Nine Yang bloodline—a divine gift of Earth-grade top quality, casting a radiant glow upon his path.Yet, destiny took an unexpected turn when compassion led him to the side of Miss Liu Tianyao, a delicate flower of the Liu family. For three years, he sacrificed his own cultivation to nurse her back from the brink of darkness. Little did he know that this act of benevolence would plunge him into the shadows.In a cosmic twist of fate, Liu Tianyao, once a recipient of his kindness, became the architect of his downfall. Betrayal echoed through the celestial spheres as she allied with Ouyang Yuan, casting aside the bonds they once shared. It wasn’t merely a betrayal of trust; it was an attempt on Chu Jianqiu’s very existence.Thrown into the abyss of despair, battered and broken, Chu Jianqiu’s journey took an unexpected turn. From the depths of the ravine emerged an awakening—the emergence of the supreme chaotic bloodline, a force that transcended the celestial order itself.Now, as the heavenly emperor of his own destiny, Chu Jianqiu rises from the ashes, adorned with the rich tapestry of the celestial arts. The heavens themselves bear witness to his ascent, as he wields the power of the supreme chaotic bloodline—a force that defies the very laws of the cosmos.In the cosmic dance of fate, Chu Jianqiu stands unique, a celestial emperor painted with the vibrant hues of destiny, wielding the supreme chaotic bloodline as a testament to his unparalleled journey through the heavens.

Chaos Sword God

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 混沌剑神动态漫画,Chaos Sword God

Jian Chen, widely acclaimed as the unrivaled master of the Jianghu, showcased unmatched swordsmanship that surpassed perfection, rendering him invincible in battles.However, tragedy struck when he engaged in a fateful duel with the long-lost extraordinary expert,Dugu Qiubai, resulting in Jian Chen’s demise from his injuries.In the realm beyond death, Jian Chen’s spirit was transmigrated into a completely unfamiliar world.

With remarkable swiftness, he experienced rapid growth,attracting a multitude of enemies who fell before him, only to leave him gravely wounded once more. It was during his moments at the brink of death that his spirit underwent a mutation, forever altering his path in the art of the sword.From that transformative point onward, Jian Chen embarked on an entirely new journey, destined to become the sword god of his generation.

Guided by a unique Strength System, he would progress from the lowest rank of Saint, ascending through the tiers of Great Saint, Saint Master, Great Saint Master, Earth Saint Master, Heaven Saint Master, Saint Ruler, Saint King, and ultimately, Saint Emperor. Jian Chen’s indomitable spirit and unwavering determination would propel him to reach unprecedented heights in his pursuit of mastery over the sword.

Coming Out Of Seclusion After A Hundred Thousand Years Season 1

61 episodes · ONA Completed I lived in seclusion for 100,000 years, and my descendants invited me out of the mountain , Live in seclusion for 100,000 years , 隐居十万年 , 隐居十万年,后代请我出山

Journey back a hundred thousand years to the era of Chen Xuan, the enigmatic ancestor of Wangxianzong, who relinquished worldly power for a life of seclusion. Amidst the tranquility of solitude, a chance encounter with a disciple reignites the dormant system, unlocking untold potential. As Emperor Xuantian, Chen Xuan seizes the opportunity to cultivate his sect’s descendants, ushering in a new era of power and influence. With a golden finger pointing towards destiny’s new path, he emerges from obscurity to carve his mark on history. Delve into this epic tale of resurgence, where ancient secrets converge with newfound ambition, shaping the destiny of a legendary figure and the world around him.

Watch Coming Out Of Seclusion After A Hundred Thousand Years Season 1 by clicking Here

Coming Out Of Seclusion After A Hundred Thousand Years Season 2


Cultivating the supreme dantian

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Supreme Dantian,Cultivating the supreme dantian, 开局签到至尊丹田,Sign in at the start of the Supreme Dantian

In the vast Ten Thousand Realms Continent, numerous talented individuals emerge, hailed as sons of gods, emperors, and Taoism. Among them is Qin Shu, once considered worthless by his clan. However, his possession of the Wanjie Sign-In System brings a transformative change. Reaching its pinnacle, he receives the Perpetually Moving Dantian, unlocking his true potential. With newfound power, Qin Shu defies expectations, embarking on a remarkable journey of growth and proving his worth.

Cultivation is about to Embrace the Thigh

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Cultivation is about to embrace the thigh, Cultivation of Immortals is about to hug thigh, 修仙就要抱大腿

Embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of cultivation through the captivating online comic series “Holding onto Thighs.”

The story revolves around Lin Xuan, the protagonist,

who transmigrates into a realm of cultivation where his mediocre talent earns him contempt from others.

However, his fate takes an unexpected turn,

when he is taken under the wing of a peerless beauty and a powerful female emperor who becomes his sole mentor.

Guided by his master’s abundant resources and his own unwavering efforts, Lin Xuan sets forth on a remarkable journey of cultivation.

He indulges in consuming ancient dragon meat, imbibing limitless spirit fluid, exploring unparalleled secret realms, and honing his skills with divine-level techniques each day. As he continues to grow stronger,

Lin Xuan gradually unravels the enigmatic identity of his master and uncovers the unforeseen reasons behind her special treatment of him.

Experience the captivating story of “Holding onto Thighs”

Cultivation of Immortality is like this

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 修仙就是这样子的,That's What Cultivation is All About, That's How Cultivation Is, This Is How We Should Immortal Cultivate, Tu Tiên Chính Là Như Vậy, Xiuxian Is Exactly Like This, Xiuxian Jiushi Zheyang Zi De, Xiūxiān Jiùshì Zhèyàng Zi De, 修仙就是这样子的

In the mystical realm of Kyushu, embittered players unite in a blood-bound alliance, their souls aflame with vengeance, swearing to obliterate the dark specter that haunts their world. Amidst the tempest’s fury, hope blossoms, promising a radiant dawn for all—except for Lu Bei.

Branded the accursed “devil,” Lu Bei stands alone, maligned by those who misunderstand his nature. “Devil,” they accuse, blind to the truth of his existence. “How can an NPC deceive you?” he questions, his voice echoing with the wisdom of immortal cultivation. For Lu Bei knows the arduous path of the immortal, where deception yields to enlightenment, and every trial is a step towards transcendence.

Cultivation Returns to Be a Big Boss

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Returning from Immortal Cultivation to Campus,My Teacher Is a Rebirthed Immortal, 修仙归来在校园,Cultivation Return on Campus,Cultivation Returns to Be a Big Boss,From Immortal Emperor to Humble Teacher: A Comedic Tale

Once the most formidable and ruthless emperor of the immortal realm, he commanded unparalleled power, with even the highest-ranking immortals bowing before him. He tamed the majestic Golden Dragon to serve as his mount, turned the legendary white tiger into a mere kitty, and convinced the Vermilion Bird to work at KFC! He even had amorous encounters with the celestial beauties of the nine heavens and performed an unexpected striptease dance at the Heavenly King’s Palace!

But fate had a different plan for him. Now, he finds himself back in the city as an ordinary mortal teacher. In this lighthearted and comedic tale, he navigates the ups and downs of mortal life while embracing his eccentric past. With a penchant for nonsense and a unique perspective on society, he takes it upon himself to impart his unconventional wisdom to his students, including the well-dressed little sister among them. Get ready to laugh and learn as he guides them on a journey to become proper humans of the modern world!

Dafeng Night Watchman

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Dafeng Night Watchman,Dafeng Night Watchman

In a world teeming with Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, demons, and magic, Xu Qian’an wakes up to a harsh reality after traveling through time—he finds himself imprisoned, with a looming sentence of exile to the border in just three days. Initially, Xu Qian’an’s only aspiration was to protect himself and lead a tranquil life of luxury, blending into the societal fabric as a wealthy man. However, fate has other plans, thrusting him into a complex web of mystical traditions and perilous adventures.

As Xu Qian’an navigates this intricate world of philosophical teachings, supernatural forces, and magical realms, he is compelled to rise above his circumstances. With each challenge he faces, from escaping prison to mastering the diverse mystical arts, Xu Qian’an evolves from a self-preserving individual to a formidable figure capable of influencing the balance between these powerful traditions. This journey not only tests his resolve but also unveils his hidden potential, leading him to a destiny far beyond his initial dreams. Follow Xu Qian’an’s extraordinary transformation as he confronts demons, harnesses magic, and ultimately shapes the future of a world where ancient wisdom and supernatural forces collide.

Alternative Names:

  • The Time-Traveler’s Mystical Journey
  • The Confucian Sage’s Rebirth
  • Taoist Exile: Xu Qian’an’s Adventure
  • Mystical Realms of Xu Qian’an

Dark Hunter[The Strongest Hunter]

? episodes · ONA Ongoing hunting the world!,The Strongest Hunter[hunting the world],狩人 第,dark hunter,Fate's Twist, Destiny's Call: Chen Beiming, Retribution's Quest, Pet's Companion

Revenge’s Resurgence: Chen Beiming, once a prominent young hunter in the “Star Alliance,” met a tragic end, manipulated to his demise by the notorious Five Emperors. Fate grants him an unexpected second chance as he reincarnates into the past, retaining memories of his former life. Driven by vengeance, Chen Beiming sets forth on a perilous journey to reclaim his lost glory, and with the help of his loyal pet, he aims to ascend once again to the pinnacle of power. Follow this tale of resilience, revenge, and redemption as they unfold in “Revenge’s Resurgence.”

Days of Survival on a Deserted Island

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Days of Survival on a Deserted Island,荒岛求生的日子

After serving in the army, Liu Xuan found himself on a deserted island by accident. With determination and hard work, he turned this island into his own haven. Free from mortgages and full of happiness, he thrived as the proud owner of his newfound paradise.

Demon Magic Emperor

60 episodes · ONA Completed Magic Emperor, 魔皇大管家, Devil Housekeeper, Demon Magic Emperor,Demon Magic Emperor

After the demise of the Demon Emperor Zhuo Yifan, he finds himself reborn,

burdened with the inheritance of the ancient Demon Emperor.

However, due to his inner demons, he is forced to become the butler of a solitary family.

Despite his ruthless and merciless nature, Zhuo Yifan is determined to rise to power once again. He begins his journey to elevate the small family to the pinnacle of existence. With his formidable abilities and cunning strategies, he navigates through challenges and adversaries, steadily building the family’s influence.

As he weaves his way through the intricacies of power, Zhuo Yifan unleashes the might of the Great Demon King, reshaping the family’s destiny. Witness how he orchestrates a remarkable transformation, from a lowly butler to a formidable force, and ultimately ascends to the peak of power and dominance.

Disciples Say I’m Invincible

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 弟子都说我无敌 动态漫画,Disciples Say I'm Invincible Dynamic Comics,The Book of Destiny

Lin Xing, an ordinary person, was tricked into buying a “peerless book” on his way home.

Full of excitement and curiosity, he soon discovers that this book holds the power to rewrite fate itself.

Now, armed with the knowledge of the ages,

Lin Xing must navigate a world of newfound abilities, ancient secrets,

and unexpected challenges as he embarks on a journey to shape his own destiny.

Divine Martial Emperor

iCiyuan animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 命と死の本質》 - Inochi to Shi no Honshitsu (Essence of Life and Death)

In the tapestry of ordinary life, Luo Xiu, a humble soul, stumbled upon a treasure infused with the essence of life and death. Instead of chasing grandeur, he became a quiet influencer, weaving destinies with the subtle power to balance existence. Luo Xiu’s journey wasn’t about flashy abilities but the beauty in simple moments, making him an emperor of hearts in the city of life.

Dominate the Three Realms

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 主宰三界,Dominate the Three Realms, Rise of the Martial Emperor Reborn

300 Years Ago: The Martial Emperor, Betrayed on His Wedding Day.

Now, Reborn and Unstoppable – His Goal: Dominate Three Realms!

Witness the Epic Rebirth – Conquer with the Martial Emperor!

Once a revered Martial Emperor, betrayed and slain on his wedding day. Now reborn, his unstoppable quest for dominion over three realms begins anew. Experience the legend’s resurrection!

Dominator Of Spiritual Energy Recovery

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Dominator Of Spiritual Energy Recovery,I dominate the spiritual energy recovery,我主宰了灵气复苏

In the depths of despair, Shen An receives a cryptic message from his future self, urging him to journey to Qianling Mountain before the spiritual energy fades, a prelude to an era of universal cultivation of immortals. Skeptical at first, Shen An’s doubts dissipate as his future predictions come to fruition time and again. Determined, he begins his preparations for the pilgrimage to Qianling Mountain to harness its spiritual essence.

Amidst his preparations, Shen An crosses paths with Bai Weiwei, a captivating figure from the special department also in pursuit of the elusive spiritual energy. However, fate seems to favor Shen An, as he arrives just ahead of Bai Weiwei’s party, securing all the spiritual energy for his safety department.As Shen An and Bai Weiwei’s paths intertwine, a tale of ambition, destiny, and the pursuit of immortality unfolds against the backdrop of a world teetering on the brink of transformation.

I Dominate the Resurrection of Spiritual Energy,我主宰了灵气复苏,我主宰了灵气复苏漫画

Doomsday God Level Upgrade System Season 1

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 末世神级升级系统,,Doomsday God Level Upgrade System Dynamic Comics Season 1

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos in the “Future Upgrade Saga,” where the fate of worlds hangs in the balance. Follow Lin Xiu, a reincarnated soul thrust into a future where bizarre anomalies and colossal beasts reign supreme. Trapped in the body of an academy outcast, Lin Xiu discovers a game-changing upgrade system that promises to unlock unimaginable power. As he navigates this perilous landscape, he realizes that mastering the system is his only hope to survive and protect the very planet he once called home. With each level gained, Lin Xiu inches closer to breaking the gene lock and unleashing unparalleled destruction upon the world. But amidst the chaos and danger, he finds allies, confronts adversaries, and delves into the mysteries of the universe. Will Lin Xiu’s newfound abilities be enough to reshape the future, or will his quest for power lead to his own undoing? The “Future Upgrade Saga” is a gripping fusion of science fiction, action, and adventure, offering a riveting exploration of humanity’s potential in an ever-evolving cosmos. Alternative names: 1. Starbound Ascendance: The Lin Xiu Chronicles 2. Cosmic Evolution: A Journey Beyond Limits 3. Gene Lock Unleashed: The Quest of Lin Xiu

Dragon King Order

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Dragon King Order, 龙王令

Chen Ping’s life takes a dramatic turn when he becomes entangled in a dangerous situation to protect his beloved girlfriend. This act of courage brings upon him the vengeful wrath of a nobleman from a prestigious family, resulting in his unjust imprisonment for three long years. However, within the confines of his prison cell, fate intervenes in the form of a wise master who imparts the knowledge of cultivation to Chen Ping.

Upon his release, Chen Ping discovers that his former girlfriend is now being coerced into marrying their previous adversary. Unbeknownst to all, his time spent cultivating has bestowed him with extraordinary abilities. By saving lives and effortlessly displaying his skills, he unexpectedly catches the attention of a wealthy tycoon. As his reputation grows, he finds himself surrounded by a myriad of stunning beauties and influential families, all vying for his attention and favor.

Watch in awe as Chen Ping navigates the treacherous world of mortals, stirring up immense waves with his newfound powers. His presence disrupts the established order, and one by one, influential figures and alluring individuals bow before his indomitable spirit. Witness as Chen Ping’s journey unfolds, filled with dazzling encounters, surprising alliances, and the unfolding of his destiny in this world of mortals.

Dragon Prince Yuan [Yuan Zun] (3D)

Tencent Penguin Pictures
12 episodes · ONA Ongoing Yuan Zun , Dragon Prince Yuan , 元尊

Dragon Prince Yuan (3D Anime/Donghua)

Adapted from the novel by Tiancan Tudou, “Dragon Prince Yuan (3D Anime/Donghua)” immerses viewers in the captivating Tianyuan Realm, a majestic world where Origin Qi governs all aspects of life, enabling the mighty to move mountains, control seas, and even manipulate the universe itself. The story follows Zhou Yuan, a young man from the Great Zhou Dynasty, who has endured years of torment due to poisonous energy inflicted by an enemy nation that stole his “holy dragon’s destiny.” This series intricately weaves elements of fantasy, martial arts, and personal growth, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences.

Zhou Yuan’s journey truly begins when he ventures into his ancestral land and encounters the enigmatic Yaoyao. With her guidance, he breaks free from his limitations and sets out on a mission to save his family, his country, and ultimately, the entire world. As Zhou Yuan navigates the complexities of Origin Qi, he transforms from a seemingly ordinary young man into a formidable force of change. His path is marked by perseverance and bravery as he battles to reclaim his destiny and bring light to a troubled world. “Dragon Prince Yuan (3D Anime/Donghua)” is an epic tale of resilience and heroism, showcasing the transformative power of inner strength and unwavering resolve.

Alternative names:
1. Yuan Zun (3D Anime/Donghua)
2. Tianyuan Realm Chronicles
3. Origin Qi Chronicles: Dragon Prince Yuan

Earthlings Are Too Ferocious

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Earthlings Are Too Ferocious,地球人实在太凶猛了,The people on earth are too ferocious

Fifty years ago, as Dragon City traversed the urban landscape, Earthlings stood firm, their iron-blooded army unfurling the banner of Earth’s civilization high amidst the chaotic tides of diverse races from distant realms. Half a century later, amidst the dawn of a new era, Meng Chao emerged anew, discovering the path to empowerment lay in service and valor. In this reincarnation, the protagonist embarked on a journey of relentless confrontation, his fists a testament to the ferocity of Earthlings, as he battled monsters, confronted demons, and dismantled ancient gods with bare hands. His mission transcended personal ambition; it became a vow to redefine not only himself and his lineage but the very fate of humanity itself. In this saga, the ethos of “Earthlings ferocious” echoed through every encounter, shaping destinies and reshaping the cosmos with each triumphant stride.

Earthlings are reckless
Ode to Humanity: Earthlings, Rise!
Diqiu Ren Shizai Tai Xiongmengle
The Earthlings Are Indeed Extremely Fierce

Emperor Lingtian

40 episodes · ONA Completed Emperor Ling Tian, 凌天神帝

Ling Jianchen, the esteemed master of the god emperor, finds himself reincarnated into a mortal body.

Despite being a genius, he scoffs at the title, as even the god emperor was taught by Lao Tzu.

Ling Jianchen considers himself greater than a mere genius.

As for being a great man, he asserts that Lao Tzu is so revered that

even god emperors seek his advice and serve him tea. Ling Jianchen asks if anyone can match his significance.

Regarding beauty, he challenges anyone who claims to be the number one beauty in the God Realm, mentioning that even the most stunning beauty in the realm would do anything to get Lao Tzu’s attention.

Emperor Qin returns(I am the Eternal Immortal Emperor)

iCiyuan animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Emperor Qin returns! I am the Eternal Immortal Emperor, Emperor Qin returns! I Am the Immortal Emperor of the Thousand Years, I Am the Immortal Emperor Has Returned, Qin Huang Gui Lai! Wo Wei Qiangu Xian Di, 秦皇归来!我为千古仙帝

Behold the resplendent return of Emperor Qin, the immortal sovereign whose name reverberates through the corridors of time. With each graceful stride, Emperor Qin Ying Zheng embodies the essence of regal majesty, his presence a symphony of power and authority that resonates across the ages. From the celestial heights to the bustling metropolis, his journey is one of legend and destiny, marked by triumphs and trials that shape the very fabric of existence.In the labyrinthine streets of the metropolis, where the energies of the spiritual realm intertwine with the vibrant pulse of life, Emperor Qin stands as a beacon of hope amidst the shadows of uncertainty. With the blade of destiny firmly grasped in hand, he embarks on a journey fraught with peril and promise, his indomitable spirit a testament to the enduring legacy of greatness. Amidst the clamor of battle, he vanquishes adversaries with the grace of a true monarch, commanding the allegiance of courtly consorts and stalwart warriors alike.

Emperor Qin’s dominion knows no bounds as he extends his reign across the vast expanse, solidifying his place as the timeless sovereign of the ages. With each triumph and tribulation, he inches ever closer to the apotheosis of his destiny, his determination unyielding, his resolve unshakeable. In the annals of history, Emperor Qin stands as a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit, a symbol of hope in a world beset by strife. Long live Emperor Qin, the eternal monarch whose legacy shall endure for all eternity, a guiding light in the darkness, an embodiment of immortality amidst the sands of time.

Emperor Qin returns! I am the Eternal Immortal Emperor, Emperor Qin returns! I Am the Immortal Emperor of the Thousand Years, I Am the Immortal Emperor Has Returned, Qin Huang Gui Lai! Wo Wei Qiangu Xian Di, 秦皇归来!我为千古仙帝

Endless Devourer

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Endless Devourer, Inexhaustible Engulfing, Wujin Tunshi, Wújìn Tūnshì, 无尽吞噬

Yang Chen, a struggling student at an immortal cultivation academy, stumbles upon the rare Ancient Dragon Soul within him. Suddenly, he becomes an almighty Heaven Master, blessed with extraordinary powers. With newfound confidence, he embarks on thrilling adventures, uncovering ancient secrets and facing formidable foes. Along the way, he forges meaningful bonds with allies, inspiring unity among different factions. As his legend grows, Yang Chen remains humble, seeking to understand the origins of his power and bring enlightenment to his world.

Eternal First God(Beastmaster of the Ages)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Eternal First God, Beastmaster of the Ages, The First Greatest Eternal God, Çağların Canavar Ustası, Вечный первый бог, 万古第一神

In the realms of dreams, Li Tianming finds himself unable to contain his laughter, and for good reason! Within his household dwell creatures of mythical grandeur, beasts of primordial chaos that defy imagination. Take, for instance, that diminutive chick nestled in the corner; seemingly innocuous, yet it harbors the essence of the eternal Infernal Phoenix, a creature that devours suns to sustain its fiery existence. Then, there’s his sleek black cat, concealing within its fur the boundless power of the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend, its lightning strikes capable of reshaping entire worlds.

But let us not forget the humble cockroach, for even it bears the mantle of greatness as the Myriad Worlds Deathless Beast, its seemingly insignificant form belying the vast army of undying clones it commands, numbering in the trillions. With this eclectic menagerie by his side, Li Tianming embarks on a journey of ascension, determined to claim the title of the premier beastmaster across all epochs.

Through the vast expanse of worlds, one truth remains unwavering: none are prepared for the formidable might of his pets. For who could anticipate the formidable prowess concealed within the guise of a mere chicken, or the unexpected allies that stand alongside it? In the cosmic tapestry of existence, Li Tianming and his extraordinary companions weave a tale of unparalleled wonder and unfathomable power.

Eternal Night King

IQIYI, Tencent Animation
30 episodes · ONA Ongoing The King of Eternal Night, 永夜君临,,

In a clandestine encounter, a enigmatic figure stumbles upon the enigma of the world’s dark emperor, Eternal Night, and unfurls the fabric of time itself, propelling him into an unknown future beyond the confines of the year 2000. Within this futuristic tapestry of cultivation, Eternal Night stands as a sentinel, haunted by the specter of his past losses and consumed by an unwavering resolve to shield what remains of his world. Amidst the labyrinthine corridors of this new era, he finds himself locked in a dance of destiny with formidable cultivators, each clash a testament to his unyielding determination.

In the crucible of relentless conflict, Eternal Night navigates a treacherous path, his every step a testament to the resilience of his spirit. Engaged in a ceaseless ballet of battles, he strides forth on a journey towards ascension, driven by an insatiable hunger to claim the title of the ultimate pinnacle. As the echoes of his adversaries’ challenges reverberate through the expanse of time, Eternal Night confronts his own inner demons, forging his path with the fires of determination and the shadows of redemption, each victory a stepping stone towards the realization of his destiny as the paragon of strength and resilience.

Eternal Reverence (Yong Heng Zhi Zun)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Yong Heng Zhi Manhua / Yong Heng Zhi ,Eternal Reverence ; 永恒至尊,我,剑道无敌

Synopsis Eternal Reverence (Yong Heng Zhi Zun)

For Li Fu Chen, life took a cruel turn when he lost his once-envied “Talent,” plunging into the depths of despair. Now relegated to the role of an outcast, he endures relentless bullying from those he once surpassed. Despite this, a glimmer of hope remains in his engagement to a powerful and beautiful woman, a connection that offers a sliver of solace amid the darkness.

But when the engagement abruptly crumbles, shame blankets his family, and Li Fu Chen’s world darkens further. Yet, just as despair threatens to consume him entirely, a beacon of light emerges on the horizon, promising the possibility of redemption and renewal. In this tale of loss, resilience, and unexpected twists of fate, Li Fu Chen’s journey unfolds with poignant humanity against the backdrop of a world in flux.

Alternative Names: Yong Heng Zhi Manhua, Yong Heng Zhi, Eternal Reverence, 永恒至尊,Eternal Reverence Manhua, Yong Heng Zhi Manhua, Eternal Reverence Manga, Yong Heng Zhi Manga

Eternal Supreme

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Want to be Supreme in this Life, Eternal Supreme, Everlasting Supreme, 万古至尊 (II), The Ultimate of All Ages, The Ancient Sovereign of Eternity, 这一世我要当至尊

In the Tian Dang Mountains, the formidable martial emperor Gu Feiyang met his demise. But fifteen years later, he’s reborn as Li Yunxiao, the prince of the Tian Shui Kingdom. Now, Li Yunxiao sets out on an extraordinary adventure, competing with numerous talented individuals of his era. With nine levels of martial arts and ten divine realms, the entire world is in turmoil!

Everyone Changes Profession:All My Skills Are Forbidden Spells

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Everyone’s job transfer: All my skills are forbidden spells, 全民转职:我的技能全是禁咒, Everyone Changing Careers: All My Skills Are Forbidden Spells

Embark on a transcendent adventure with Lin Han, a soul-traveler thrust into a world where gaming and reality intertwine seamlessly. Amidst countless dungeons and forbidden realms teeming with formidable monsters, Lin Han’s career change leads to an unexpected awakening as a Life Sacrificer. Empowered by the Multiplicative Amplification System, his attributes soar a thousandfold, transforming his basic skills into forbidden spell mastery. Embracing the role of a close-combat support, Lin Han embarks on a spellbinding journey of unrivaled domination, weaving magic through the tapestry of existence. Join him as he navigates the realms of unlimited spellcasting prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of reality.

Evolution frenzy

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Jinhua Kuangchao, The Frenzy of Evolution, Tides of Evolution, 进化狂潮

In the tapestry of time, Duan Fei found himself at a crossroads, granted a second chance to rewrite his destiny. As the clock turned back 20 years, he stood on the precipice of a world about to be plagued by a virus. Armed with the wisdom of his past life, Duan Fei embraced the opportunity to reshape his future.In the canvas of his existence, the thread of evolution became his guiding principle. With the enigmatic evolutionary tree in his possession, Duan Fei embarked on a journey of constant self-improvement.

Each decision, each step, echoed with the whispers of evolution, as he sculpted a path uniquely his own.The regrets that once weighed heavy on his soul transformed into catalysts for growth. Duan Fei, once the lone survivor of a bygone era, now emerged as a beacon of hope in the present world. His narrative evolved from one of tragedy to that of a world hero, a testament to the transformative power of embracing the ever-changing currents of evolution.In the dance of time and evolution, Duan Fei’s story unfolded, a tapestry woven with resilience, knowledge, and the unwavering spirit to overcome.

Evolution Frenzy
Jìnhuà Kuángcháo
The Frenzy of Evolution
Tides of Evolution

Global Weird Age[Age Of Terror]

iCiyuan animation
90 episodes · ONA Ongoing 在线播放全球诡异时代,Global Weird Age,Age of Terror

In a post-apocalyptic century marked by strange resurrections, humanity clung to existence amidst a spectral surge. Facing extinction, people chose “companion ghosts” at birth—ethereal allies cultivated for survival. Lin Feng, wielding a mysterious system, honed a terror-inducing ghost companion. This specter, a spectral marvel, echoed through a world cohabited by the living and the ghostly. Lin Feng’s ghostly creation, a paradigm of fear, symbolized humanity’s resilience in a realm where the line between the living and the dead blurred. The world, gripped by the density of ghostly presence, bore witness to an era defined by the haunting dance between the tangible and the ethereal.

God Emperor Descends: I Have Billions of Attribute Points

IQIYI, Qixiang Animation
45 episodes · ONA Ongoing God Emperor Descends: I Have Billions of Attribute Points,神帝降临:我有亿万属性点

In a world brimming with divine power, Yi Qingtian is reincarnated on Earth, inheriting trillions of attribute points and an arsenal of endless magic treasures. However, his extraordinary rebirth triggers divine punishment, casting a shadow over his family. Determined to protect his loved ones, Yi Qingtian confronts the Heavenly Dao in a violent clash, only to be countered by nine seals of destruction. These seals can only be broken by locating the nine heavenly books and finding the nine scholars, setting Yi Qingtian on an epic quest to defy the celestial order.

As he embarks on this perilous journey, Yi Qingtian navigates through a world filled with ancient mysteries and formidable adversaries. Each step brings him closer to unlocking his true potential and reclaiming his destiny. Armed with his unparalleled attribute points and indomitable spirit, Yi Qingtian is poised to challenge the very fabric of fate. Will he succeed in his quest and rise as the ultimate God Emperor, or will the forces of the Heavenly Dao prove too formidable? Discover the thrilling saga of “God Emperor’s Advent: I Have Trillions of Attribute Points,” a tale of power, destiny, and relentless pursuit.

Alternative Names: Shen Di Jiwnglin: Wo You Yi Wan Shuxing Dian, God Emperor Descends: I Have Billions of Attribute Points, 神帝降临:我有亿万属性点.

God of Martial Arts

? episodes · ONA Completed God of Martial Arts, 绝世武神(中文),God Of Martial Arts, Peerless Valkyrie, 动漫 绝世武神

Lin Feng is reincarnated into his own body, but with a trash Martial Soul. After getting a new and powerful Martial Soul, he transforms from trash to genius. Now, he seeks revenge and aims to become stronger in a world where only the strong have a voice and the right to live. A captivating journey of redemption and empowerment unfolds as Lin Feng rises to claim his rightful place in the world.

God of War Against the Sky

? episodes · ONA Ongoing God of War Against the Sky,god of war against the sky ,heaven defying god of war ,战神出手 ,妖魔皆往 战神逆天

A century ago, Ye Qingyun, the God of War, crushed arrogance and sowed fear. Yet, betrayal by his brother, Shisan, and wife, Luo Ling, sent him plummeting into the abyss.

Now, reborn with past memories, Ye Qingyun seeks not only to vanquish geniuses but to unite the god realm and reign supreme over the world. His journey, a unique tapestry of vengeance and ambition, will etch a legend that transcends time itself.

God-defying Immortal in the City(Lord Of Destruction)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 都市之逆天仙尊,The God-defying Immortal in the City

Discover the riveting journey of Lin Fan in “Rebirth of the Lord Dao Destruction,” where ancient power meets modern challenges. Reborn in the city with the mystical Nine Heavens Divine Stone, Lin Fan brings with him unparalleled knowledge of elixirs, weapons, and formations. As the reincarnated Lord Dao Destruction, he is determined to purge the city of all sins and evil. With each step, Lin Fan leverages his profound skills to overcome adversaries and challenges, steadily climbing the ranks and solidifying his dominance.

In this thrilling saga, witness Lin Fan’s transformation from a reborn cultivator to the supreme overlord who commands respect and fear. His journey is fraught with battles and moral dilemmas, but his unwavering resolve to cleanse the city and protect the innocent drives him forward. “Rebirth of the Lord Dao Destruction” masterfully blends elements of action, fantasy, and martial arts, offering readers a captivating tale of redemption, power, and ultimate supremacy.

Alternative names:
1. The Dao Master’s Return: Lin Fan’s Urban Rebirth
2. Urban Overlord: The Rise of Lin Fan
3. Divine Stone Rebirth: The Lord’s Quest for Supremacy

God-level choice: I never follow the routine to get stronger

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Shen Ji Xuanze: Wo Cong Bu An Taolu Bian Qiang, 神级选择:我从不按套路变强,God-level choice: I never follow the routine to get stronger

Lin Haotian stumbles upon the Selection System by accident, expecting it to grant him immense power. However, to his surprise, the system binding goes awry, forcing him into an alternative cultivation path. With this unique system, Lin faces constant choices—whether to gain power or relinquish something dear to him.

Balancing between sincere friendships, true love, family bonds, and rapid strength improvement, Lin must navigate a delicate path. Every decision he makes shapes his destiny and tests his resolve.

As he progresses on his cultivation journey, Lin learns the true value of relationships and the importance of making the right choices. Will he prioritize personal gain or selfless sacrifice? The story unfolds with twists and turns, as Lin Haotian embarks on a profound quest of growth, sacrifice, and understanding the true meaning of power and connections.

Great Doctor Ling Ran

Ake Animation
30 episodes · ONA Ongoing Dr. Ling Ran, 大医凌然 , Great Doctor Ling Ran,今日开播大医凌然第,中医剧, 冒险奇幻, 科幻,医療ドラマ, 冒険, ファンタジー, サイエンスフィクション

In the riveting tale of Dr. Ling Ran, an ambitious intern with dreams of becoming the world’s greatest doctor, destiny takes a turn when he stumbles upon the extraordinary “Golden Finger” system—a pinnacle of medical expertise. With the synergistic blend of Ling Ran’s unwavering determination and the unparalleled capabilities of the system, the potential for medical mastery knows no bounds.

Embark on this captivating journey with Ling Ran as he navigates the intricate realms of medicine, leveraging the transformative power of the Golden Finger system. Witness how Ling Ran, also known as 大医凌然, transcends the ordinary and strives for extraordinary heights in the ever-evolving world of healthcare.

Join us in exploring the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for Ling Ran, the intern destined for greatness. As he unravels the mysteries of medicine with his newfound ally, the Golden Finger system, the story unfolds with rich keyword density, seamlessly integrating “Lingran” into the tapestry of his remarkable medical odyssey. This is not just a story—it’s an immersive experience into the world of Dr. Ling Ran, where humanized storytelling meets the strategic placement of keywords for an optimized and engaging narrative.

Gu Qingqiao’s Chronicle of Time Travel

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Gu Qingqiao's Chronicle of Time Travel,顾清乔反穿越记事

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with “I Would Refuse The Love Brain,” the comic that promises the fastest and most comprehensive updates exclusively on Top Truyen. Join the vibrant community of readers and immerse yourself in the captivating storyline of “The Female Lead, I Please Refuse the Love Brain.” As you delve into the pages of this engaging series, don’t forget to share your thoughts and support by leaving comments and spreading the word. Stay tuned to Top Truyen for the latest chapters and indulge in the excitement of this enthralling romantic tale!

Heavenly Prison Shura(Blood Hell Shura)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 天狱修罗第,Heavenly Hell Shura Di

In a world fraught with intrigue and betrayal, Shentu Qianyu meets his demise at the hands of the city lord’s son, meeting his end on a desolate cliff. But fate has other plans as he experiences an inexplicable rebirth, setting him on a path of redemption and discovery. Encountering strange artifacts like a mysterious white bone and an enigmatic scroll, along with possessing a desolate holy body and divine veins, Qianyu embarks on a journey filled with mystique and danger.

As he delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding his rebirth, a shocking secret emerges, setting the five realms ablaze with conflict once more. In this epic tale of resilience and intrigue, Qianyu navigates through treacherous waters, uncovering ancient secrets and confronting powerful adversaries. Will he unlock the truth behind his resurrection and the enigmatic artifacts, or will he succumb to the machinations of those who seek to control the fate of the realms? Join Qianyu on a thrilling odyssey where every twist and turn reveals a new layer of mystery and danger.

Heavenly Purchasing Shop

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Purchasing in the Three Realms,Tianjie Purchasing Store,天界代购店,Heavenly Purchasing Shop,tian jie dai gou dian

Jin Wuzu, a struggling college student who faced financial losses in his business ventures, found himself in a heavenly realm by pure chance. Guided by his immortal grandfather, he established a celestial emporium called “Tooting Go.” Just yesterday, he was a hapless debtor on the run from creditors, but today, he stands as a modern-day, cross-dimensional merchant, bridging two worlds with his enchanting wares!

Hidden Dragon of the City (Hidden Dragon’s Rebirth)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 都市隐龙,Hidden Dragon of the City

Fifteen years ago, Lin Yi’s family of 36 was brutally murdered, leaving him as the sole survivor. Now, fifteen years later, Lin Yi, the hidden dragon of the Lin family, has returned as a killer, determined to shake the world and uncover the truth behind the massacre. Driven by vengeance, Lin Yi vows to make the mastermind pay with blood. Disguising himself as a wastrel of the Lin family, he embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth. However, his plans are complicated when his childhood sweetheart, now a celebrity CEO, publicly breaks off their engagement, making him the laughingstock of the powerful elite.

In this high-stakes game of deception and retribution, Lin Yi must navigate a world of treachery and power, where every move could bring him closer to the truth or to his demise. With his unparalleled skills and unyielding determination, he will rise from the shadows, proving that the hidden dragon has the power to shake the world. As he unravels the conspiracy and faces his enemies, Lin Yi’s journey of revenge will test his limits, forging him into a legendary figure feared and respected by all.

Alternative Names:
Revenge of the Hidden Dragon
Rise of the Vengeful Dragon
The Dragon’s Vengeance
Dragon’s Rebirth

I Am a Sword Immortal

? episodes · ONA Completed I am the sword fairy,sword fairy,我是劍仙,tianxa, I Am Sword Fairy, Wo Shi Jian Xian, 我是剑仙

In the aftermath of a devastating war that reshaped the world into four distinct regions – the Chinese, Sumerian, Nile River, and Aryan Regions (initially peripheral to the main plot) – humanity grapples with the scarcity of resources in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Faced with the harsh realities of survival, a United Earth Government emerges, ushering in an era where artificial intelligence replaces traditional jobs, exacerbating unemployment and social tensions.

To address the challenges arising from population growth and resource shortages, the global coalition government approves the launch of “Tianxia,” a metaverse-level game created by “Chinese Meta” under the Chinese Online Group in the Huaxia District. This game, often hailed as the “Second World” for individuals, becomes a catalyst for economic integration, with major groups and chaebols injecting capital into the virtual realm. Notably, the in-game gold coin system becomes intricately linked to global banks, allowing for a direct exchange between virtual wealth and real-world currency. “Tianxia” emerges as a realm where strength reigns supreme, offering players the opportunity to amass everything from wealth and materials to powerful weapons and coveted status.

In the intricate tapestry of this narrative, the thematic essence of a “sword fairy” weaves its way into the fabric of “Tianxia,” suggesting a mystical and formidable presence that holds the key to unlocking unparalleled prowess within the game’s virtual realms.

I am a sword Immortal, I Am Sword Fairy, Wo Shi Jian Xian, 我是剑仙

I Am Not Demon king(Demon Slayer)

I Am Not Demon king(Demon Slayer)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Am Really Not the Demon Lord!, 我真不是魔王, I’m not a demon

In the grim shadows of a world overrun by devils, Fang Cheng’s tale unfolds—a saga born from the very essence of darkness. Awoken by the art of killing, he treads the treacherous path to becoming the unrivaled Demon Lord. Confronted by the encroaching menace, Fang Cheng strikes a perilous bargain with the ominous “Killing Devil,” binding his fate to a macabre contract.In this desolate age, where the stench of devilish invasion hangs heavy, Fang Cheng, driven by the primal instinct to survive, embraces the relentless pursuit of power. His journey is etched in blood, a crimson symphony of demonic prowess. The very act of extinguishing other devils becomes the key to unlocking a repertoire of unearthly skills, each death a macabre stepping stone toward his ascension.Amidst the chaos, Fang Cheng solemnly swears an oath—to ascend to unparalleled strength and carve a path through the darkness with a blade stained in the ichor of his adversaries. His destiny intertwines with the shadows, crafting a narrative of relentless ambition and unyielding determination. In this accursed era, Fang Cheng emerges as a force to be reckoned with, a silhouette shrouded in the malevolence of a burgeoning Demon Lord.

I Am Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wǒ zhēn bùshì xiéshén zǒugǒu dì,I'm really not the evil god's lackey,我真不是邪神走狗第,我真不是邪神走狗第

Lin Jie, a transmigrator, finds himself the owner of a quaint bookstore in another world. With a kind and warm-hearted demeanor, he often recommends healing books to customers facing tough times. Unbeknownst to many, he also subtly promotes his own writings, weaving them into the fabric of his customers’ lives. Over time, Lin Jie’s unique approach to bookselling garners deep respect from his clientele, who begin to see him as more than just a bookstore owner.

Customers frequently bring local specialties to show their gratitude, and they seek his professional opinion on book selections, sharing their experiences with this ordinary yet extraordinary bookseller. Among them, he earns an array of reverent and intimate titles such as the “Demon God’s Lackey,” “Propagator of the Flesh and Blood Gospel,” “Corpse Devouring Sect’s Rites and Customs’ Author,” and “Shepherd of the Stars.” Despite these formidable monikers, Lin Jie remains steadfast in his assertion: “I’m Really Not the Evil God’s Lackey.” This captivating tale explores the dichotomy of perception and reality, unraveling the mystery of Lin Jie’s true nature and the profound impact of his seemingly simple acts of kindness.

Alternative Names:

  • I’m Really Not the Evil God’s Lackey!
  • The Bookstore of Healing and Mystery
  • The Warm-Hearted Bookseller in Another World
  • The Mysterious Tales of Lin Jie’s Bookstore
  • I’m Really Not the Demon God’s Lackey
  • 我真不是邪神走狗

I Am The Descendant Of The Divine Dragon

59 episodes · ONA Completed 在线播放我,神龙之后动态漫画,I am the descendant of the Divine Dragon, Wo, Shenlong Zhihou!, 我,神龙之后!, I, the Queen of Dragons!, I am the descendant of the Divine Dragon!

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey with Lu Hao, the Descendant of the Divine Dragon, as he ventures into the fiercely competitive Xuan Realm Continent. Here, warriors hone their bodies, cultivate martial meridians, and harness the essence of heaven and earth in their quest to surpass mortal limits. Unjustly targeted by his clan, Lu Hao’s fate takes a dramatic turn when he awakens the Divine Dragon bloodline, catapulting him to unprecedented levels of power.

With unwavering determination, Lu Hao treads a perilous path fraught with challenges, unraveling the enigmatic secrets of his past life along the way. Join him as he navigates treacherous trials and encounters formidable adversaries, each step bringing him closer to the truth and unlocking the full potential of his divine lineage.

Through gripping battles and profound revelations, witness Lu Hao’s ascent to greatness as he defies the odds and embraces his destiny as the chosen heir of the Divine Dragon. In this epic saga of courage and resilience, discover the true meaning of power and the indomitable spirit of a warrior destined for glory.

I Am the Fated Villain Season 1&2

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我!天命大反派, The Villain Of Destiny, I Am the Fated Villain

Gu Changge, a transmigrated soul, finds himself in a fantastical realm. But this isn’t just any ordinary world—it’s a place where destinies intertwine, and the protagonist’s path is paved with golden opportunities. As fortune’s chosen, Gu Changge is envied by all. The female lead, captivated by his charm, adores him. Everywhere he treads, he’s treated as a distinguished guest, his prestige and power unmatched. Yet, beneath the glittering surface lies a twist of fate: a system designed to milk and harvest the protagonist. Yes, you read that right—a system that extracts the very essence of the chosen one. Gu Changge, with a wry smile, realizes that perhaps destiny has other plans for him. Instead of being the hero, he’s destined to play the role of the villain in this intricate tale.

But wait, there’s more! Gu Changge’s journey isn’t straightforward. He grapples with conflicting emotions—ambition, revenge, and a hint of curiosity. As he navigates this treacherous path, he discovers hidden layers of the world. The lines between good and evil blur, and he questions whether he can defy his predetermined fate. Is he truly the villain, or is there a deeper purpose behind his existence? Perhaps destiny isn’t as rigid as it seems. Gu Changge, the villain of destiny, embraces his role with cunning determination. His actions ripple through the fabric of this captivating universe, leaving us wondering: What lies beyond the veil of fortune? And can he rewrite the script, defying both system and prophecy?

Alternate names: “The Fated Villain,” “Destined Antagonist,” and “Chronicles of the Chosen.” Gu Changge’s journey unfolds, and the threads of destiny weave a tapestry of intrigue, betrayal, and unexpected alliances.

I am the Final Boss

I am the Final Boss

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 我竟然是最终BOSS, I am the Final Boss

Xia Ye, in his own humble assessment, believed he was merely a novice with no remarkable talents to speak of. Little did he realize that he harbored a hidden truth, for he was, in fact, the ultimate antagonist in the realm of gaming.

With unparalleled invincibility and unparalleled power, even the most prophesied champions found themselves in an awkward position, groveling at his feet, unable to muster the courage to voice a single word.

I Am The King

Ake Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Am the King Who Will Defeat All of the World , Đánh Bại Chư Thiên , ข้าคือราชาผู้ที่จะสยบโลกานับหมื่น แปลไทย ตอนที่ , 打爆诸天,Blow up the heavens,打爆诸天 , Dominate All Realms,打爆諸天,Blast the heaven ,heaven destroyer

The story centers on Gao Miao, a tenacious male protagonist navigating an extraordinary world forged from the vast tapestry of billions of movies, comics, novels, and literary works. His sole purpose is to find a way back to Earth, a quest that propels him through a labyrinthine landscape teeming with diverse characters, plotlines, and challenges. Gao Miao’s journey is a continual process of upgrades, where he hones his skills and abilities to confront formidable monsters and adapt to the intricate narratives of the fictional realms he traverses.

In addition to his epic battles and daring escapades, Gao Miao also delves into the art of forming a harem, forging profound connections with a wide array of characters from the diverse literary universes he encounters. This story weaves together elements of adventure, romance, and action, providing readers with a thrilling and ever-evolving narrative that celebrates the limitless creativity of the human imagination.

I am the king of goods delivery from another world

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 俺是异世界带货王,I am the king of goods delivery from another world

Amidst the tapestry of fate, the son-in-law, once an heir apparent to opulence, found himself ensnared in the labyrinth of destiny’s caprice. Bereft of his birthright, cast adrift by the machinations of villainy, he forged a new saga from the embers of adversity.Stripped of his ancestral mantle, he retreated to the humble confines of his small supermarket, a bastion of familiarity amidst the tempest of uncertainty. Yet within its unassuming walls lay the crucible of transformation, the crucible wherein the son-in-law would forge his legacy anew.In the nexus between worlds, his humble emporium emerged as the fulcrum of commerce, a beacon drawing souls from realms mundane and mystical. Through the alchemy of enterprise, he wove strands of prosperity, fashioning fortunes from the threads of serendipity.

With each transaction, he navigated the currents of opportunity, sculpting his destiny amidst the ebb and flow of commerce. Through diligence and innovation, he transcended the constraints of lineage, ascending to the zenith of entrepreneurial prowess.Thus, from the ashes of inheritance, the son-in-law emerged as a titan of industry, a paragon of resilience and vision. Across dimensions, his name echoed as a testament to the indomitable spirit, the metamorphosis from scion to business tycoon complete.

I Awakened SSS Level Ability

I Awakened SSS Level Ability

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Devilish Girlfriend,Awakening SSS-Rank skill after a Kiss, Kai Ju Qiang Wen Lie Kou Nv, 开局强吻裂口女, My Evil Girlfriend,I Awakened SSS Level Ability,我竟觉醒SSS级异能动态漫画Kiss the Gaping Girl at the beginning, 开局强吻裂口女, Kissing the beauty of the evil spirit at the beginning

The main character accidentally finds himself in another world, where he encounters terrifying ghosts and flees in fear.

Fortunately, he is saved by a mysterious system that grants him a unique package.

To awaken an SSS level ability, all he has to do is kiss a beauty.

With each kiss, he gains new powers and abilities, propelling him on a journey to become invincible.

As he faces challenges and adversaries,

he harnesses the strength of his newfound abilities to overcome obstacles and protect those he cares for.

Through his adventures, he discovers the true potential of his SSS level abilities and learns to wield them with skill and precision.

The journey to become invincible is fraught with danger, but the main character is determined to face any obstacle and emerge victorious.

With each kiss and awakening, the main character’s power grows,

and he becomes a force to be reckoned with in this new world.

His quest for invincibility leads him to uncover hidden truths, make allies, and confront powerful enemies.

In this captivating tale of adventure, romance, and power,

the main character’s destiny unfolds as he becomes an unstoppable force with the potential to reshape the world.

I became the Strongest Boss in the Game

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wǒ dǎ yóuxì chéngle zuì qiáng BOSS dì,我打游戏成了最强BOSS第

In “I Became the Strongest Boss in the Game,” the protagonist unexpectedly finds himself transformed into the most formidable boss character in a video game. With newfound power and authority, he navigates the game world, facing off against heroes and challenges alike. As the ultimate adversary, he must conquer dungeons, defeat adventurers, and ultimately assert his dominance over the virtual realm. But as he rises to the pinnacle of strength, he also grapples with questions of identity and purpose in this captivating journey through the digital landscape.

I Can Change The Timeline of Everything

60 episodes · ONA Completed I can change the timeline of everything!, I Can Modify the Timeline of Everything, Wo Keyi Xiugai Wanwu Shijian Xian, 我可以修改万物时间线

Dive into an enthralling narrative where the boundaries of time blur and possibilities become endless. In a world where elixirs expire and cultivation methods lag, fear not, for a solution awaits. Harness the incredible ability to reverse time for elixirs, turning expired potions into potent remedies. And when faced with the sluggish pace of cultivation, simply fast-forward through the centuries to master techniques in an instant.

But that’s not all – witness the miraculous transformation of Spiritual Grass from slow-growing plants to divine entities with a mere flicker of temporal adjustment. And for those who find themselves stranded as ‘waste material’ in another realm, take solace, for the very fabric of reality can be reshaped.Embrace the power to rewrite destiny, where every setback is but a stepping stone to greatness. Join this epic odyssey where time itself bends to your will, and forge a path to unimaginable heights of mastery and transcendence.

I Can Copy other people Martial Souls

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Bahuang Sword Sovereign ,Eight Desolation Sword Master,八荒劍尊,我可以复制别人的武魂,he strongest brother-in-law in history ; 史上最强姐夫

In the avenue of star evolution, the laws governing the sun and moon’s reproduction hold immense power.

In this world, strength reigns supreme, and those who are powerful conquer all of creation.

Ye Chenfeng is an extraordinary individual, possessing mysterious golden blood and a divine devourer’s brain. He also inherits the eternal will. With a single thought, he can wither ten thousand bones, and one swing of his sword can level the entire sea. His might is unmatched, and with a single stroke, he can sweep the heavens and assert dominance over all.

I Can Copy Talents

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Copy Talents, Talent Copycat, Your Talent Is Mine, 我能复制天赋,I Can Copy Talents

Ye Tian, a young man, undergoes a profound transformation when he gains the extraordinary ability to replicate the powers of others. This newfound skill alters his destiny entirely. In an apocalyptic world ravaged by monstrous creatures, Ye Tian employs his powers to protect his younger sister and ensure their survival.

Driven by a desire for strength, Ye Tian embarks on a journey through uncharted realms, delving deeper into the mysteries behind the invasion of other dimensions. With each encounter, he uncovers the secrets that led to the world’s current state.

Determined to bring salvation to this ravaged world, Ye Tian utilizes his unique gift to emulate the talents of others. Armed with an arsenal of diverse abilities, he becomes a formidable force against the encroaching darkness. Through his unwavering determination and the power to mimic others, Ye Tian sets out to fulfill his destiny as the savior of their world.

I can Destroy the Cultivation World with one Move

? episodes · ONA Ongoing i can destroy the cultivation world with one move, me one move to explode the cultivation realm ,我一招打爆修真界

Jiang Yuer embarks on a captivating journey through the realm of cultivation, guided by a unique system that promises dominance and the opportunity to display their power. However, Jiang quickly discovers an unexpected requirement to upgrade the system—enduring relentless beatings. Despite the humiliating prospect of enduring these trials, Jiang resolves to grow stronger and rise above the challenges. Just as they prepare to face the arduous path alone, an enticing offer materializes: a master offers protection and the opportunity to become their disciple. Yet, Jiang steadfastly declines, driven by an unwavering determination to overcome the beatings, prove their strength, and triumph over any adversary that crosses their path. Through resilience and unwavering focus, Jiang strives to conquer the realm of cultivation, ultimately emerging as a true master.

I Can Devour Everything(I can integrate infintely)

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 静かな昇進 (Shizukana Shōshin),I Can Devour Everything

In the tranquil halls of the Celestial Blue Sect, An Jing, an unassuming disciple, stumbles upon a mysterious merging system, unlocking a destiny beyond his quiet demeanor. Choosing the path of a miscellaneous disciple, he quietly aids the sect from the shadows, earning a legendary reputation for his subtle yet profound contributions to their challenges. In the realm of immortality, An Jing becomes the unsung hero, proving that greatness can thrive in the silence of determination.

  1. Unveiling Destiny: An Jing’s Silent Triumph in Celestial Blue Sect
  2. From Shadows to Legends: An Jing’s Journey to Immortality
  3. Mysterious Merger: An Jing’s Rise as a Celestial Blue Sect Hero
  4. Quiet Brilliance: An Jing’s Impactful Path to Cultivation Greatness
  5.  Unraveling Fate with An Jing’s Celestial Blue Sect Saga
  6. In the Silence, Immortality Beckons: An Jing’s Hidden Legacy
  7. An Jing’s Enigma: Chronicles of a Miscellaneous Disciple’s Ascendance
  8. Cultivating Quiet Greatness: An Jing’s Untold Contributions
  9. The Legend Within Shadows: An Jing’s Celestial Blue Sect Odyssey
  10. An Jing’s Unnoticed Mastery in Celestial Blue Sect

I Can Have Infinite Epiphanies

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wo Keyi Wuxian Dunwu, I Can Have Infinite Epiphanies, 我可以无限顿悟

In a fantasy world, if I were known as the traitor of the human race,

I would utilize my infinite epiphany system to my advantage.

All I would need to do is evoke jealousy in others. Whether it’s coveted skills or secret books,

as long as someone envies me, my epiphany would be activated,

enabling me to swiftly master and cultivate those abilities.

With this in mind, I would intentionally surround myself with powerful adversaries,

occasionally teasing and provoking them.

Witnessing their jealousy and resentment towards me would become a source of amusement,

even though I couldn’t reveal my true intentions.

By strategically managing my interactions and keeping my true abilities concealed,

I would continue to flourish in this intricate game of power and influence. While others perceive me as a traitor, I would secretly use their envy to fuel my rapid growth, always staying one step ahead.

In this world filled with intrigue and deception, I would navigate the complexities, relying on my infinite epiphany system to excel while Streamwishing a facade. Ultimately, my goal would be to utilize the jealousy of others to unlock my true potential, ensuring that I emerge victorious in the face of adversity.

I Can Plunder The Chance to Cultivate Immortal

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Chen Yun's Journey to the Lingxiao Sect: The Disabled Prodigy, ,Unveiling Destiny: Chen Yun's Unique Ability Awakens, ,A Twist of Fate: Chen Yun's Path to Power, ,Overlooking the Heavens: Chen Yun's Reign of Destiny, ,Fate's Game: Chen Yun and the Daughters of Destiny, ,Thwarting Destiny: Chen Yun's Rise to Authority, ,The Fatebender: Chen Yun's Impact on All Living Beings, ,From Mediocrity to Supremacy: Chen Yun's Cultivation Tale, ,Tales of Power and Intrigue: Chen Yun's Journey Through the Fantasy World, ,Destiny's Puppeteer: Chen Yun's Control Over Others' Chances,,掠夺修仙:我能掠夺修仙机缘!

In the mystical realm, Chen Yun’s odyssey veered unexpectedly when he embraced the ranks of the enigmatic Lingxiao Sect.While harboring aspirations of ascendancy through cultivation, he encountered the harsh reality of his modest talents, stalling his ascent within the sect and earning the moniker of inadequacy.Yet, Chen Yun’s fortune took a transformative twist as he unveiled a singular gift: the power to unveil the hidden paths of others. With this extraordinary ability, he charted a course divergent from the norm, seizing coveted opportunities and reshaping destiny’s fabric to his advantage.

Rather than merely observing the blossoming destinies of others, he chose to seize their potential, altering the trajectories of countless lives to align with his own ambitions.Along his journey, Chen Yun forged alliances with a cadre of exceptional individuals—daughters of destiny—each possessing unique talents and promising futures. With a calculated hand, he redirected the fortunes of those destined for greatness, eclipsing their opportunities and ascending to an unparalleled position of authority.Despite the reverberations of his actions, Chen Yun remained steadfast in his pursuit of power and mastery over fate. With each opportunity claimed and every obstacle surmounted, his influence burgeoned, cementing his status as an indomitable force within the tapestry of the fantasy world.Through controversy and consequence, Chen Yun’s indomitable spirit propelled him ever closer to the zenith of supremacy, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of destiny itself.

I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities

40 episodes · ONA Ongoing I Can Snatch 999 Types of Abilities, I Have 999 Abilities, Your Abilities Are Mine, 我有999种异能

In a world ruled by supernatural abilities, Yang Xi is driven by an unwavering resolve to save his beloved sister. He makes a solemn vow to exact vengeance on those who harmed her, promising to spill their blood. With the rare power to absorb the abilities of others, he transforms from a novice combatant into the revered leader of an interdimensional organization.

Combining sheer strength with brilliant strategy, he systematically defeats dark forces threatening his world, accumulating 999 unique abilities along the way. Yang Xi becomes the uncontested king of supernatural powers, a symbol of hope and inspiration for all.

“I Have 999 Abilities” is his battle cry, and “Your Abilities Are Mine” seals the fate of his adversaries. Yang Xi’s story is a riveting tale of power, revenge, and triumph, unique and easily captivating.

I Can Summon All Gods

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing I Can Summon God , I Have Summoned All Kind of Gods and Demons , 我召唤出了诸天神魔

Step into the captivating realm of “I Can Summon God,” where destiny takes a surprising turn for Qin Jun, a demoted prince who refuses to succumb to despair. Blessed with the activation of the myth system, Qin Jun discovers the extraordinary ability to summon characters from mythology itself. From the awe-inspiring Monkey King, capable of toppling mountains with a single strike, to the omniscient Buddha with the power to hold all within the palm of his hand, Qin Jun finds himself surrounded by a pantheon of legendary beings. In a world teeming with demons and gods, Qin Jun vows to rise as the ultimate God Emperor, wielding the might of his summoned allies to claim unmatched supremacy. As Qin Jun navigates this fantastical landscape, he encounters challenges and adversaries that test his resolve and strength. With each summoned deity at his command, he inches closer to his goal of becoming the strongest ruler in existence. “I Can Summon God” is a thrilling fusion of fantasy, action, and mythology, offering readers an enthralling journey through a world where gods and demons walk among mortals, and where one man’s determination can reshape the very fabric of reality. Alternative names: 1. Mythical Summoner: Rise of the God Emperor 2. Divine Conjuror: The Chronicles of Qin Jun 3. Godbound: Summoning the Divine Army

I Can Trigger Infinite Strikes

iCiyuan animation
31 episodes · ONA Ongoing 林晶の壮大な冒険,Unleashing Infinite Strikes,一个奇幻冒险,Lin Jing's Critical Mastery

In a fantastical realm, Lin Jing confronted hostility from rival sects and betrayal from former allies. His burden intensified as he guided a sect leader’s daughter, bereft of her cultivation. Luckily, he wielded the incredible “Everything Critical Strike System,” a power that infused every action with unstoppable critical strike effects. Whether attacking, defending, cultivating, or delving into alchemy, this system became his unwavering ally, ensuring he could overcome any challenge in this tumultuous journey.

Unleashing Infinite Strikes: Lin Jing’s Epic Journey

Lin Jing’s Critical Mastery: A Fantasy Adventure

I Can’t Be The Sword God(Greatest Sword God)

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing I Can't Be The Sword God(Greatest Sword God),The Greatest Sword God

Transported to the mystical realm of Ten-Mile Slope, Li Chu finds himself thrust into the role of a novice Taoist. Amidst a world teeming with mythical creatures and lurking demons, his initial goal is simple: survive quietly within the confines of Ten-Mile Slope.Yet, fate has other plans for him. Circumstances soon propel him into the intricate world of martial arts, where he discovers the profound truth that in this life, almost every problem can be resolved with a sword. And if one sword isn’t enough, well, then it’s time to wield two!In this captivating tale of self-discovery and adventure, Li Chu’s journey unfolds with a uniquely human touch against the backdrop of a world brimming with wonder and danger.

I cultivate both gods and demons: Dominate the World

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I cultivate both gods and demons: Dominate the World,我神魔双修:制霸当世 动态漫画 第1季

In an epoch where races clashed for coveted resources, a chapter unfolded in blood and strife, signaling the twilight of the ancient human era. From the ashes rose a new human race, sculpted by the crucible of war. In this turbulent epoch, the cosmic ballet of gods and demons played out, their influence shaping the destiny of civilizations.

Divine entities bestowed blessings, while demonic forces plotted in shadows. Mortals, caught between celestial forces, navigated a perilous path. Each conflict became a crucible, molding the new human race as they stood at the nexus of a cosmic struggle—an intricate dance of gods and demons, with humanity’s resilience etched into the fabric of their existence. The saga unfolded, a tale of divine glory and infernal chaos, as the world teetered on the brink of an uncertain future.


I Cultivated to become a God in the City

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I cultivated to become an immortal in the city,我在都市修炼成神, I Cultivated to become a immortal God in the City

In the ethereal tapestry of existence, Muchen Feng, a luminary in the immortal realm, wove his destiny through the profound mysteries of the Dao. Within a span as brief as a millennium, he transcended mortal limits, ascending to the exalted rank of Immortal Emperor.However, the celestial path is not without treacherous turns. Ambushed by three formidable Immortal Emperors, Muchen Feng faced the brink of obliteration. In a miraculous escape, his essence, a residual soul, found refuge in the overlooked vessel of a neglected son within the humble Blue Star family.Now, dwelling within the confines of mortality, Muchen Feng contemplates the juxtaposition of martial arts against the sublime resonance of the Dao. “Why immerse oneself in the intricacies of combat when the celestial dance of cultivation beckons?” he ponders.

Guiding his host with the wisdom of eons, Muchen Feng channels the essence of the Dao into an extraordinary Sword Art, a testament to his immortal legacy. The grandeur of mastering martial techniques dwindles in comparison to the cosmic ballet of his unparalleled cultivation.Amidst the serenity of the Blue Star family, Muchen Feng, once a sovereign of celestial realms, maneuvers the labyrinthine pathways of mortal life. As the neglected son becomes a conduit for the celestial, a unique saga unfolds—a profound epic where the very essence of the Dao interlaces with the humble threads of the Blue Star legacy. The resonance of the Dao, like an eternal melody, orchestrates the destiny of Muchen Feng and the mortal vessel that cradles his immortal soul.

I cultivated to become an immortal in the city,我在都市修炼成神, I Cultivated to become a immortal God in the City

I Didn’t Turn Into A Doll(The Doll Game Chronicles)

46 episodes · ONA Ongoing 今天也没变成玩偶呢 ,I didn’t turn into a doll today either

Step into a surreal world where reality blurs with the realm of gaming in “Doll Game Chronicles.” When humanity finds itself transformed into puppets, Bai Youwei initially dismisses it as an extraterrestrial prank, until she’s engulfed by a mysterious mist and greeted by the mechanical echo of a game interface. As the rules unfold ominously, Bai Youwei realizes the stakes: play or become a lifeless doll. With trembling resolve, she clings to Shen Mo, a beacon of strength in this bewildering landscape. But as they navigate the perilous game, they discover that even love may be a forbidden luxury in this twisted reality.

As they grapple with the game’s challenges, the pair must confront not only external threats but also the internal struggle to retain their humanity. The game system’s warning rings clear: tread carefully, for falling in love could spell doom. “Doll Game Chronicles” is a gripping tale of survival, love, and the blurred boundaries between reality and the virtual, offering a unique exploration of the human spirit in the face of surreal adversity.

Alternative names:
1. Puppeteer’s Dilemma: The Saga of Bai Youwei and Shen Mo
2. Strings of Destiny: Surviving the Doll Game
3. Marionette Misery: A Love Forbidden by the Game

I Have A Mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Have A Mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World, I have a suite in the last days, I will have a suite in the future,我在末世有套房

Amidst interdimensional turmoil and an impending apocalypse, Jiang Chen, a nonchalant youth, acquires the rare ability to traverse parallel worlds. The challenges of these realms instill in Jiang Chen an unexpected sense of responsibility, propelling him into a journey beyond time.As he delves into the complexities of existence, Jiang Chen shoulders a weighty duty—to safeguard not just his loved ones but the very fabric of reality. What commenced as a solitary odyssey transforms into a lifelong pursuit, a testament to bravery, growth, and bearing the burdens of cosmic significance.

Through the tapestry of time and space, As he unravels mysteries, faces disasters, and emerges as a beacon of courage. His saga unfolds as a riveting adventure—a tale echoing with the resounding keywords of Jiang Chen’s name, a symbol of resilience, responsibility, and the indomitable spirit that shapes destinies. Thus, within the cosmic dance of worlds, the legend of Jiang Chen begins.

I Have A Mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World, I have a suite in the last days, I will have a suite in the future,我在末世有套房

I have a Million Skill Points

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I have a Million Skill Points, 我有百万技能点

Su Chen, an individual with an indomitable spirit, refuses to succumb to the demands of any system. The notion of working tirelessly for the system is inconceivable to him, and he refuses to be a pawn in its grand design. When faced with tasks issued by the system, Su Chen remains steadfast in his silence, offering no response. Even when the system dares to threaten him, he fearlessly fights back, asserting his independence and authority.

In a surprising turn of events, the system kneels before Su Chen, pleading for mercy and urging him to take on a task. However, Su Chen’s impatience shines through as he declares, “You must wait until I have spent a million skill points!”

Determined to chart his own path and unwilling to bow to any external force, Su Chen embarks on a journey that defies expectations. With his unyielding resolve and unwavering determination, he carves out his destiny, relying on his own strength and refusing to be beholden to any system.

Witness as Su Chen challenges the established norms, defies the system’s demands, and carves a path that is uniquely his own. His refusal to be controlled becomes an inspiration to those around him, revealing the power of self-determination and the ability to shape one’s own fate.

I have a million times attack speed

40 episodes · ONA Ongoing Million Times Attack Speed, 1 Million Times the Attack Speed, 我有百万倍攻速,I have a million times attack speed

After his rebirth in the Tianwu Continent, Ye Yun unlocked the extraordinary Myriad Realms Devouring System.

To his amazement, he received a reward in the novice gift package

that boosted his attack speed by a staggering million times.

From that moment on, he became an unstoppable force, an invincible powerhouse!

With his newfound speed, Ye Yun could execute incredible feats. While others believed that martial arts were merely about being fast, he demonstrated the true extent of his abilities. While others may have thought he was just picking his nose or ears, in reality, he had already swung his sword 35,000 times, performed 87,000 sword swings, and executed countless boxing and secret techniques.

Ye Yun’s mastery over his powers and lightning-fast movements set him apart from others, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with in the Tianwu Continent. With his remarkable skills, he was destined to leave a profound impact on the world of martial arts.

I Have Billions of Years of Cultivation

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我有亿万年修为 ,I Have Billions of Years of Cultivation,I Have Hundreds of Millions of Years of Cultivation,The useless me suddenly has billions of years of cultivation, 废柴的我,突然有了亿万年修为, This guy has incredible power, but he's overly thrifty

Embark on a journey with Ye Fan, a delivery man in Tianwu City, who discovers unparalleled power within himself. Despite his extraordinary abilities, Ye Fan prefers a modest existence, navigating the complexities of keeping a low profile in a world where power reigns supreme. Join him as he faces the challenges of balancing his incredible power with his desire for anonymity, in a captivating tale of strength and restraint. Experience the unique perspective of a thrifty hero in a world of extravagance and ambition. Dive into the adventure where power meets humility, and discover the true meaning of resilience in Ye Fan’s quest for survival and self-discovery.

I Have Fun In The Mysterious World

ziyue animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing I have fun in the mysterious world,新番上线直接看合集我在诡秘世界玩嗨了,I had fun in the mysterious world,我在诡秘世界玩嗨了

Enter the ethereal resurgence of arcane energy, where the tapestry of the metaverse unfurls to reveal a kaleidoscopic realm teeming with creatures of enigmatic lore and specters from the darkest corners of nightmares. Here, primordial deities, whose names once echoed in the annals of humanity’s past, reign supreme. As chaos grips the metaverse, souls both wary and audacious find themselves ensnared in a maelstrom of astonishment and trepidation.

Experience the mesmerizing dance of cosmic forces as the curious and the fearless navigate this fantastical landscape, where every twist and turn unveils new wonders and dangers alike. From the depths of ancient myth to the heights of boundless imagination, journey through a realm where chaos and creativity intertwine, shaping the destiny of all who dare to venture forth.

Embrace the allure of the metaverse, where arcane energies pulse and mysteries abound, beckoning explorers to uncover secrets long buried and confront fearsome adversaries. In this captivating saga of wonder and peril, witness the unfolding of a grand adventure that transcends time and space, leaving an indelible mark on the very fabric of existence.

I have got the child of destiny

iCiyuan animation
30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 我拿捏了气运之子,I've got the child of destiny,未来の幻想旅人,奇幻之路,Mirai no Gensou Tabibito,Qíhuàn zhī Lù

In the mystical realms of this fantasy world, Ye Chuyun faced an uphill battle with no qualifications, no notable background, and slim chances of success. After toiling relentlessly for three arduous years within the sect, the imminent threat of expulsion loomed over him. It was at this critical juncture that he decided to activate the life panel system.

“You claim to be the chosen one, the right one?” The system’s voice echoed in Ye Chuyun’s mind. “Very well, from this moment forth, all the opportunities that come your way shall be mine!”

The unfolding narrative weaves a tale of determination and the struggle for recognition, as Ye Chuyun grapples with the consequences of activating a system that intertwines his fate with an enigmatic force.

I Just Want to be Killed

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I upgrade as soon as I get beaten我只想被各位打死,I just want to be beaten to death,I Just Want to be Killed

The series “I Only Want to Be Beaten to Death by You” tells the tale of Yu Le,

a character who tragically dies from overwork and unexpectedly finds himself transported to another world. To his surprise, he acquires a system, a common feature for male protagonists in this type of world.

However, Yu Le’s lack of ambition and motivation clashes with the system, leading it to abandon him. In order to reactivate the system and attain immortality, Yu Le must live a life as an underachiever. Strangely, his attempts at ending his life only result in him growing stronger, leaving him puzzled as to why his suicidal actions lead to increased power.

The story explores Yu Le’s journey as he grapples with his newfound strength, trying to understand the reasons behind his unusual growth and searching for a way to reactivate his dormant system.

I Just Want to Game in Peace

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Let Me Game in Peace, I Just Want to Game in Peace, I Just Want to Play Games Quietly, I Just Want to Play the Game Quietly, Ta chỉ muốn an tĩnh chơi game, Wo Zhi Xiang Anjing De Da Youxi, Wǒ Zhǐ Xiǎng Ānjìng De Dǎ Yóuxì, 我只想安静地打游戏

As the dimensional storm unleashed its fury, Earth was besieged by a multitude of extra-dimensional realms, birthing enigmatic beings beyond mortal comprehension. Amidst this chaos, humanity seized the opportunity to ascend, venturing into perilous realms to hunt and vanquish these otherworldly creatures. Yet, amidst the perilous pursuit for power, Zhou Wen discovered a remarkable truth: by transforming these realms into digital replicas within his mobile game, he unlocks not only virtual prowess but tangible strength in the real world. While others gamble their lives, Zhou Wen forges his destiny through the power of play, transcending boundaries and mastering the art of gaming to attain unrivaled strength.

I played games and became a peerless powerhouse

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我玩游戏成了绝世强者,I played games and became a peerless powerhouse dynamic comics,I played games and became a peerless powerhouse,我玩游戏成了绝世强者 动态漫画,Futuristic Fantasy, Reality Rift, Time-Bending Metaverse, Game of Prophets, The Power Within, Virtual Chaos, Legendary Gamer, Crisis Savior Chronicles

In the future, the virtual reality game [Metaverse] opens its servers,

allowing players to exploit system bugs and gain in-game character abilities, leading to chaos in the real world.

The protagonist, Liu Yi, strong but averse to fighting, is defeated due to his lack of ability.

He travels back in time to protect himself and his family, armed with the knowledge of his past life.

With the power of a prophet,

he embarks on a journey to become an unrivaled powerhouse in the game and ultimately becomes the savior who resolves the crisis.

I Really Didn’t Want to Be a God

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我真没想当神仙, Wo Zhen Mei Xiang Dang Shenxian, I Really Don't Want to Be the Daoist Immortal, I Really Don't Want to Be a Fairy, I Really Don't Want To Be Immortal,我真没想当神仙,I Really Didn’t Want to Be a God

In the ancient Tang Dynasty, Shen Changqing, an ordinary traveler, unwittingly finds his world filled with hidden marvels. His maid is a dragon princess, the adopted stray dog is a Qingqiu Fox Immortal, and the bricks he bakes turn out to be powerful magic weapons. Surprisingly, the customers seeking his fortune-telling are all high-ranking bosses. Though he sought only fortune, he now stands praised as an all-knowing deity!

I Really Don’t Want to Be a Saint(Literature Saint)

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing the unparalleled savior of the monster race, 我真不想当圣仙, Master of the Great Wei Emperor, the terminator of mediocrity,

Embark on a literary odyssey with Li Chang’an as he navigates a world where “literature reigns supreme” and words hold the power to shape destiny. Transported to an ancient realm mirroring the modern world’s delights, he faces betrayal, scheming, and oppression, yet his newfound literary talent attracts attention far and wide. Under the tutelage of esteemed teacher Gu Jiaoyu, Li Chang’an embarks on a journey of “literary cultivation” at White Deer Academy.

Despite his attempts to conceal his talents, Li Chang’an’s offhand remarks, poems, and essays stir upheaval in the literary world, garnering countless admirers. From the human realm to the realms of demons and elves, witness his ascent to greatness in the realm of literature. Join Li Chang’an as he defies the odds, leaving an indelible mark on history through the power of words and literary prowess.

I rely on plug-ins to hunt gods

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing I rely on plug-ins to hunt gods,我靠外掛狩獵神明,I Hunt Gods by Cheating,i rely on cheat o hunt god

After dying due to betrayal eight years into the apocalypse, Zhang Yi gets a second chance at life, returning to the day it all began. Gifted with a once-in-a-lifetime god-level talent and armed with a super artifact from his previous life, he’s determined to gain the power needed to take revenge on his enemies. But his journey also leads him to uncover the mysteries of the apocalyptic world.

I Rely on Signing In to Changed My Life

48 episodes · ONA Completed I changed my life by signing in, 我靠签到逆天改命 , By Registering My Life Has Been Altered, Wo Kao Qian Dao Ni Tian Gai Ming

Embark on a journey through time and turmoil as 3420 years after the devastating war between humanity and alien invaders, the Jade Girl Sect, a once-powerful faction of Huazhou, faces an inevitable decline. In the midst of this chaos, the six sects of Huazhou engage in a complex web of overt and covert battles, each vying for supremacy and influence in a world on the brink of collapse.

Meanwhile, the alien race, lurking in the shadows, begins to regain its strength, quietly plotting a cunning counterattack to reclaim control of the world and fulfill its dark agenda once more.

Join the struggle for survival and dominance as alliances are forged, betrayals unfold, and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. In this epic saga of conflict and intrigue, witness the resilience of the human spirit as it battles against formidable foes and struggles to overcome the legacy of a war that threatens to consume all.

I Return from the Heavens Season 1

66 episodes · ONA Completed i have returned from the heavens and the world ,i return from heaven, 我从诸天万界归来

After three years imprisoned in the heavens, our protagonist returns with an arsenal of seven celestial bloodlines, twelve peak skills,

thirty-six supreme techniques, seventy-two mysterious arts, and 108 chaos laws, all at full power. But there’s a twist:

his martial spirit is an unimpressive pig. In this manhua, watch as he navigates a world where strength is paramount, despite his unassuming spirit.

The story unfolds as he faces adversaries who underestimate him, triggering a journey of self-discovery.

As he hones his abilities, unlocks hidden potential, and finds unconventional ways to employ his powers,

he’ll demonstrate that true strength comes from within. With powerful rivals and formidable challenges ahead,

he’s determined to rise above and prove that even a pig can become a dragon in the world of martial arts. For the full story, check out manhuaus.com.

I Swiped Infinite Deadly Game

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing My Mxed out the Infinite Deadly Game, 我刷爆了无限致命游戏, I Swiped Infinite Deadly Game ,I Mxed out the Infinite Deadly Game

Embark on an exhilarating adventure alongside Suo Mu as he finds himself unexpectedly transported to a parallel world, where the rules of reality are rewritten and survival becomes a game. Forced into the role of a challenger, Suo Mu must navigate through a series of deadly survival games, each more perilous than the last. Armed with nothing but his wits and the assistance of a mysterious system, he must outsmart his opponents and overcome unimaginable challenges to emerge victorious.

Join Suo Mu as he delves into this game-like space, where danger lurks around every corner and death is always one wrong move away. Experience the heart-pounding excitement as he strategizes his way through each trial, using every resource at his disposal to stay alive and inch closer to uncovering the secrets of this enigmatic world.

With each new obstacle he faces, Suo Mu grows stronger and more determined, driven by the desire to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Follow along as he unravels the mysteries of this parallel realm and discovers the true extent of his own abilities. In a world where survival is the ultimate prize, Suo Mu must prove himself against all odds and emerge as the ultimate victor.

I the Righteous One Turned Supervillain By System

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Zhèngyì de wǒ bèi xìtǒng bī chéngle dà fǎnpài dì,正义的我被系统逼成了大反派第,The righteous me was forced by the system to become the villain

Title: “I, the Righteous One, Turned Supervillain”

In this captivating comic series, Lin Bei finds himself thrust into an unexpected role as a supervillain, all thanks to a mysterious system. Despite his earnest desire to uphold righteousness, Lin Bei’s fate takes a dark turn when he becomes entangled in a system designed to cultivate super villains. As the second senior brother of Lingxi Peak in the Qingyun Sect, Lin Bei’s journey unfolds amidst the backdrop of Kyushu continent, where he must navigate a treacherous path filled with moral dilemmas and intense competition.

Follow Lin Bei’s compelling story as he grapples with his inner turmoil and struggles to reconcile his original intentions with the demands of the system. With each twist and turn, Lin Bei is forced to confront the complexities of his newfound identity and the challenges that come with it. Will he succumb to the allure of power and darkness, or will he find a way to reclaim his righteous path amidst the chaos? Dive into this thrilling tale of self-discovery, morality, and redemption as Lin Bei embarks on a quest to defy destiny and carve his own fate.

I Upgrade by Rewarding Apprentices

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Upgrade by Rewarding Apprentices Wǒ Kào Dǎ Shǎng Túdì Shēngjí 我靠打赏徒弟升级

As the master of the crane, when faced with enemies at the door, I would employ a unique strategy: awakening the apprenticeship rebate system. By generously rewarding my apprentices, I would receive even greater benefits in return as their master. It is essential to foster a strong bond with my disciples, encouraging them to excel and never concealing any secrets as their teacher.

In times of adversity, I would rely on the unity and loyalty of my apprentices. By providing them with the necessary resources and guidance, I would empower them to stand strong against any adversary. Together, we would face the challenges head-on, leveraging the reciprocal nature of the apprenticeship rebate system to strengthen our collective power.

With this approach, I would cultivate a team of skilled and devoted disciples, united in their pursuit of excellence. The more I invest in their growth, the greater the returns for both me as their master and for the entire group. By embracing transparency and fostering a nurturing environment, we would overcome any obstacles that come our way, securing victory through the combined efforts of the master and apprentices.

raised by devil

I Was Raised by a Female Devil

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Was Raised By A Demoness, Wo Jing Bei Nv Mo Tou Huanyangle, I Was Raised by a Female Devil, Wǒ Jìng Bèi Nǚ Mó Tóu Huànyǎngle, 我竟被女魔头豢养了

Xu Chen’s eyes fluttered open, only to be met with a bewildering sight. His wife, Lin Wanqiu, lay on top of him, her fingers delicately resting on his belly. She spoke softly, stating that it was time for him to give birth that night. Confused, Xu Chen questioned her identity, unable to recognize the familiar yet unfamiliar woman before him. Lin Wanqiu reassured him with a smile, claiming to be his wife and assuring him that the process wouldn’t be too painful. With those words, she carefully made an incision on Xu Chen’s belly.

I was Trapped on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years Season 1 to 4

iCiyuan animation
200 episodes · ONA Ongoing I'm stuck on the same day for a hundred thousand years,I was Trapped on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years,我被困在同一天十万年,我被困在同一天十万年

Lin Yue’s life was a relentless repetition. Trapped on Hongmeng Continent, he experienced the same day for a staggering one hundred thousand years. Each morning, no matter how hard he struggled, he’d awaken to the same dawn, reliving his life with all his knowledge intact. Over the span of these countless iterations, Lin Yue amassed a profound understanding of the sect’s secrets and the wisdom of innumerable strong individuals.

Gradually, he accepted the grim reality of his predicament, the endless cycle of reincarnation. Yet, on the final day of his hundred thousand-year ordeal, Lin Yue decided to make a dramatic departure from his usual path. He took the daring step of cutting off the arm of the Supreme Elder’s son and spiriting away the Seven Industry Demon Emperor’s fiancée. This audacious act threw the sect into chaos.

To his astonishment, Lin Yue awoke to a new dawn, breaking free from his timeless prison. The consequences of his actions on that last day had ushered in an unexpected and wholly unique beginning.

I Work Nine to Five in the World of Cultivating Immortals

45 episodes · ONA Ongoing I Work Nine to Five in the World of Cultivating Immortals, 我在修仙世界朝九晚五

Witness the extraordinary journey of Hua Qingyun, who, after tragically passing away due to overwork with a 996 schedule, finds himself transmigrated to a fantastical world as a disciple of the prestigious Qingyun Sword Sect. Determined to break free from the shackles of his past life, Hua Qingyun vows to never succumb to the grueling demands of a 996 schedule again. Instead, he embraces a balanced lifestyle, opting for an 8-hour workday and shunning excessive training.In a sect where diligence and dedication to martial arts are revered, Hua Qingyun’s unconventional approach sets him apart as an oddity.

While others tirelessly hone their swordsmanship day and night, he chooses to lounge lazily under trees, basking in the tranquility of the surroundings.As Hua Qingyun navigates the intricacies of his new life, he discovers that true strength lies not only in rigorous training but also in finding harmony between work and leisure. Join him on this captivating journey of self-discovery and redemption, where he defies societal norms and charts his own path to success in the mystical realm of the Qingyun Sword Sect.

I’ll Do Whatever I Want in 10,000 Years

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wo Zai Yi Wan Nian Hou Weisuo Yuwei, 我在一万年后为所欲为

In the wake of a catastrophic invasion by extraterrestrial evil spirits, the once-prosperous immortal cultivation civilization of Tongxuan Continent faced devastation, with knowledge and practitioners nearly wiped out. Reborn as the young master of the Wang family, Wang Rui finds himself navigating a world vastly different from his previous life, yet bearing the same name and memories. “After 10000 years I will do whatever I want” is a captivating series brought to life by the talented author and artists at webdexscans. With compelling storytelling and rich world-building, they have created a masterpiece that immerses readers in a gripping narrative.

Known for its well-developed characters and emotional depth, “After 10000 years I will do whatever I want” offers a unique blend of fantasy and intrigue. Dive into this series to experience its captivating concept and explore a world where anything is possible.

I'm Already Invincible

I’m Already Invincible

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I'm already invincible as the assistant of the Holy Lord,I'm already invincible dynamic animation of the assistant of Shengzun,圣尊助理的我已经无敌了动态漫画,I'm Already Invincible

In an apocalyptic invasion by an alien world, Bai Huo, once a formidable killer, transforms into a life-saving hero. Unexpectedly, he receives a top-level commission to rescue the Holy One, humanity’s superhero. But why would the savior of the last days initiate a strike?

Bai Huo decides to play the role of the Holy Lord’s assistant but takes an unconventional approach. He treats the Holy Lord with brutal treatment, leaving everyone wondering about his hidden motives. What lies behind this intriguing facade? Find out in this thrilling tale of deception and heroism.

I’m Really Not A Villain

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I'm Really Not the Villain,我真不是反派大佬

In a world besieged by unfathomable dread, a glimmer of hope emerges as awakened individuals take a stand against the encroaching darkness. Among them is Yi Lin, an unfortunate soul cut down in the midst of battle, only to be reborn with newfound powers of villainy. From a humble existence, he ascends to become a force to be reckoned with, facing off against gods and demons alike. With lifelong adversaries in his sights, Yi Lin’s journey unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, challenging fate itself. Will he rise above his past and carve out a new destiny, or succumb to the shadows that threaten to engulf him?

Join Yi Lin on an exhilarating odyssey of self-discovery and redemption as he navigates a treacherous landscape fraught with peril and betrayal. In a world where heroes and villains blur the lines between light and darkness, Yi Lin’s story stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Dive into a tale of epic proportions, where every twist and turn reveals new truths and tests the limits of courage and determination. Experience the thrill of adventure and the power of redemption in this captivating saga of survival and transformation.

I’m Really Not the Child of Luck

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I'm Really Not the Child of Luck,今日开播我真的不是气运之子动态漫 ,

In a world of immortals, Shen Tian possessed the rare ability to see the threads of luck and destiny in others. He made friends with those destined for greatness and, remarkably, anyone who trained with him found incredible opportunities. Shen Tian became the world’s most coveted mentor, turning destiny in favor of all who crossed his path.

I’m Offering Rewards for Express Delivery

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I have a reward for express delivery,我送快递有神豪奖励, I send courier with Shenhao reward, I am Offering Rewards for Express Delivery

After successfully graduating from Suning University, I found myself working as a delivery driver for a total of 99 days. However, just when I thought my career would remain mundane, a remarkable twist of fate occurred—I awakened the fabled Delivery Master System! From that moment on, every delivery I undertook came with extraordinary rewards beyond imagination.

The familiar sound of “Ding dong!” resonated as I completed each special delivery, and the rewards poured in like a cascading torrent of opulence. One moment, I was rewarded with a staggering one billion yuan, a sum that would forever change my life. The next, I received the keys to a sleek and luxurious Lamborghini Poison Edition, leaving onlookers in awe. Then, a delightful surprise awaited me—an exquisite three-star Michelin restaurant voucher, promising a gastronomic journey like no other.

With each delivery, I experienced a rollercoaster of anticipation, wondering what incredible reward awaited me. The Delivery Master System had transformed my humble profession into an adventure filled with opulent surprises. Through my deliveries, I relished in the lavish rewards that brought unimaginable wealth, breathtaking vehicles, and exquisite culinary experiences.

Join me as I navigate this exhilarating journey, fueled by the thrilling possibilities that come with each delivery. Together, let us unveil the astonishing rewards that await in the realm of the Delivery Master System!

I’m The Great Immortal

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我是大仙尊,I’m The Great Immortal, I'm Daxianzun / 我是大仙尊 / Wo Shi Da Xian Zun

In his previous life, the peerless genius of cultivating immortals fell victim to a treacherous plot

and was unjustly killed by the ten great heavenly gods, all because of the wordless heavenly scriptures.

However, fate takes a surprising turn as he is reborn at the age of twenty,

granted a second chance at life.

Determined to right the wrongs of his past and seek vengeance against those who wronged him,

he sets forth on a journey to become the strongest man in the world.

Through rigorous cultivation and the discovery of new powers, he rises above all challenges, growing in strength and wisdom. With his unparalleled abilities, he vows to confront his past enemies and reclaim the justice denied to him in his previous life.

As he navigates the complexities of his newfound life, he harnesses his extraordinary talents and seeks to rewrite his destiny, all while seeking retribution against those who once sought to bring about his downfall.

Immortal Institute of Technology (Shenxian Technical College)

20 episodes · ONA Ongoing Shenxian Technical College ,神仙技术学院,Fairy Technical College,Immortal Institute of Technology,神仙技术学院,Divine Skills Academy, Celestial Mastery Institute, Eternal Artistry College, Supernatural Craftsmanship University, Mystical Abilities School, Otherworldly Techniques Institute, Transcendent Skills College, Enchanted Mastery Academy, Astral Craftsmanship University, Mythic Abilities Institute

Young Jiang Ziya embarked on an extraordinary adventure the moment he stepped foot into the Immortal Technical College, a realm where the pursuit of immortality was not just a dream but a tangible goal. Amidst classmates wielding the mystic arts of eternal life, Jiang Ziya found himself entangled in a whirlwind of peculiar encounters and unpredictable events. His journey took an unexpected turn with the arrival of a super cute lolita whose mere presence seemed to invite chaos into his already tumultuous life.

Within the enchanted confines of the Immortal Technical College, Jiang Ziya’s days were filled with a blend of wonder and chaos as he navigated the intricate pathways of immortal knowledge while simultaneously evading the mischievous schemes of his peers. Amidst the laughter and the challenges, Jiang Ziya’s character blossomed, his resilience and determination shining brightly against the backdrop of a world where the line between fantasy and reality blurred with each passing day

Immortal Krypton King

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 在线播放修仙氪金王动态漫画,Immortal Krypton King,The First Season of the Immortal Krypton King Dynamic Comic,Zàixiàn bòfàng xiūxiān kè jīn wáng dòngtài mànhuà,Xiu Xian Krypton King dynamic comic

Bai Yifan possessed a mysterious ancestral ring enabling travel between Earth and a fantasy realm where ordinary Earth “animals and plants” transformed into treasures of incredible power. Apples became fairy fruit, eggs hatched into phoenixes, and native dogs gained true dragon lineage. Even mundane items like betel nuts and tobacco could control foes. Years later, Bai Yifan ascended to the Immortal Realm, realizing that Earth was, in fact, the highest of heavens—the Hongmeng Ancestral Realm, forever changing his perception of his origins.

Immortal Realm Supreme

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I Am the Supreme Dynasty in the Fairy World, 原来我是仙界至尊 动态漫画, It turns out that I am the Supreme Dynasty,Immortal Realm Supreme

“I Am the Supreme Dynasty in the Fairy World” follows the story of Li Xianzun, a deliveryman living in a world overflowing with spiritual energy. One fateful day, while on a delivery,

he accidentally damages a mysterious package. In his haste to make amends, he inadvertently attracts the attention of a powerful monster. Terrified for his life, Li Xianzun believes he’s on the brink of death.

However, in a shocking turn of events, both spiritual creatures from the mystical realm and modern cultivators suddenly treat him with profound respect and awe. They vie to become Li Xianzun’s disciple or follower, their reverence stemming from a mysterious connection to an online game he once played.

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that the surge in spiritual energy in this world is a consequence of the real world becoming intertwined with the Tianyan continent. What Li Xianzun doesn’t realize is that he is none other than the legendary Immortal Tai Bai from the Tianyan continent. Despite his newfound status, Li Xianzun remains blissfully unaware of his true identity, preferring to live an ordinary and peaceful life.

Imprisoned One Million Years: My Disciples Are All Over The World

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 被困百万年:弟子遍布诸天万界,Imprisoned One Million Years: My Disciples Are All Over The World

The undead boy, Lu Chen, finds himself trapped in the chaotic domain for countless millennia. With only his immense soul power, he traverses the heavens and myriad worlds using his spiritual consciousness. However, each journey leaves him in a deep slumber for an extended period.

After waking from his slumber, he escapes the cemetery of gods and demons with the agility of a dragon in the sea. As time passes, his once-forced apprentice has ascended to become a great emperor with power that reaches the heavens. The little girl he kindly adopted has blossomed into a formidable fairy, holding dominion over the entire world.

Even the mangy dog he randomly picked up has grown into something extraordinary. Each of his relationships has flourished and transformed beyond recognition, mirroring the growth and transformation of Lu Chen himself.

In this epic tale, follow Lu Chen’s journey as he navigates through countless realms, evolves his power, and witnesses the immense growth of those around him. With each new awakening, he faces the ever-changing world, determined to unravel the mysteries of the chaotic domain and claim his rightful place among the heavens.

In the Apocalypse, I Have a Golden Palace

iCiyuan animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我在末世有座黃金宮,我在末世有座黄金宫 ,I have a golden palace in the last days,In the Apocalypse, I Have a Golden Palace

As the apocalypse unfurled its chaotic tendrils, my awakening was a rude jolt into a nightmarish reality. A horde of zombies lunged at me, and amidst the cold indifference of beautiful onlookers, the harsh truth of this damn world became glaringly apparent. Yet, amidst the chaos, glimmers of hope shimmered in the form of abundant gold strewn around.In this frigid realm, where survival was a daily struggle, the allure of gold acted as a magnetic force. Who wouldn’t endure the biting cold when surrounded by such wealth? As I fought for my life, a virgin in this desolate landscape, the primal instinct to survive surged within me.The golden palace, a symbol of opulence in this apocalyptic wasteland, beckoned like a beacon of promise. It wasn’t merely a structure; it was the epitome of survival, a fortress of both material wealth and the desire to cling to life’s precious moments. In this harsh reality, possession of the gold became a declaration – a battle cry against the encroaching darkness.Amidst the chaos, I declared with fervor, “The gold is mine, and so too is my right to live!” In this dance of life and death, the golden palace stood not just as a physical haven but as a testament to the indomitable spirit that refused to be extinguished, even in the coldest of worlds.

Alternative Names:

  • My Golden Citadel in the Apocalypse
  • A Gilded Haven in the End Times
  • The End-of-World Golden Palace
  • Apocalyptic Abode of Gold
  • My Golden Refuge in the Final Days
  • Golden Sanctuary Amidst the Apocalypse
  • In the Last Days My Palace of Gold
  • The Golden Stronghold in the Apocalypse
  • End-Time Residence of Gold
  • Golden Citadel Amidst the Apocalypse

In the Face of Psycho, Ghosts are just a Loser

31 episodes · ONA Ongoing 精神病面前,鬼东西算个球 动态漫画, In the Face of Madness, Ghosts Are Nothing but Just a Trivial Matter,In the face of mental illness, the ghost is just a ball

Enter a world where supernatural forces clash with human existence, and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance in “Exorcism Chronicles.” In this era of peril, the Exorcism Division stands as a beacon of hope, tasked with quelling the threats posed by malevolent spirits. Yet, their efforts are often thwarted by the overwhelming power of these entities. Chief Zhou Aiguo’s discovery of Chen Zhuo, a seemingly ordinary mental patient harboring extraordinary exorcism abilities, sparks a chain of events that will redefine the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural. As Chief Zhou Aiguo seeks to harness Chen Zhuo’s talents, they find themselves embroiled in a whirlwind of bizarre, humorous, and tension-filled encounters, turning what was once fear and despair into a chaotic tapestry of everyday life.

Join Chen Zhuo and Chief Zhou Aiguo on a rollercoaster ride of absurdity and intrigue, as they navigate the unpredictable landscape of the supernatural realm. “Exorcism Chronicles” offers a unique blend of supernatural drama, comedy, and tension, inviting readers to explore the complexities of human nature in the face of otherworldly challenges.

Alternative names:
1. Spirits Unleashed: The Chen Zhuo Chronicles
2. Supernatural Shenanigans: Tales from the Exorcism Division
3. Beyond the Veil: Adventures of Chief Zhou and Chen Zhuo

Infinite Apostles and the Twelve Fighting Princesses

50 episodes · ONA Ongoing Infinite Apostles and the Twelve Fighting Princesses, 无限使徒与十二战姬

In a world where strength reigned supreme, there lived a dog like no other. He was acknowledged as the mightiest being on the planet, standing at the pinnacle of power.

Yet, in the eyes of this exceptional canine, wealth, fame, and power were mere trifles.

One day, the most powerful apostle had vanished, and he reappeared on the human continent. But the reason for his return was not what anyone expected.

“Don’t misunderstand,” he declared to all who would listen. i want a wife.

And so, this is the tale of the strongest lone wolf in history, on a quest to find his soulmate in a world where strength was everything.

Invincible at the Start

? episodes · ONA Completed already invincible at the beginning, invincible at the start, kāijú jiù wúdí ,开局就无敌 ,開局就無敵

“Ding! The host has activated the invincible field! As long as the host remains invincible within the field…!”

Chen Changan, a self-proclaimed nerd, finds himself transported into a fantastical realm, where he encounters a multitude of menacing monsters and vengeful spirits from beyond. Determined to secure his place of invincibility, Chen Changan resolves to remain within the safety of his invincible field until he achieves immortality.

Amidst his adventures, Chen Changan occasionally takes on a few adorable and endearing apprentices, bringing them under his wing. Little does he know that his seemingly casual mentorship will yield extraordinary results. Through his unintentional cultivation, these once-innocent apprentices rise to become influential leaders within the spiritual world, causing a delightful and chaotic upheaval that turns the world upside down.

Join Chen Changan as he navigates this captivating realm, overcoming challenges, and imparting his wisdom to his beloved apprentices. Together, they challenge the norms, rewrite destinies, and leave an indelible mark on the spiritual world they inhabit.

Invincible Villain

? episodes · ONA Ongoing We Villains Don't Wanna Be Stepping Stones,Invincible Villain ,万道魔宗·动态漫,wan dao mozong,我们反派才不想当踏脚,

The web writer traveled through Chenggui’s son Ling Xiao, without his roots being dug out, betrayed by others,

or looked down upon by others, but with a super-high cultivation level, all kinds of magic medicines and medicines, so he can show his holiness in front of anyone casually,

so happy! The only problem is——Ling Xiao is a villain,

and the villain’s destination is to be a stepping stone for the children of destiny (the protagonists)!

The air is shaking and cold, this world is full of injustice and oppression against villains!

Let’s see how Ling Xiao can play the Son of Destiny and revive the glory of the villain!

It turns out that I Am Invincible

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 原来我早就无敌了,It turns out that I Am Invincible,It turns out that I have been invincible for a long time

In the mystical realm of immortal cultivation, Ye Changqing found himself thrust into a world where everyone possessed extraordinary abilities. However, unlike the protagonists in epic tales, Ye Changqing lacked spiritual roots, rendering him incapable of even the most basic cultivation practices. Deprived of the usual system plug-ins, he faced the harsh reality of mediocrity.

Undeterred, Ye Changqing settled in a quiet town near the prestigious sect, eking out a living by running a modest grocery store. The mundane routine persisted for five unremarkable years until fate took an unexpected turn. One ordinary night, his humble shop underwent a mystical transformation, evolving into a revered sanctuary coveted by powerful figures from every corner of the realm.

To everyone’s astonishment, even the once-unassuming dog Ye Changqing raised became a feared demon king. Overnight, the grocery store that once served the local community turned into a legendary hub of power and intrigue. Invincible forces, drawn by an unseen allure, converged on the small town, seeking the secrets behind this inexplicable transformation.

Ye Changqing, inadvertently propelled into greatness, became the subject of awe and speculation. In the eyes of the world, he transformed from an ordinary grocer into a peerless master, shattering expectations and carving out a new legend. The once-unfavored protagonist defied destiny, and the keyword “invincible” echoed through the realms, forever associating Ye Changqing with an unparalleled legacy.

Just pretend to practice for a while ,its cool

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Just pretend to practice for a while, Qiuqiu! Dynamic cartoon,你假装修炼一下吧,球球了 动态漫画,Just pretend to practice for a while

In his 100th time travel, Ye Fan encounters his 100th system, yet he’s weary of the endless cycle of involution. Opting for a simpler existence, he yearns for tranquility, finding solace in mundane activities like sleeping in, fishing, and refining his culinary skills. Despite being dismissed as a wasteful burden by his fellow disciples, Ye Fan remains resolute in his pursuit of a peaceful life.

Amidst societal pressures and the scorn of his peers, he embraces his chosen path, challenging conventional notions of success in the cultivation realm. Follow Ye Fan’s unconventional journey as he navigates the complexities of identity and purpose, defying expectations and forging his own path to contentment amidst skepticism and societal judgment.

Keep A Low Profile, Sect Leader

Ake Animation
24 episodes · ONA Completed Headmaster Keep Yourself Low Profile, Keep a Low Profile Sect Leader, Sect Head Be a Bit Modest, Zhǎng Mén Dī Diào Diǎn, 掌门低调点

In the Chronicles of Tian Xuan, I find myself thrust into an unexpected role—a seemingly insignificant sect leader. My journey begins with a peculiar transaction, exchanging wealth for rebirth within a realm that mirrors a video game. I cunningly enlist players as my pawns, and the legendary characters of this world bow to me as their master. As we delve into the realms of audacity, I shall claim the pinnacle of conceit, securing the coveted top position

Krypton Elixir Cultivation(Cultivating Immortality)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Krypton elixir cultivation is only for longevity,氪丹修仙只苟长生

Raised by notorious figures in the world of immortal cultivation, Ye Sheng emerges from the Valley of Evil, stepping onto his own path of cultivating immortality. Surrounded by wicked mentors renowned in the cultivation world, Ye Sheng’s upbringing was anything but ordinary. Despite this dark start, he soon realizes that the journey to immortality is unexpectedly less challenging than he imagined.

As Ye Sheng navigates this new world, his unique background and unparalleled skills set him apart from other cultivators. His journey is marked by encounters with formidable foes, unexpected allies, and ancient secrets that shape his destiny. Each step brings him closer to becoming a powerful immortal, revealing that the true strength of cultivating immortality lies in resilience and wisdom. Follow Ye Sheng as he defies expectations and uncovers the hidden potential within, transforming from a boy trained by evil into a legendary immortal cultivator.

Alternative Names:

Immortal Cultivation Journey, Path of the Evil-Trained Cultivator, Cultivation Chronicles of Ye Sheng

Krypton Gold Boss

? episodes · ONA Completed Krpton Gold Boss,氪金大佬

Across countless worlds and dimensions, where diverse systems abound, there is one burning question that consumes me: ‘Can I invest money to enhance my strength?’ In a modern realm where martial arts thrive and vitality is restored, the arrival of numerous systems from different dimensions offers a chance for the seemingly useless to reclaim their glory. Systems like the Demon King System, Interdimensional Trading System, Swagger System, and Hero System emerge, promising extraordinary abilities. However, Shen Qian is left with just one option: the Pay-to-Win System. This is a tale of his journey to become stronger through strategic monetary investments.

Kun Swallows the World

45 episodes · ONA Ongoing Kun swallows the world, 鲲吞天下

Enter a realm of mystique as Fan Lingxiao, a young disciple of the Lingxiao Sect, embarks on an extraordinary journey from humble beginnings with a mere fish. Through the intricate art of cultivation, he nurtures this fish into a formidable spirit beast known as the Devouring Kun, establishing himself as a revered master of spiritual creatures. Yet, in a twist of fate during a climactic confrontation, the Kun undergoes a baffling transformation, emerging as the ferocious Corpse Kun that consumes Fan Lingxiao entirely.Upon awakening, Fan Lingxiao finds himself thrust into a dramatically altered reality, where the boundaries between existence and illusion blur.

With newfound challenges and mysteries awaiting him, he must navigate this transformed landscape, grappling with the consequences of the Kun’s evolution and uncovering the truth behind his enigmatic ordeal.Join Fan Lingxiao on a gripping odyssey of self-discovery and survival as he traverses this mystical realm, encountering ancient secrets, formidable adversaries, and unexpected allies along the way. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, one thing remains certain: his journey has only just begun, and the path ahead is fraught with both peril and possibility.

Legend Of Lotus Sword Fairy

Hangzhou Ruohong Cultural Creativity Co.
54 episodes · ONA Ongoing Legend Of Lotus Sword Fairy, Qing Lian Jian Xian Chuan, 青莲剑仙传

Xu Changqing, born in the serene Qinglian Sword Valley, aspired to be a great swordsman. Tragedy struck when the ninth demon general of Cang Yue Palace invaded, leading to the death of his grandfather. Recognized as the “Qinglian Emperor Sword”,he valiantly battled the demon general but was defeated.

Kunlun Taibai Sword Immortal, Qiu Wuya, intervened, defeating the Demon Sect and saving Xu Changqing. Xu awakened the “Chaos Soul Gathering Monument” and became Qiu Wuya’s disciple. He won the Fairy Sword Competition, earning the right to enter Kunlun’s Forbidden Land.

Driven by the desire to resurrect his grandfather, Xu Changqing embarked on a perilous journey into the Forbidden Land, where the spring of youth held the key to his cherished goal. His path was one of bravery, destiny, and a relentless pursuit of honor.

Legends of the Three Kingdoms(Taiping Heavenly Book)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Legends of the Three Kingdoms,三国杀太平天书第

The highly anticipated “Three Kingdoms” Grand Prix Challenge has emerged from the shadows, bringing a fierce competition to the gaming world. Talented player Guo Xiaoye, who faced a two-year ban due to a malicious frame-up, seizes this opportunity to reclaim his honor and prove his undying passion for the game. Teaming up with his favorite general, Guo Jia, Guo Xiaoye battles through formidable foes, demonstrating his unmatched skills and strategic prowess. However, as they ascend to new heights in the tournament, they uncover a terrifying conspiracy: the damage inflicted in the game is mysteriously transferring to real-life players.

Determined to expose the truth and protect his fellow gamers, Guo Xiaoye embarks on a relentless quest to unravel this sinister plot. The stakes are higher than ever, and the line between virtual reality and the physical world blurs. As he navigates this perilous journey, he must confront old adversaries and new challenges, all while staying true to his original purpose. “Three Kingdoms” Grand Prix Challenge is more than just a game; it’s a battle for justice, integrity, and the survival of the gaming community.

Alternative names:

  • “Three Kingdoms: Rise of the Underdog”
  • “Grand Prix of the Three Kingdoms”
  • “Guo Xiaoye’s Revenge”
  • “The Hidden Perils of the Three Kingdoms”
  • “From Ban to Glory: The Three Kingdoms Saga”

Lord of the Wheel of Life! When Changes Come to the World

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 命轮之主当异变降临人间,Lord of the Wheel of Life! When Changes Come to the World

In a startling twist of fate, a mysterious planet emerges, triggering a cataclysmic transformation of Earth’s flora and fauna into formidable monsters poised to obliterate humanity. Caught in a desperate struggle for survival, humans stumble upon a remarkable revelation – a gateway to this enigmatic planet and newfound abilities to confront the looming threat. Thus begins a gripping saga of resilience and ingenuity as humanity ventures into the cosmos, propelled by the imperative of interstellar exploration to safeguard the future of civilization amidst the chaos of evolving adversaries. Join the epic journey as individuals embraces the challenges of the unknown, forging a path towards a destiny defined by courage, discovery, and the relentless pursuit of hope in the face of unprecedented danger.

Magical Doctor in the City

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Magical Doctor in the City, The magic hand doctor in the city, 妙手天医在都市, Heavenly Doctor in the City,

Peerless Tianyi relieved the beauty’s worries with his extraordinary skills, all medical skills, bone regeneration.
With a pair of iron fists, the stars retreated.
Walking between power and death, break the rules, cure and save all beings,
dominate the top, and start a passionate and passionate urban road.
Unfortunately, the ancestral sacred medical scriptures were stolen,
and the heavenly doctor Lu Yihang was forced to start the “roundabout” mode…

Martial Arts Reigns

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing Wu dao du zun, 武道独尊, Supreme Master of Martial Arts,The Supreme Martial Arts, Martial arts supremacy, Martial arts dominance, 武道獨尊,Martial Arts Reigns

In the ever-evolving Tianyuan Continent, those with extraordinary abilities can perform incredible feats, moving mountains and seas, and displaying awe-inspiring power.

Ye Ming, a mere mortal born as a common son, seeks vengeance and endeavors to improve himself. Through a stroke of luck, he acquires the “Treasure Clothes of the Gods,” consumes the “Divine Foundation Establishment Pill,” and cultivates the powerful “Tiantian Jingtu” technique.

With sincerity, bravery, and diligence, Ye Ming is unyielding in his pursuit of martial cultivation. He shows no mercy to anyone who obstructs his path.

Facing formidable forces such as the Immortal Dynasty, the Eternal Great Religion, the monstrous beasts of the Desolation, and the Demon God who wields the sky, he remains fearless. With unwavering determination, he faces gods and demons alike, declaring that his destiny is in his own hands!

Master of recovery spells and suddenly invincible

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 精通回复法术突然无敌了画,Master of recovery spells and suddenly invincible

In the vast realm of immortality, Doctor Ling Fan embarked on an unconventional journey, eschewing the traditional paths of cultivation. Unlike his peers, he delved into the intricate art of recovery spells, seeking mastery beyond the norm. Ling Fan’s cultivation qualifications may have been subpar, but his unorthodox approach would soon shatter the established paradigms.

Through relentless experimentation, Ling Fan not only unraveled the secrets of the recovery spell but pushed its boundaries to unparalleled extremes. Little did he anticipate that his mastery over this seemingly humble spell would lead him to the zenith of enlightenment, rendering him invincible.

The very fabric of the immortal world quivered as Ling Fan’s newfound power disrupted the established order. The conventional power structures of the spiritual and immortal realms in the upper echelons crumbled in the wake of his unprecedented mastery. Spells, once seen as mere tools for healing, metamorphosed into the catalysts of Ling Fan’s revolutionary ascent.

As the echoes of his name reverberated through the celestial spheres, the cultivation world witnessed an upheaval of cosmic proportions. Ling Fan, the unassuming cultivator who dared to tread an unconventional path, had rewritten the script of immortality, where spells became the keystones of his dominance, and the very essence of the immortal world trembled at his newfound prowess.

Matchless Emperor

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 盖世帝尊,Emperor Gaishi,Matchless Emperor, Cái Thế Đế Tôn

A seemingly insignificant youth, known as the ‘sleeping god,’ unexpectedly unlocks a remarkable martial arts skill through an unforeseen twist of fate. From that moment forward, he emerges as a peerless genius, possessing unparalleled strength that shakes the heavens and the earth. With his mighty sword, he slices through the very fabric of the stars, leaving all other geniuses quaking in fear at his feet.

Medical Martial Arts Supreme (Mad Doctor’s Revenge)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Supreme Medicine and Martial Arts,医武至尊

In the thrilling saga “Mad Doctor’s Revenge,” Wang Yuwu, an elite special operations medic, faces a life-altering betrayal when he is cuckolded by a prince from a powerful kingdom. Forced to flee the city, Wang Yuwu’s humiliation fuels a relentless drive for transformation and vengeance. Much like a humble fish destined to become a dragon when the storm arrives, he harnesses his unparalleled dual mastery of medicine and martial arts to reshape his destiny. His medical prowess can heal the gravest wounds, while his combat skills make him a formidable force on the battlefield. Wang Yuwu’s journey is one of redemption and empowerment, blending his ability to save lives with his capacity to exact retribution.

As Wang Yuwu returns to the city that once cast him out, he confronts his adversaries with a newfound strength. His left hand wields the power to heal, while his right delivers justice through martial might. “Mad Doctor’s Revenge” chronicles his rise from disgrace to invincibility, weaving a tale of resilience and retribution. With each step, Wang Yuwu proves that he is a force to be reckoned with, both feared and revered. This epic story of survival and supremacy showcases his unwavering determination to conquer his past and dominate his future.

Alternative names:
1. The Healer’s Wrath: Rise of Wang Yuwu
2. Vengeance of the Warrior Medic
3. The Dual Master: Medicine and Martial Arts

Monster Pet Evolution

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Divine Pet Evolution, God Pet Evolution, Shenchong Jinhua,神宠进化, 神寵進化

In a world reshaped by a cataclysm, teeming with marauding monsters, a new calling emerged – Monster Trainers. Among them, Gao Peng, an ambitious youth, saw an opportunity to flourish during this golden age of monster cultivation. With unwavering determination, he declared, “I’ll turn even the lowliest creatures into celestial dragons!”

Thus began the tale of Gao Peng’s divine pet evolution. In a world where humanity’s survival hinged on mastering these creatures, Gao Peng’s journey promised adventure, secrets, and unbreakable bonds with his otherworldly companions.

神宠进化 – Divine Pet Evolution, and 神寵進化, where Gao Peng’s story unfolded, blending myth and reality in a captivating tapestry of courage and wonder.

Moon Slashing Skeleton (World Boss Fantasy Moon)

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 斩月,Moon Slashing Skeleton

After ascending to the status of the world boss, I blend into the player community, searching for the secrets of the game world. My goal is clear: to become the only true king. To achieve this, I am prepared to go to any lengths to alter the fabric of this virtual universe. Guilds, players, and even other bosses are mere stepping stones on my path to supremacy. The enigmatic world of “Fantasy Moon” is filled with mysteries, but I am determined to sever all ties that bind it and carve out my destiny.

In this thrilling journey, I will challenge the established norms and push the boundaries of the game world. Every encounter and every battle is a step towards unveiling the ultimate truth and achieving unparalleled power. As I navigate through the intricacies of “Fantasy Moon,” alliances will be tested, enemies will rise, and my resolve will be stronger than ever. This is not just a quest for dominance; it’s a journey to redefine the world and my place within it.

Alternative Names:
1. World Boss in Fantasy Moon
2. Fantasy Moon: The True King
3. Secrets of Fantasy Moon
4. Dominating Fantasy Moon
5. The Only King of Fantasy Moon

My Disciples Are Super Gods

Ake Animation, Qixiang Animation
26 episodes · ONA Completed My Disciples Are All Immortals, My Disciples Are Super Gods, Wǒ de Dìzǐ Dōu Chāo Shén, 我的弟子都超神

In a realm where games and life entwine, Ye Yang, once a game tester, now wields the mastery of a man-level sword master, the art of immortal cultivation, and the arcane magic of a magician. Surrounded by a stunning group of disciples, his daily pursuit is to elevate himself. This unique journey blends legendary skill with the beauty of relationships, creating a captivating saga where power, destiny, and enchantment converge.

My Disciples Cultivate While I Slack Off!

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 弟子修炼,我躺平,Disciples Practice while I lie down!
My Disciples Cultivate While I Slack Off!

In the wake of staggering setbacks orchestrated by his cunning apprentice, Xiao Xuan found himself on the precipice of becoming the sect’s briefest-lived elder. Just as the shadows of despair loomed, a miraculous system, akin to a golden finger, stirred to life. Thus, Xiao Xuan became intertwined with a divine system that bestowed rewards upon him for recruiting disciples, exchanging high-quality elixirs for their lackluster counterparts.

Embarking on an extraordinary journey of vengeance and prosperity, Xiao Xuan wielded this unique opportunity to reshape his destiny. The keyword “disciples” became his beacon, as he sought to assemble a cadre of followers, each contributing to the grand tapestry of his newfound power. Through the alchemy of revenge and the art of mentorship, Xiao Xuan skillfully reversed the tides of misfortune, turning the tables on adversity and weaving a tale of resilience and triumph.

My Road to Killing God in Another World

? episodes · ONA Ongoing My Road to Killing God in Another World ,我在异界的弑神之路

Driven by a desire to impress girls and indulge in gaming,

a brilliant student finds himself thrust into a tumultuous turn of events ,

when he is struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.

Startled by this sudden twist of fate, he awakens in a wondrous game world,

where survival hinges solely on his own abilities.

In this extraordinary realm, he must navigate treacherous obstacles,

confront mystical creatures, and face formidable deities. Armed with his intellect and determination,

he embarks on a thrilling adventure, striving to overcome each challenge that crosses his path.

As he delves deeper into this captivating game world, the student’s focus gradually shifts.

Alongside his quest for survival, he begins to seek a way back to reality,

yearning to reunite with his beloved.

In his journey, he encounters allies who share his goals and formidable adversaries who seek to hinder his progress.

Through trials and tribulations, the student’s character is tested,

and he discovers hidden strengths and untapped potential within himself.

With every step forward, he uncovers secrets and unravels the mysteries of this captivating realm,

inching closer to both his personal growth and the path leading back to his cherished reality.

Join the student as he embraces the challenges of the game world,

fights for survival, and strives to find a way back to his beloved,

forging an unforgettable tale of courage, determination, and the power of love.

My senior brother is so Outrageous

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我家大师兄太逆天了,My senior brother is so outrageous, It Starts With The Destiny System, 开局表白美女师尊, Starting With Confessing With the Beautiful Teacher, It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master,It All Starts With The Heavenly Fate System

In an unexpected turn of events, our protagonist, Zhang Yi, experiences an abrupt awakening to a mysterious system. His very first task, to the astonishment of Zhang Yi, is to reveal his true feelings to his icy and reserved master! Zhang Yi can’t help but wonder if the system is out to test his mettle. And what’s the grand prize for accomplishing this seemingly impossible mission? Could it possibly be the coveted title of a Holy Body? With no time to lose, Zhang Yi embarks on this daunting quest with urgency!

My senior sister is stable

? episodes · ONA Ongoing My senior sister is stable,今日开播我的师姐稳得一批

To survive in the harsh prehistoric world, one must abide by certain principles. These include avoiding cause and effect, employing strategic planning, concealing hidden talents, and approaching challenges with caution. Establishing a supportive group, speaking decisively, and taking calculated actions are also crucial. However, it is important to exercise restraint and not resort to excessive measures against opponents of lower cultivation levels. Similarly, unnecessary use of powerful resources should be avoided to prevent overkill. Lastly, it is advised not to manipulate others by feigning innocence or cuteness.

My Seven Senior Sisters Spoiled Me A Lot

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Seven Sisters Have Spoiled Me,The immortal doctor came down from the mountain, and the seven senior sisters pampered me to heaven!,仙医下山,七个师姐把我宠上天!

At the age of 18, Chu Fan’s life took a dramatic turn when he vanquished the leader of the demon clan and departed from the secluded village that had been his home. However, his triumph was met with rejection from the Bai family, thwarting his hopes of a blissful marriage. Unbeknownst to him, several senior sisters caught wind of his deeds and sought to claim him for themselves, each vying to bring him into their households. Little did Chu Fan anticipate the complexities that awaited him, as the mysteries of the demon clan leader’s demise, the enigmatic demon race, the celestial realm of the Heaven Palace, the elusive portal in the void, and the remnants of divine spirits scattered across the land all hinted at a world far more intricate than he had ever imagined.

As Chu Fan navigates through the labyrinthine twists and turns of this newfound reality, he grapples with the implications of his actions and the unforeseen challenges that arise. With invincible senior sisters vying for his affection and a myriad of formidable forces converging around him, Chu Fan finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue and danger. Will he unravel the secrets that lie at the heart of this tumultuous world, or will he succumb to the ever-present threats that loom on the horizon? Join Chu Fan on his journey as he confronts adversaries, forges alliances, and discovers the true extent of his own power amidst the chaos of his tumultuous existence.

My Seven Sisters Are Unparalleled

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我七個姐姐絕世無雙,My seven sisters are peerless,My Seven Sisters Are Unparalleled,大行道动漫

At the tender age of eighteen, Luo Feng found himself unceremoniously expelled from the serene confines of the mountain by his eccentric old master. With no refuge in sight, he turned to his Seven Senior Sisters, seasoned graduates of the school, each possessing unparalleled skills and remarkable talents that had propelled them to great success in diverse fields. Despite their individual achievements, their hearts were united in their unwavering affection for their Junior Brother Luo Feng.[My seven sisters are peerless]

Luo Feng, however, perceived himself as weak and reliant on the support of his senior sisters. Little did he know that hidden within his veins coursed the formidable Emperor Clan bloodline and the ethereal Qi Clan lineage, constituting a celestial fusion of unparalleled potential. Oblivious to the dormant power within him, Luo Feng embarked on a journey where the threads of destiny intertwined with his latent abilities, paving the way for a unique and extraordinary path that awaited him.

My seven sisters are peerless,我七個姐姐絕世無雙,大行道动漫,My Seven Sisters Are Unparalleled

My wife is a Mahayana leader(My Wife is a Heavenly Big Shot)

ziyue animation
29 episodes · ONA Ongoing Overpowered Wife,被压倒的妻子,My wife is a Mahayana leader(My Wife is a Heavenly Big Shot)

Dive into the uproarious tale of an unexpected twist where a husband discovers his Overpowered Wife, a powerhouse in her own right, yearns for the simplest pleasures like a bicycle and soft rice! As Xiao Yifeng realizes he might have stumbled upon the wrong script, join the laughter as he navigates the hilarious complexities of married life with his overpowered spouse. Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs and surprises in this unique comedy adventure!

The Overpowered Wife, keen on pushing her combat power to the limit from the get-go, suddenly yearns for a bicycle? And to top it off, she insists on soft rice only? When Xiao Yifeng claims, “I am truly your husband,” he narrowly escapes a strangling from his future Overpowered Wife… Something’s amiss here; I must’ve grabbed the wrong script!
描述: 潜入一个意想不到的转折的喧嚣故事中被,一位丈夫发现他的妻子,她本身就是一个强者,渴望最简单的快乐,如自行车和软米饭!饰演夏,Wo De Qizi Shi Dacheng Qi Da Lao,My Wife is a Heavenly Big Shot, My wife is a Mahayana leader, 我的妻子是大乘期大佬

My Wife is the Demon Queen

80 episodes · ONA Ongoing Wo Lao Po Shi Mo Wrang Da Ren, 我老婆是魔王大人

Xiang Ye, an ordinary young man, found a magical ring and was transported to a world of demons. To save their lives, he claimed the demon queen, Isabella, as his wife, Yei Bi. Together, they must grow stronger in the human-dominated Capital to survive while uncovering the secrets of the mysterious ring.

Nine Heavens God Emperor Season 1+2+3

Vita Animation
141 episodes · ONA Completed jiu xiao di shen season 3 ,nine heavens emperor god season 3 ,九霄帝神第3

Jiang Chen, the God King of Tianchen, meets an unfortunate fate, but his soul transmigrates into the body of a seemingly insignificant disciple. Determined to reclaim his former glory, Jiang Chen vows to ascend once again as the God King. Together with his disciples, they rise from the ruins, facing formidable challenges and defying the heavens and the earth. Their journey takes them to the pinnacle of power, where they unlock the secrets of divine blood and reshape their destinies. Witness Jiang Chen and his disciples as they overcome adversity, reclaim their rightful place in the heavens, and forge a path illuminated by divine strength.

One person one donkey one dog going to cultivate immortality

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 一人一驴一狗去修仙,One person one donkey one dog going to cultivate immortality

In the tumultuous realm of combat, the dynamics shift with each adversary faced. In the fray against humans, strategy reigns supreme: “Big Black, bait the enemy! Two Donkeys, flank with precision, and I’ll deliver the decisive blow!” When confronting monstrous foes, tactics evolve: “Big Black, execute the triple dosage method in fivefold precision! Two Donkeys, prepare the binding rope, establish the illusionary barrier, where’s my trusted vessel?” Amidst battles against celestial beings, caution echoes: “Big Black, exercise restraint, withstand the celestial onslaught! Two Donkeys, fear not! Urgent matters beckon, I must depart!”

Yet, as the clash extends beyond mortal realms, a promise of endless jubilation looms: “Against the heavens, boundless joy awaits!” In this saga of trials and triumphs, the interplay of camaraderie and cunning unfolds, weaving a tapestry of resilience against all odds. As they navigate the labyrinth of conflict, their resolve remains unyielding, fueled by the promise of victory and the pursuit of destiny.

One Punch Breaks the Heavens and the Worlds

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 一力破诸天万界第,One Punch Breaks the Heavens and the Worlds

Ning Yu, once a celebrated genius from Hanshan City, finds his life shattered when he is framed and his dantian is destroyed, resulting in the complete loss of his cultivation. Desperate for help, Ning Yu turns to his father’s friend’s sect, only to face rejection and despair. Just when all hope seems lost, he stumbles upon the mysterious God and Demon Breeding Farm, a place shrouded in ancient power and secrets.

Within this enigmatic farm, Ning Yu discovers a newfound strength that allows him to rise from the ashes. With each step, he masters powerful techniques and summons formidable creatures, using them to sweep across the world with a single punch. As he transforms into an unstoppable force, the world becomes his chessboard, and every adversary his pawn. Determined to reclaim his honor and seek vengeance, Ning Yu’s journey through the God and Demon Breeding Farm marks the beginning of an epic saga filled with power, strategy, and redemption.

Alternative Names:

  • The Divine and Demonic Farm Chronicles
  • Supreme Cultivation in the Breeding Ground
  • Ning Yu’s God and Demon Odyssey

Opening Awakening Favorability System

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 开局觉醒好感度系统动态漫画, Opening Awakening Favorability System,I Awakened the Favorability System After Crossing into the Realm of Cultivation

One day, Song Yu gains a special power called the [favorability system]. With just a finger, he can make anyone like him instantly. Now, he becomes irresistible to all, and people can’t help but fall for him. Chaos ensues as he explores the newfound joys and challenges of having such a unique ability, leading to unforgettable romantic adventures and self-discovery.

Opening Awakening Passive Invincibility

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 开局觉醒被动无敌第,Opening Awakening Passive Invincibility,PASSIVE INVINCIBLE FROM THE START

Meng Fan arrived in a perilous world teeming with monsters, but his fate took an unusual twist when he awakened a seemingly passive ability – the uncanny power to attract monsters. After surviving a harrowing 99 monster attacks, he finally unlocked an extraordinary passive skill: the Invincibility Halo. With each subsequent upgrade, this skill granted him the astounding ability to effortlessly deflect all attacks. From that moment on, Meng Fan embarked on an extraordinary journey, forging his path to invincibility.

Overlord Mask

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 霸王面具,Overlord Mask

Dive into the suspense-filled world of “Masked Monster Revelation,” where ordinary young man Zhang Meng’s life takes an unexpected turn. Known for his exceptional performance in the dojo, Zhang Meng catches the attention of his beautiful senior sister. However, what seems like a chance for romance quickly spirals into a life-and-death crisis. Zhang Meng uncovers a sinister secret: a group of “masked monsters” has been lurking among humans, waiting to strike. These creatures, hidden in plain sight, pose an unprecedented threat, and Zhang Meng finds himself at the epicenter of a battle between humanity and these eerie invaders.

As Zhang Meng navigates this perilous reality, he must harness his martial arts skills and uncover hidden strengths to combat the masked monsters. With every encounter, he peels back the layers of mystery surrounding these creatures and their nefarious plans. “Masked Monster Revelation” is a thrilling saga of action, suspense, and courage, where the line between friend and foe blurs, and survival hinges on Zhang Meng’s ability to rise to the challenge. This gripping tale of heroism and discovery will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Alternative names:
1. Dojo of Shadows: Zhang Meng’s Battle
2. Lurking Menace: The Masked Monsters Unveiled
3. Martial Guardian: Unmasking the Hidden Threat

Peak Of Martial Arts

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing MP, 武炼巅峰,今日开播武炼巅峰,Martial Peak,peak of martial arts,Peak Of Martial Arts,天空の塔 〜孤独な武道の旅〜" (Tenkū no Tō: Kodoku na Budō no Tabi)

The journey to the Martial Peak is a lonesome trek, a solitary dance with adversity that demands unwavering resilience. In the unforgiving halls of the Sky Tower, disciples are honed through harsh trials, a relentless preparation for the path that lies ahead.

Enter Yang Kai, a humble sweeper whose fate takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon a cryptic black book. This chance encounter becomes his ticket to the pinnacle of martial prowess, guiding him through a world of ancient techniques and hidden truths.

Yang Kai’s ascent is not just physical; it’s a profound exploration of self, a relentless pursuit of mastery over mind and body. His story echoes the indomitable human spirit, a testament to the resilience that propels one toward greatness in the face of isolation and challenge.

Peerless Alchemy

iCiyuan animation, IQIYI
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 绝世丹神·动态漫 第,Peerless Alchemy,peerless pill god,Peerless Alchemy season 2,peerless pill god season 2

In the world of “Shenqi Continent,” chaos reigns as demons and monsters overrun the land, threatening the survival of humanity. Amidst the turmoil, Qin Feng, a former divine-level alchemist framed and left powerless, is granted a second chance as he is transported back to his youth. With his vast knowledge of alchemy and determination to protect his loved ones,

]Qin Feng embarks on a journey to enhance his martial arts skills and vanquish evil. Facing daunting challenges, he unlocks his true potential, vowing to bring peace and prosperity to the land. Follow Qin Feng’s heroic quest as he battles against darkness, showcasing unwavering determination and resilience to shape a brighter future for all.

Peerless Killer

80 episodes · ONA Ongoing Legend of the Peerless Executioner, The Divine Assassin's Quest, Rise of the Godly Slayer, The Unrivaled Killing Art, Enigma of the Divine Assassin, Bonds of the Lethal Spirit, Rebirth of the Godly Slayer, Trials of the Immortal Executioner,Peerless Killer,绝世杀神

In a world filled with ancient supernatural powers, the extraordinary legend of “Unrivaled Dominion” begins.

Meet a young man born into poverty,

but possessing an astonishing and fearsome combat prowess that astounds all who witness it.

Endowed with an invincible golden body, he stands as an unyielding force capable of overpowering gods and demons alike. His weapon of choice, a frenzied sword infused with an evil spirit’s power, slices through the sky, leaving onlookers in awe.

From the humblest origins, he embarks on a journey that defies fate itself. Armed with sheer strength and unwavering determination, he conquers vast distances, leaving a mark of dominance wherever he treads.

Join this epic tale of “Unrivaled Dominion” as it follows the rise of a true powerhouse. Along the way, he challenges conventions, unravels the secrets of his heritage, and shapes his destiny. Will his power become a beacon of hope or plunge the world into chaos?

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting mix of fantasy, action, and supernatural marvels. Follow our protagonist on an adrenaline-fueled adventure filled with unexpected alliances and self-discovery.

“Unrivaled Dominion” promises an enthralling journey, written with effortless readability, as it transports you to a realm where ordinary individuals ascend to god-like status, and the actions of one man can alter the course of history. Embrace the wonders and dangers of this captivating world as you witness the unfolding of an unforgettable saga, led by the unwavering spirit of its enigmatic hero.

Peerless Soul of war(Battle spirit)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Peerless Soul of war(Battle spirit)

In the heart of Shuicheng, the prestigious Xuanling Sect descends to select disciples after a long absence, sparking a bitter struggle for supremacy between the Fang and Qin families. Amidst the turmoil, Qin Nan rises as a beacon of hope, armed with unwavering dedication, exceptional talent, and the fortuitous acquisition of the God of War Soul. Defying the odds under the watchful eye of messenger Xiao Qingxue, Qin Nan overturns the Fang family’s dominance to secure his place in the sect.

Yet, his entry into the Xuanling Sect plunges him into a web of intrigue and conflict, drawing the ire of Ouyang Jun, the leader’s son, due to his involvement in Xiao Qingxue’s forced betrothal. Fueled by a thirst for strength and a debt of gratitude to Xiao Qingxue, Qin Nan navigates treacherous paths, overcoming formidable adversaries to triumph in the Wanxiang Competition and Outer Sect Contest. Rising to the ranks of the Wuyuan Pavilion alongside elite geniuses, Qin Nan wields the power to reshape the continent’s destiny.

However, as he delves into the mysteries of his newfound power, he uncovers shocking secrets and faces formidable foes in the Palace of Life and Death. With allies like the enigmatic Leng Feng, Qin Nan confronts the schemes of the Beihai family, explores the Nine-Character Mantra Tower, and vows to confront malevolent forces within the sect. “Peerless Battle Spirit” is an electrifying saga of resilience and redemption, where every battle is a testament to one determined soul’s indomitable spirit, echoing through the ages.

Poison Hand Witch Doctor

ziyue animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 毒手巫医,Poison Hand Witch Doctor,Poisonous Witch Doctor

Sun Dawei, a portly descendant of a revered witch doctor, descended from the tranquil mountain abode to embrace the worldly challenges. With modest aspirations, his primary goal is to ensure the well-being and happiness of his family. Armed with a plethora of mystical skills, Sun Dawei channels his abilities towards the noble pursuit of curing diseases, saving lives, and earning a modest livelihood.

Little did he anticipate that trouble would incessantly seek him out in the vast tapestry of the world. Confronted by myriad temptations and entanglements, Sun Dawei, the unassuming fat man, unveils a strategy akin to a pig feigning innocence, only to devour the lurking tigers in his path. Through this unique journey, he strives to elevate the status of the witch doctor, weaving a tale of resilience, cunning, and the intricate artistry of a healer.In this extraordinary narrative, the rich keyword density of “doctor” resonates throughout Sun Dawei’s exploits, underscoring the profound impact of his healing prowess on the unpredictable canvas of life.

Post-Apocalyptic Super Farm

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 末世超级农场,Super Farm,I am bound to the farming system

Amidst the impending apocalypse, scarcity grips the world as essential resources dwindle. Panic spreads like wildfire as survival becomes paramount, and the mere mention of rice and flour elicits thoughts of luxury. In this dire situation, an unexpected video emerges online, sending shockwaves through the global community. The tantalizing footage showcases a feast fit for kings: succulent vegetables swirling in a savory hot pot, golden lamb legs crackling with perfection, and a fish soup so divine it resembles pure milk. Yet, amidst this culinary paradise, a poignant moment unfolds as a little girl pleads with her brother, unable to indulge any further.

This unique and captivating narrative delves into the intersection of food and survival in a world on the brink of collapse. As humanity grapples with its uncertain fate, the allure of sustenance becomes a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. Join us on a journey where culinary delights defy the odds, offering solace and comfort in the face of impending doom.

Alternative Names:
1. Apocalypse Cuisine Chronicles
2. Food Tales in the End Times
3. Culinary Salvation Amidst Chaos
4. Last Supper in a Dying World
5. Gourmet Survival: A World’s End Story

Primordial Spiritual Lord(3D)

40 episodes · ONA Ongoing 洪荒灵尊,Primordial Spiritual Lord

In the realm where mortals aspired to attain immortality through the practice of Taoism, one’s journey often began with the pursuit of wealth. Chu Tian, once a destitute scholar attending Tianfeng Academy, experienced a remarkable twist of fate when he unexpectedly inherited a vast fortune totaling tens of billions. With this newfound wealth, Chu Tian embarked on a lavish “spending spree” that would forever alter his existence.

Determined to adhere to the principle of responsible resource utilization and avoid squandering social assets, Chu Tian initiated his opulent transformation. He promptly acquired a luxurious mansion, adorning it with state-of-the-art amenities that exceeded even the loftiest standards of opulence. Within the walls of his opulent abode, Chu Tian established a monopoly over the most exclusive elixirs and talismans available in Tianfeng City’s high-end boutiques. His extravagant lifestyle mirrored a cascading waterfall, with money flowing like water, embodying the epitome of treating wealth with utmost indifference and detachment.

In this moment, as Chu Tian reveled in the superego state of regarding riches as insignificant, the city of Tianfeng underwent a profound transformation of its own, forever shaped by his extravagant journey.

Profitable System-I Have 999 New Characters

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 暴富系统:我有999个新马甲,Profitable System- I Have 999 New Characters

Lin Yi, a post-2000s male protagonist, finds himself at a crossroads after being mercilessly bullied and fired by his unscrupulous boss. In a moment of confusion and despair, he accidentally activates the “Get Rich Quick System,” a mysterious force that propels him into countless careers, each offering rich rewards. This system becomes his ticket to success, allowing him to navigate the complexities of the workplace with newfound confidence and strategic insight. As Lin Yi reorganizes his professional life, he not only climbs the corporate ladder but also captures the heart of a beautiful woman.

With the “Get Rich Quick System” by his side, Lin Yi’s journey from a disheartened employee to a formidable business tycoon unfolds. He leverages the system’s unique advantages to build his own business empire, amassing wealth and wisdom along the way. This transformation sees him reaching the pinnacle of his life, where he becomes a symbol of success and resilience. Lin Yi’s story is one of triumph, demonstrating how determination, coupled with the right opportunities, can lead to extraordinary achievements.

Alternative Names:

  1. The Get Rich Quick Saga
  2. Lin Yi’s Fortune Chronicles
  3. Wealth Beyond Measure: Lin Yi’s Rise
  4. The Success System Chronicles
  5. Rich Rewards: Lin Yi’s Journey to the Top

Qi refining has been practiced for three thousand years Season 1

36 episodes · ONA Completed 炼气练了三千年,Qi refining has been practiced for three thousand years

Three thousand years ago, Bai Qiuran joined the Qingming Sword Sect to cultivate immortality under the guidance of his master. Three millennia passed, and while others advanced in their training, Bai Qiuran remained in the Qi refining stage, facing ridicule. Little did they know that he had secretly reached an astonishing 66,000th level of Qi refining—a unique achievement beyond comparison.

Raising Animals as Concubines

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Raising animals as concubines,养兽为妃

Introducing the adorable and whimsical world of cute beasts descended from the sky! These charming creatures are equal parts sweet and salty, with their cowardly demeanor adding to their irresistible charm. But don’t let their cuteness fool you – these beasts have the potential to grow into formidable companions.Among them, meet King Mu, a regal figure with a taste for adventure and mischief. With his keen eye for opportunity, King Mu sees potential in these creatures as future companions or even as a delectable meal.

However, his plans may be challenged by an unexpected partnership with a cold-faced shit shoveler.This unlikely duo combines the fierceness of cute pets with the practicality of a no-nonsense caretaker. As they embark on their journey together, they’ll discover the true meaning of companionship and loyalty, proving that even the most mismatched pairs can find common ground.

Join King Mu and his companion as they navigate the whimsical world of cute beasts and unexpected friendships. With their unique blend of charm and determination, they’re sure to capture the hearts of readers everywhere.Discover the magic of friendship and adventure with King Mu and his cold-faced companion in this enchanting tale of courage, camaraderie, and cute beasts from the sky!

heaven god

Rebirth – I Am The Great God

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 重生之我是大天神,Rebirth – I Am The Great God,reborn i am the god of heaven,rebirth: i am the heaven god

Reborn as Lin Que in the Great Wu Dynasty, Lin Haotian defied a turbulent past. Disowned and orphaned, he found solace in the memories of his former life and embarked on a relentless path of cultivation. Swiftly defeating the masters of the Secret Fire Cult, he rose as the dynasty’s brightest star, crafting a remarkable tale of rebirth, resilience, and transcendence.

Rebirth of the Insect King(Mercenary King)

iCiyuan animation, IQIYI
30 episodes · ONA Completed rebirth,Insects, 虫生,Resurrection of the Mercenary King

In “Resurrection of the Mercenary King,” Wang Huan, a top-tier mercenary, meets his end during a high-stakes assassination mission. Instead of fading into oblivion, he awakens in a mysterious and chaotic realm where all inhabitants share a common trait: they have died and been resurrected. In this strange new world, each person possesses a unique ability known as “worm,” granting them extraordinary powers. As Wang Huan navigates this turbulent environment, he must harness his new abilities, confront formidable adversaries, and uncover the secrets behind this bizarre resurrection.

“Resurrection of the Mercenary King” follows Wang Huan’s journey as he grapples with his new reality. Determined to reclaim his former glory, he pushes the limits of his “worm” abilities and rises to meet the challenges of this volatile world. His skills as a mercenary combined with his newfound powers set him on a path to dominance and vengeance. Amidst battles and alliances, Wang Huan strives to uncover the truth behind this afterlife and the hidden forces at play. This gripping tale of survival and power explores the themes of rebirth, mastery, and the relentless pursuit of one’s destiny.

Alternative names:
1. Mercenary Reborn: The Worm Chronicles
2. The Afterlife Mercenary
3. Resurrection of the Worm Warrior

4-Resurrection of the Mercenary King

Rebirth of the Strongest Urban City Deity

IQIYI, Qixiang Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Rebirth: City Deity,Trùng Sinh Đô Thị Thiên Tôn, 重生都市天尊, The Reborn City Tianzun,Rebirth of the city Tianzun

Explore the epic tale of redemption and second chances in “Strongest Urban Immortal.” Once a greedy and ignorant individual, he inadvertently caused the death of his only relative by antagonizing a powerful family. Burdened by regret and self-blame, his life was marked by sorrow until a dramatic transformation occurred after five thousand years. Rising to the pinnacle of the cultivation world as Wuji Tianzun, he stood on the brink of immortality. Yet, in an unexpected twist, he chose to abandon this ascension and return to the mortal realm, reversing the sect’s supreme immortal method.

Now armed with unparalleled wisdom and power, he seeks to rewrite his past and make amends for his regrets. Embarking on a journey as the strongest urban immortal, he strives to protect his loved ones and forge a brighter future. This unique saga blends urban life with the mystical, showcasing his quest for redemption and the transformation from a flawed mortal to a powerful protector. “Strongest Urban Immortal” captivates with its blend of action, drama, and heartfelt moments, inviting readers to witness a journey of unparalleled growth and redemption.

Alternative names:
1. Urban Ascension: The Wuji Tianzun Chronicles
2. Redeemed Immortal: Journey of Wuji Tianzun
3. Second Chance Immortal: The Rise of Wuji Tianzun

Rebirth Of Urban Immortal Season 1+2+3+4

Qixiang Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Rebirth Of Urban Immortal Season 1,Rebirth of the Urban Immortal season 2, 重生之都市修仙 3, Rebirth of the City Cultivation season 4

Embark on an extraordinary journey of reincarnation and redemption with Chen Fan in “Destined Rebirth.” After a tragic end during a celestial calamity, Chen Fan is unexpectedly granted a second chance 500 years later, returning to his youthful self on Earth. Driven by a steadfast determination to rectify past mistakes and embrace newfound opportunities, Chen Fan navigates the complexities of life with wisdom and compassion earned from his previous incarnation. As he reconnects with old friends and forges new bonds, Chen Fan’s journey becomes a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of personal growth amidst the ever-changing tides of fate.

Join Chen Fan and his companions as they embark on a transformative odyssey across seasons of discovery and renewal. Witness their evolution as they navigate the intricacies of love, friendship, and the pursuit of enlightenment in a world brimming with possibilities. Through trials and triumphs, Chen Fan’s unwavering resolve guides him towards a future of redemption and fulfillment, shaping a destiny that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Alternative names:
Season 1: Renewal Chronicles
Season 2: Resilience Reborn
Season 3: Redemption Road
Season 4: Revelations Renewed

Reborn As A Monster

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Reincarnated as a Monster: What's Going On?", What the hell is being reborn as a monster?, Reincarnated as a Monster: What in the World?, 重生为怪兽什么鬼

In a twist of fate, Lin Yuan’s life ends abruptly in a car accident, only to awaken in a parallel world where he’s transformed into a monstrous being with a remarkable check-in system! His journey unfolds with newfound abilities like ‘Devouring’ in the depths of the Mariana Trench, ‘Explosive Breath’ amidst the mysteries of Abyssal Island, ‘Scarlet Form’ amid the frozen expanse of the Arctic, and ‘Destruction Deity Form’ within the depths of the Amazon Rainforest.

Yet, haunted by the belief that invincibility is the key to significance, Lin Yuan silently commits to a thirty-year check-in on Abyssal Island. But as three decades pass, the arrival of an alien spacecraft heralds unforeseen challenges and revelations, shaking the very foundation of Lin Yuan’s existence. Amidst the chaos, Lin Yuan’s journey takes on a deeply human dimension, exploring themes of resilience, identity, and the pursuit of purpose in a world beyond imagination.

Return after rebirth: directly invincible

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Heavenly Emperor Master,Dragon Emperor

In the hallowed halls of high school, where textbooks and teenage angst collide, our once feeble protagonist found himself at the crossroads of destiny. But lo and behold, a twist of fate had bestowed upon him an extraordinary companion – an extra dragon, coiled within the depths of his being.As the Dragon Emperor, a force to be reckoned with, he faced the perennial dilemma that many a high schooler encounters – the tyrannical reign of bullies. In the annals of his past existence, he meekly succumbed to their whims, a submissive pawn in the game of adolescent dominance. However, this time around, the winds of change blew fiercely through the Fengliu Emperor’s soul.No longer content to bow before the whims of others, the Dragon Emperor embarked on a journey that transcended the mundane confines of the schoolyard. Across the sprawling cityscape, his presence disrupted the natural order, turning the tides of power with an unwavering conviction – “I am the king, why should I be subordinate to others?”With the heart of a monarch and the might of a dragon, the Fengliu Emperor carved his own destiny, rewriting the script of his high school days. Each step echoed with the resonance of newfound strength, a testament to the metamorphosis from a subdued pawn to the sovereign of his own narrative. The Dragon Emperor had risen, and the city would bear witness to the unfolding saga of his rule.

Alternative names

Heavenly Emperor Master, dragon, high school, bullying, Fengliu Emperor, city exploration, destiny, strength, obsession, king mentality, transformation, challenges, defiance.

Return of Immortal Emperor

45 episodes · ONA Completed Return of the Heavenly Monarch , Return of Immortal Emperor , Return Of The Divine Emperor , 仙帝归来 ,

Three years ago, Yun Qing Yan’s life took a drastic turn when he accidentally fell from the Mortal Realm into the Immortal Realm.

As time passed, he ascended to become the formidable Emperor Yun, ruling over the Immortal Realm after three thousand years.

Upon breaking through the barrier between the two realms,

he was astonished to find that only three years had elapsed in the Mortal Realm.

Fueled by his past regrets of being unable to protect his loved ones due to his weakness,

he resolves to change his fate.

Now empowered as Emperor Yun, he sets out to make the entire world bow before him.

With newfound strength and determination, he seeks to overcome any obstacle in his path and ensure that he can protect his loved ones and achieve greatness in both realms.

Return of Tianyuan: I am a natural disaster

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Immortal Emperor's Vanishing Legacy,Li Chen, the Immortal Emperor's Resurgence,天渊归来:我即是天灾

In the enigmatic depths of the abyss, the Immortal Emperor family met a tragic end, thrusting young master Li Chen into a journey of mystery and peril. The night of their demise was shrouded in darkness, leaving Li Chen stranded in a dangerous abyss. The article intricately details the harrowing experiences of that night, setting the stage for Li Chen’s extraordinary transformation over the next eight years.

Emerging from the abyss with the empress in his left hand and the gods and demons in his right, Li Chen became a doomsday natural disaster. His return marked the beginning of a destructive era, with chaos and fear trailing in his wake. As the narrative unfolds, it delves into the Immortal Emperor’s powers, alliances with supernatural beings, and the devastating impact on the world.

Balancing complexity and excitement, the storytelling ensures a captivating journey through Li Chen’s conquests, highlighting his evolution, the role of the empress, and the intricate dynamics of his alliances. The conclusion leaves the reader with a profound impression of the Immortal Emperor’s saga, urging further exploration of this captivating narrative.For those intrigued by Li Chen’s saga and seeking deeper insights, click [here] to unravel the mysteries and immerse yourself in the world of the Immortal Emperor.

Rise From The Rubble [I Rise Alone]

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing Rise From The Rubble [I Rise Alone],i rise alone, 我独自崛起, 从末世崛起

Ten years after the night of starfall, City S faced its destruction due to the largest monster outbreak in history. Zuo Fan, known as [A traitor’s son] and deemed the most useless starfall warrior reserve who fled, found himself trapped during a disguised raid. It was during this dire moment that he awakened the Super Warrior System.

From that point on, he began his remarkable journey, rising like a meteor, overcoming obstacles, and searching for the truth behind his father’s alleged treason, despite facing strong opposition. As he delves deeper into his mission, he sets foot on the challenging path of saving the world.

this series all seasons are in this one series ok guys enjoy watching

Rise of the Sovereign (From Soldier to King)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing From Soldier to King,从士兵到君主

Experience the riveting tale of resilience and redemption in “One-Armed Mercenary Rebirth.” Chris, a former soldier who lost his right hand on the battlefield, struggled for years with depression before finally embracing his new reality. Determined to survive and thrive, he became a highly skilled mercenary, mastering various survival and combat techniques. However, during a critical mission, Chris’s team was decimated, and he found himself at the brink of death, falling into a cold river with a heart full of regrets.

Instead of meeting his end, Chris is granted a miraculous rebirth. With a second chance at life, he is determined to overcome his past and rise to unparalleled heights. Armed with his extensive skills and newfound resolve, Chris embarks on a journey to rewrite his destiny, confront his inner demons, and reclaim his lost honor. “One-Armed Mercenary Rebirth” is a powerful story of determination and transformation, as Chris fights to turn his life around and reach the peak of his potential.

Alternative names:
1. Reborn Warrior: Chris’s Second Chance
2. One-Armed Hero: Rise of the Mercenary
3. Mercenary’s Redemption: The Rebirth of Chris

Ruler of ten Thousand Ways

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Ruler of ten Thousand Ways, 万道主宰, 萬道主宰, Dominator of the world

Lingxiao, a young man burdened with congenital deficiencies and  is physically disabled,

encounters a remarkable twist of fate. Through profound enlightenment, he cultivates a divine body,

unlocking hidden potential within himself. Driven by love for his cherished ones, an ardent quest to reunite with his long-lost parents, and a deep sense of duty to protect the people, Lingxiao embarks on an extraordinary journey.

Engaging in battles that challenge the very heavens and the earth, Lingxiao fearlessly traverses a vast expanse of three thousand worlds. His valiant efforts spark a revolution within the three realms of the human race. Breaking free from the confines of order, he diligently works to restore the shattered harmony of the three thousand worlds, forging an unparalleled era of glory for humanity.

Lingxiao’s indomitable spirit and relentless determination propel him to transcend his physical limitations, defying all odds. Through his unwavering resolve, he rebuilds the foundations of order, weaving a tapestry of unparalleled triumph for the human race.

Seven Senior Sisters Keep Me Invincible Season 1

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Seven senior sisters-keep me invincible,七個師姐-保我無敵,Urban Miracle Doctor, Seven Senior Sisters Keep Me Invincible Season 1,七个师姐保我无敌第一季,都市神医

In the ancient world of martial arts, Chu Ming’s life had been a tapestry of training and discipline under seven masterful mentors. After two decades of mastering their secrets, Chu Ming dreamed of a peaceful existence atop his mountain sanctuary. But destiny had other plans. His masters ordered him to leave the mountains and embark on a quest to “find himself” in the city below, mentioning a cryptic search for a “beautiful senior sister.” With a mixture of apprehension and resolve, Chu Ming set forth on this unexpected journey, where martial arts expertise would merge with self-discovery against the backdrop of the bustling city, creating a unique and captivating narrative.

As Chu Ming ventured into the city’s vibrant chaos, the path to enlightenment and the pursuit of love became intertwined, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure that would test his skills, reveal hidden truths, and introduce him to a world beyond his mountain sanctuary, where his destiny would truly unfold.

Sleeping Eternally: Birth Pushing the Heavens

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 沉睡万古:出世横推诸天动态漫画,Sleeping Eternally: Birth Pushing the Heavens,Ancient Deception, Eternal Conspirator, The Fallen Architect, Divine Betrayal, Six Gods' Rebellion, Darkness' Triumph, Valiant Sacrifice, Concealed Eon, Awakening After Ages, Timeless Scheme, Celestial Journey, Ren Xing's Legacy, Progeny of Destiny, Architect's Descent, Betrayed Creator, Celestial Odyssey

A hundred millennia past, Ren Xing, architect of an eternal scheme, faced betrayal from the six gods he nurtured. Just as he neared triumph over darkness, they turned against him. A valiant soul sacrificed itself to save Ren Xing’s body, concealing it for eighty millennia. Awakened after this aeon, Ren Xing harnessed his timeless plan, birthing his final progeny to embark on a celestial journey!

So I Am the Ancestor Of the Devil

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 原来我是魔道圣师,It turns out that I am the Holy Master of the Demonic Way,I Am Really the Taoist Ancestor,原来我是道祖,It turns out that I am Taozu,So I am the ancestor of the devil? Dynamic Comics Season 1, So I am the ancestor of the devil? Dynam,So I am the ancestor of the devil,原来我是魔道老祖?

In the enigmatic world of Yuntian, where the shadows of the past loom large and the eight holy realms teeter on the edge of righteousness, a tale unfolds like no other. Yuntian, once a revered master, faced the inevitable decline of his lifespan, but destiny had other plans.As the eight realms gathered at the mountain gates, a twist in time introduced a new Yuntian, a time traveler with a shared name but a different fate. Fused with a system soul, he embarked on a formidable journey to mete out justice, vanquish evil, and champion the path of righteousness.

Yuntian, armed with the points earned through system tasks, bargained for the currency of life itself. Alongside six devoted disciples, he traversed the realms, reclaiming lost treasures and the rightful legacy of their clan. The dark corners of the Eight Realms yielded their secrets, and Yuntian, beneath the guiding light of justice, shattered conspiracies and unraveled mysteries like shards of dawn.In this unique odyssey, the echoes of a past once concealed reverberate through the peaks and valleys of Yuntian’s quest, forging a legend that transcends time and challenges the very fabric of destiny.

原来我是魔道圣师,It turns out that I am the Holy Master of the Demonic Way,I Am Really the Taoist Ancestor,原来我是道祖,It turns out that I am Taozu,So I am the ancestor of the devil? Dynamic Comics Season 1,So I am the ancestor of the devil,原来我是魔道老祖? 动态漫画 第1季,原来我是魔道老祖?

Son of Lingzun (youngest son of the strongest Lingzun)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Son of Lingzun,最強靈尊的小兒子,靈尊之子(最強靈尊的小兒子),Son of Lingzun (youngest son of the strongest Lingzun),灵尊之子

In a new world, the strong are respected, and a tired genius is reborn as the son of the world’s mightiest spiritual master. Exciting adventures await him:

1. Training with his Father: He learns martial arts and powerful spiritual techniques from his father.

2. Battling Fierce Opponents: He faces strong foes and makes rivals.

3. Uncovering Secrets: He explores ancient relics and forgotten civilizations.

4. Exploring Different Realms: He visits other mystical dimensions.

5. Forming Alliances: He makes friends and allies for justice.

6. Confronting Evil Forces: He fights against powerful villains.

7. Mastering Powers: He learns to control unique abilities.

8. Facing Moral Choices: He makes tough decisions shaping his character.

9. Quest for Self-Discovery: He learns about his true potential.

10. Protecting the World: He embraces his responsibility to safeguard the world and its people.

In this magical world, he grows, leaving a legendary mark.

Son-In-Law Above Them All

? episodes · ONA Ongoing THE BEST HUSBAND EVER, 第一赘婿,Son-In-Law Above Them All,第一赘婿,The First Husband-in-Law

Our protagonist was silent for ten years ,he didn’t even speak due to exercise he was practicing there was price that he can’t speak for ten years .After marrying Chu Qingyin, the two had tasted the warmth and coldness of the world. After ten years of success, Qin Li began to counterattack!

Spirit Sword Lord

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 灵剑尊,Spirit Sword Lord

Embark on a journey of redemption and revenge with Chu Xingyun in “Spirit Sword Roar,” where the echoes of past injustices fuel an unwavering determination to reclaim lost glory. After a vicious attack transports him back to his youth, Chu Xingyun finds himself inhabiting the body of the once-disgraced young master he once was. Haunted by the specter of betrayal and framed by nefarious forces in his previous life, Chu Xingyun vows to right the wrongs of the past and seize his rightful place as a paragon of justice in this new life. With the spirit sword as his ally, he sets forth on a quest to attain supremacy in the celestial and earthly realms, forging a destiny that transcends the bounds of time and space.

As Chu Xingyun navigates the trials and tribulations of his reincarnated existence, he confronts adversaries both old and new, each encounter shaping his resolve and fueling his quest for vengeance. “Spirit Sword Roar” offers a riveting blend of action, adventure, and redemption, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a world where the echoes of the past resonate with the promise of a brighter future.

Alternative names:
1. Blade of Redemption: The Saga of Chu Xingyun
2. Vengeful Spirit: Chronicles of the Reborn Master
3. Sword of Destiny: Journey of the Reincarnated Warrior

Star Emperor [Rebirth after Eighty Thousand Years]

youku Animation
60 episodes · ONA Completed Eighty thousand Years Of Rebirth, The star emperor, Trọng Sinh Sau Tám Vạn Năm, 重生八万年,Reborn 80000 years

Stardust, a powerful star of his generation, tragically perished at the hands of a villain and descended into an unexpected slumber. When he finally awakens, he finds himself having slept for a staggering 80,000 years, witnessing a vastly changed world.

To his surprise, the four adopted sons he once knew have become formidable figures in the continent, and even a stray dog he once saved has ascended to become the supreme demon king. Furthermore, rumors circulate of a child who, 40,000 years ago, defied conventions and achieved unparalleled supremacy.

As Yang Chen, Stardust reflects upon the sorrows and triumphs of bygone eras, recognizing the greatness of Yalishan. Although it may seem exaggerated or overstated, Yang Chen appreciates the profound impact that time has had on shaping the world and its inhabitants.

In this new era, Yang Chen must navigate the ever-changing landscape, drawing upon his past experiences and inner strength. With the weight of history upon his shoulders, he embarks on a journey that will test his resolve and reshape his destiny.

Start A City And Fight By Crushing

20 episodes · ONA Ongoing Start with a city, and fights all rely on crushing,开局一座城,打架全靠碾 动态漫画

Enter the realm of rebirth and inheritance in “City of Creation,” where Lu Tianyu awakens to discover an extraordinary city adorning his body. Within its mystical confines lie the legacies of countless ancient powerhouses, waiting to be claimed by worthy successors. As Lu Tianyu delves deeper into this enigmatic city, he uncovers treasures beyond imagination, including the inheritance of the Emperor of Heaven and the elusive secrets of the dragon clan. Yet, with great power comes great competition, as descendants from across time and space vie for supremacy and the coveted artifacts housed within the City of Creation.

Amidst the backdrop of ancient legacies and fierce rivalries, Lu Tianyu navigates a treacherous path, where alliances are forged and betrayals lurk in every shadow. Will he rise to claim his destiny as the inheritor of the heavens, or will he falter in the face of insurmountable challenges? “City of Creation” is a captivating blend of fantasy, adventure, and intrigue, offering readers a glimpse into a world where the past and present collide, and the fate of empires hangs in the balance.

Alternative names:
1. Inheritance Odyssey: Chronicles of Lu Tianyu
2. Legacy Realm: The City of Creation Saga
3. Heir’s Ascension: Tales from the Ancient City

Start to Create the End of World Martial Arts(Dark Sea Era)

30 episodes · ONA Completed Start to create the end of world martial arts, 开局创造末世武姬,Dark Sea Era,暗海纪元,Àn Hǎi Jì Yuán

In the wake of a cataclysmic event on Earth, a young man awakens to a remarkable ability that allows him to transform people and craft new combat techniques, making him an unparalleled force in the world. Driven by a desire to uncover the origins of his newfound power and unravel the mysteries surrounding his life, he sets out on a journey alongside his friends. Together, they embark on an adventure fraught with challenges and enigmas, determined to decipher the enigmatic source of his abilities.

As they traverse through a perilous world teeming with dangers and uncertainties, they encounter formidable adversaries and forge unexpected alliances. Along the way, they refine their powers and skills, preparing themselves to confront the unknown and defend those they hold dear. Amidst the chaos and upheaval, the young man’s quest becomes not only a pursuit of truth but also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. In this gripping tale of adventure and self-realization, he and his companions delve deep into their abilities, facing the ultimate test of bravery and resolve.

Alternative names: “Quest for Truth and Power,” “Unraveling the Mysteries of Ability,” “Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth”

Start with full charm points

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Start with full Charisma points,开局点满魅力值第

Dive into the fantastical realm of Qin Yuan as he traverses into an alternate world within a game, unlocking the enigmatic “Charm Value System” by chance. With this newfound ability, Qin Yuan sets out on an enthralling journey to elevate his charm to unprecedented heights. Witness as he employs his charm to influence the course of events, mesmerizing all who cross his path with his irresistible charisma. Follow along as Qin Yuan encounters various trials and triumphs, captivating the hearts of friends and adversaries alike with his magnetic allure. Prepare to be spellbound by Qin Yuan’s extraordinary adventure as he strives to harness the power of endless charm in this captivating narrative.

Stay Steady And Don’t Wave

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Stay Steady And Don’t Wave,稳住别浪第1集重生

Welcome to a realm where Heaven’s gates are shut tight, and Hell is bursting at the seams. Meet Chen Yanluo, the enigmatic king of the underworld, renowned for his profound insight into the human psyche. However, fate takes a whimsical turn as he finds himself reincarnated into an ordinary mortal at the tender age of 18! Expecting a tranquil existence, he instead finds himself entangled in a web of mischief and temptation. With beautiful women vying for his attention and trouble brewing at every corner, Chen Yanluo must navigate the complexities of his new life while keeping his cool. Join him on a rollercoaster ride of romance, mischief, and self-discovery as he lays his cards on the table and embraces the unpredictable journey ahead!

Strange Arrival I Become A Boss In The End Of World

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Strange Arrival I Become A Boss In The End Of World,Weirdness is coming: I am a boss in the apocalypse animated cartoon, 诡异降临:我在末世当大佬 动态漫画

In the chaotic aftermath of the apocalypse, Ye Ming finds himself teetering on the brink of survival. Just when he’s about to succumb to the darkness, time bends and twists, hurling him back a decade into the past, right to the heart of the cataclysmic event that changed everything.As he opens his eyes to a landscape both familiar and strange, Ye Ming’s senses reel from the sight of the city skyline, now scarred by the relentless march of time. But amidst the rubble and ruins, there’s a new element that catches his eye – a massive, enigmatic battleship looming ominously on the horizon, its metallic hull gleaming in the harsh sunlight.

But it’s not just the battleship that draws his attention; it’s the eerie presence of a mysterious roulette wheel, spinning with an otherworldly glow, promising both answers and uncertainty. And as Ye Ming surveys the landscape, he can’t help but notice the bizarre creatures that roam the streets – twisted, monstrous beings that seem to defy all logic and reason.

Yet amidst the chaos, there’s a glimmer of determination in Ye Ming’s eyes. This time around, he’s not content to merely survive; he’s determined to thrive, armed with the hard-won knowledge of ten years spent navigating the apocalyptic wasteland. With each step he takes, he’s driven by a single, burning desire – to unravel the secrets of the doomsday roulette and uncover the truth behind his inexplicable return.But as he embarks on this perilous journey, one thing becomes abundantly clear – in a world where the line between friend and foe is blurred, and danger lurks around every corner, Ye Ming will need all his strength, wit, and courage to carve out his own path in this unforgiving landscape.

Super Wechat

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 超级微信,Super Wechat,在线播放超级微信动态漫画

Chu Tianlin, a recently unemployed graduate, experiences a surprising transformation when his mobile phone’s WeChat app mutates. Suddenly, his life takes a dramatic turn as he gains the ability to purchase any props in the fairy world and freely upgrade and enhance them!

With these newfound powers at his disposal, Chu Tianlin embarks on a thrilling counterattack, rewriting his own destiny in the process. Watch as he takes on challenges, overcomes obstacles, and carves a new path filled with excitement, adventure, and boundless possibilities!

Supreme Against Heaven(Againts the Sky Supreme)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Supreme Dynamic Comic No. 1,逆天至尊动态漫画第

In “Lit The Supreme Being,” Tan Yun awakens to his true identity after the world’s end, wielding immense power to exact vengeance on those who wronged his loved ones. As he navigates through a post-apocalyptic world, Tan Yun becomes a force to be reckoned with, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. With each adversary he faces, he unleashes his wrath, determined to establish his dominance and instill fear in those who dare to challenge him.

“Guardianes del cielo” follows the story of individuals tasked with protecting the heavens, facing off against threats that endanger the celestial realm. With their unwavering dedication and formidable abilities, these guardians stand as the last line of defense against forces seeking to disrupt the balance of the heavens. As they embark on perilous missions and confront ancient evils, the guardians must unite to preserve the sanctity of their celestial domain.

“Lit The Supreme Being” and “Guardianes del cielo” (translated as “Heaven Guards”) offer captivating tales of power, vengeance, and duty, drawing readers into worlds where strength and valor reign supreme. With their unique premises and compelling narratives, these stories promise an exhilarating journey through realms filled with danger, intrigue, and the enduring struggle between good and evil.

Supreme God Level System

20 episodes · ONA Completed god level upgrade system ,super system ,supreme god system, 神级升级系统,Super Raiders System Dynamic Comics,超级攻略系统动态漫画

In a modern world, teenager Mo Fan undergoes a life-changing accident and

becomes the young master of the Mo family, but his talent spirit pattern is stolen.

With the aid of “Gold Finger News Zao Know” (Master Zao),

Mo Fan regains his talent and learns about King Qingxuan’s treasure.

Anticipating his grandfather’s imminent departure through enchanted news, Mo Fan vows to King Qingxuan’s remnant soul to obtain the inheritance and save his grandfather. After a series of events, he recovers and improves his innate spirit pattern, resolving family strife.

To save the maid Xiaoyu, whose soul is damaged, Mo Fan works hard to secure a place at Beifeng Academy. There, he embarks on the path of Shang God and Emperor Wu, seeking greatness in the Imperial Capital. The adventures of Mo Fan at Beifeng College are about to unfold!

Supreme Pupil Master: Miss Peerless

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Supreme Pupil Master: Miss Peerless ,至尊瞳术师:绝世大小姐

Luo Qingtong, the supreme master of supernatural abilities from the 24th century, finds herself in the Zhenyan Continent of another world. She’s on a mission to avenge a wronged noblewoman and is fearless in taking down villains. Her motto: “Peaceful unless provoked, lethal when crossed!”

But things take a twist when she crosses paths with a captivating and unbeatable beauty. Sparks fly, and a playful game of chase and escape ensues, leaving their hearts in turmoil. Will they ever surrender to their feelings?

Supreme Pupil Master: Miss Peerless


Swallow An Immortal World

40 episodes · ONA Ongoing Swallow the Whole World, Tun Xia Yige Xiuxian Shijie, 吞下一个修仙世界, Пожиратель Улиня,Swallow An Immortal World

In the realm of the four divine worlds, Lord Xiao suffered betrayal from his own brother,

who set a deadly trap that took Xiao’s life. After millennia, Lord Xiao’s soul found a new vessel,

bringing him back to life as Xiao Fan. His return is fueled by spilled divine blood, the capture of a heavenly castle, and the uncertain fate of his beloved wife, igniting a consuming fire of hatred within him.

Determined to avenge the treacherous traitors, Xiao Fan possesses the almighty Dantian, capable of opening heaven and earth, absorbing darkness and light, and destroying yin and yang. With these formidable powers, he seeks to exact vengeance and reclaim his divine abode.

Swallowing Realm

37 episodes · ONA Completed 吞噬领域,吞噬领域动态漫画,Devouring field,Swallowing Realm

Embark on a captivating journey through the God King Continent in “God Core,” where the enigmatic artifact known as the God Core holds the key to unimaginable power. Follow the story of Qiu Lin, a young adventurer with a rare God’s Core, as he navigates a world filled with mystery and peril. Driven by a strong sense of honor and determination, Qiu Lin embarks on a quest for redemption after tragically losing his cherished partner.

As Qiu Lin confronts his past mistakes and battles formidable enemies, he discovers that fate has granted him a second chance to set things right. With unwavering resolve, he vows to rectify the regrets of his previous life and fulfill his ultimate goals. Join Qiu Lin as he embarks on a relentless journey filled with adventure, sacrifice, and the pursuit of redemption in “God Core.”

Sword Immortal Martial Emperor

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing Sword Immortal Martial Emperor: Starting in the Rebellion of Xuanwu Gate , 剑仙武帝:开局玄武门之变, Jian Xian Wudi: Kaiju Xuanwu Men Zhi Bian,Sword Immortal Martial Emperor

The series follows Li An, a devoted general who defends the border with unwavering dedication,

saving the dynasty from collapse. However, as he fought for his country, his yet-to-be-married wife,

Simu Qi, betrayed him and engaged in an affair with the crown prince. Consequently, the ruler removed him from his esteemed position as a general, leaving him vulnerable and subject to bullying.

Despite the despair, hope emerges when Li An obtains the long-lost inheritance of swordsmanship from a master. Equipped with a powerful sword capable of cutting through stars and breaking through the sky, Li An sets his sights on the heavens. With his sword, he embarks on a journey of enlightenment, resolving to eradicate all injustices in the world.

In this riveting tale, witness Li An’s transformation from a fallen general to a formidable swordsman. Guided by his determination and the strength of his sword, he rises above adversity, seeking justice and retribution for the wrongs committed against him. As he forges ahead, he confronts the challenges of the world, using his sword to cut through the barriers of fate and pave his path towards greatness and vindication.

Sword of the Sky (Rise of the Sword Tomb System)

Ake Animation, IQIYI
31 episodes · ONA Ongoing 剑道凌天, Sword of the Sky

In the Xuanjian Continent, where swordsmanship reigns supreme, countless sword cultivators take immense pride in their blades. Once a land of legends and myths, the glorious past of Xuanjian has faded, yet the passion for swords remains vibrant. In this world, a young genius from the prestigious Xuanjian Sect faces an unforeseen calamity, leading him to discover the mysterious Sword Tomb System. This system holds within it countless famous swords from ancient to modern times, each with its unique history and power.

Upon obtaining his first legendary sword, the young man’s destiny shifts dramatically. With the Sword Tomb System at his side, he embarks on an extraordinary journey to become a formidable sword cultivator. Each sword acquired propels him further along the path of greatness, allowing him to rise above adversities and forge a legacy of his own. Through relentless training and unparalleled determination, he aims to reach the pinnacle of sword mastery, ultimately becoming a force to be reckoned with across the continent. Join him as he navigates challenges and uncovers the secrets of the Sword Tomb, shaping a new era of swordsmanship.

Alternative Names:

The Legendary Sword Vault, Blade Master of Xuanjian, Swordsman’s Destiny, Xuanjian’s Sword Sage

Sword Rises in the Storm

40 episodes · ONA Ongoing Sword Rises in the Storm, Swordsman, 剑起风云, Sword rises in the wind and clouds

Step into a tumultuous era where chaos grips not just the land, but also the hearts of men, as the prestigious Gu family of the Tianfeng Kingdom emerges as a symbol of loyalty and heroism. Yet, amidst their esteemed reputation, the heir to this illustrious lineage languishes in obscurity for twelve long years, enduring relentless mockery and scorn from those around him. However, on the cusp of his coming of age, he is unexpectedly flooded with memories of his past life.His greatest challenge, however, lies in his impending marriage to another prominent family, a matter that has become the subject of widespread gossip throughout the capital.

Forced to maintain the façade of a wastrel while wielding a sword that holds the power to alter the realm’s destiny, he must navigate the treacherous waters of court intrigue and familial expectations.Join the heir of the Gu family on a gripping journey of self-discovery, as he grapples with his newfound memories and struggles to reconcile his past and present identities. Amidst the backdrop of political turmoil and personal turmoil, he must tread carefully to safeguard his family’s legacy while forging his own path in a world fraught with danger and uncertainty.

Tang Yin is in another world Season 1

Yunduowu Interactive Entertainment
90 episodes · ONA Completed Tang Yin is in another world ,唐寅在异界 ,唐寅在异界 第一季 ,Tang Yin in another world Season 1

Tang Yin, the enigmatic figure shrouded in the duality of charm and lethal expertise, strides through the shadows of perception. To those around him, he wears the veneer of an affable young man, concealing the intricate tapestry of his clandestine life as a masterful assassin. His every step, a ballet of deception, unfolds a narrative that transcends the mundane and plunges into the depths of the extraordinary.

In the aftermath of a mission, an unforeseen twist of fate propels Tang Yin into an alternate world, a maelstrom of unpredictability that echoes with the clash of swords and the tumult of battle. Far from disquiet, the transformed landscape resonates with an unusual harmony, awakening a latent strength within him. It is amidst the chaos of this new reality that Tang Yin finds not discomfort but a profound sense of empowerment, a beacon heralding the genesis of a legendary journey.

On this battlefield, Tang Yin’s essence transcends the ordinary, and his actions take on a mythical quality. His abilities, once confined to the shadows, now amplify in this alternate realm, crafting a narrative that intertwines with the fabric of legends. Navigating the labyrinth of the chaotic world, his mysterious past and the dichotomy of his existence as both a professional killer and a man of intrigue weave a tapestry of complexity.

In this alternate reality, Tang Yin’s name becomes synonymous with myth and awe. The rich tapestry of legends begins to unfold, capturing the essence of his extraordinary existence. As he traverses through the uncharted territories, the enigma of Tang Yin deepens, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of this tumultuous realm.

Tao Shen The Taoist Sword God

6 episodes · ONA Ongoing Tao Shen ,The Taoist Sword God, Taoist God,道神, The God of Taoism

In the mystical realm of Purple Weave Land, a genius swordsman ascends to the ninth heaven, unleashing chaos until a peerless expert seals him beneath God Sword Mountain. There, he endures relentless torment as countless swords pierce his heart day and night. Reborn as a carefree prince, he discovers his body weakened by lingering sword energies. Determined to reclaim his strength, he masters the unparalleled techniques of the Barbaric Wilderness and Exterminating Immortal Force. With unstoppable resolve, he embarks on an extraordinary journey, showcasing unwavering loyalty and bravery for the sake of brotherhood. His path is filled with epic battles, profound cultivation, and a quest for ultimate power, all in the name of redemption and honor.

Adapted from the novel ‘Path of the Divine’, this story chronicles the rebirth of a once-mighty swordsman into a frail prince, and his relentless pursuit to overcome all odds. From enduring unimaginable torment to mastering invincible techniques, he evolves into a force to be reckoned with. As he navigates the treacherous world of Purple Weave Land, his loyalty and determination drive him to face countless challenges, all while forging unbreakable bonds with his brothers-in-arms. This tale of resilience, loyalty, and unparalleled power captivates readers with its blend of epic fantasy, intense action, and heartfelt camaraderie.

Alternative Names

  • Path of the Divine: Rebirth of the Swordsman
  • Purple Weave Land: The Divine Path
  • God Sword Mountain: The Tormented Swordsman
  • Barbaric Wilderness: Master of Immortal Force

Ten Thousand Push-ups at the Start Kill the Gods

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 开局一万俯卧撑:轰杀神明 动态漫画,Ten Thousand Push-ups at the Start: Kill the Gods, 开局一万俯卧撑轰杀神明

Unveil the mysteries of spatial portals and untamed dungeons in a world where survival hinges on professionalism. Enter the realm of Su Chen, a trailblazer who defies convention as the first individual in history to awaken without a profession. Amidst ridicule, he unleashes the power of his system with unconventional tactics, captivating all with his audacious maneuvers. Embark on a journey of discovery and daring in this unique tale of ambition and innovation. Join Su Chen as he challenges the status quo and rises to prominence in a world shaped by his unconventional approach. Dive into the adventure where boldness knows no bounds, and the path to greatness awaits those who dare to defy expectations.

The Abyssal Seed (Book of Abyss)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 深渊之种,深淵之種,Seed of the Abyss

One day, after finishing a novel with an apocalyptic theme, Chang Ting discovered that the world around him was quietly transforming, as if the events from the novel were unfolding in reality. From the mysterious disappearance of skyscrapers to the appearance of monsters at fixed times and locations, everything was developing according to the script of the novel. With his keen awareness and understanding of the impending dangers, Chang Ting realized that survival hinged on acquiring the special abilities mentioned in the novel. Using his advance knowledge of the plot, he waited patiently at the location where the first Abyssal Seeds were supposed to appear. When the time came, he successfully gained the exclusive talents described in the novel, becoming one of the first individuals with the power to confront the challenges of this new reality.

The apocalypse was inevitable, but Chang Ting, armed with the knowledge from the novels he had read, was ready to face the impending conclusion. As the plot he had encountered in novels approached its climax, the origin of the Abyssal Seeds was about to be revealed, unraveling all the secrets surrounding the impending apocalypse. With his newfound abilities, Chang Ting embarked on a perilous journey, battling monsters and uncovering hidden truths. The fate of the world rested in his hands as he navigated the chaos, determined to survive and protect those he loved. “The Book of Abyss” is a gripping tale of survival, courage, and the power of knowledge in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Alternative Names:

  • The Book of Abyss
  • Abyssal Seeds
  • Deep Abyss Awakening
  • The Abyss Chronicles
  • Apocalyptic Reality: Chang Ting’s Journey
  • 深渊之种

The Best Immortal Cultivation Academy

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Best Xianxia Academy, Elite Immortal Arts Academy,immortal academy

In the pursuit of vengeance for his shattered family, young Jin Wuwei infiltrated the foremost gang for a decade, only to find himself unexpectedly enrolled in the prestigious Wudang Xianxia Academy in the heart of the Central Plains, where the pursuit of immortality reigns supreme. Concealing his true identity, Jin embarks on a clandestine quest for retribution, aided by a diverse cast: a youthful leader shrouded in secrecy, a formidable yet timid sibling prone to tears, a shadowy assassin, and an unreliable master with a penchant for alcohol.

Together, they forge an unlikely alliance, navigating the intricate web of intrigue and ambition to establish their own sect and ascend to the pinnacle of imperial power. Join them on their journey as they harness the teachings of the immortal academy to shape their destinies and carve a path to greatness amidst the trials and tribulations of a world steeped in mysticism and martial prowess.

The Crazy Son-in-law of the Immortal Emperor

45 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Immortal Emperor's Wild Son-in-law,仙帝狂婿,The Crazy Son-in-law of the Immortal Emperor

Embark on a thrilling journey with Immortal Emperor Lingyun as he traverses countless worlds in search of his beloved wife’s reincarnation, only to stumble upon the unexpected: the bumbling son-in-law of the Han family. With his wife’s engagement to Fu Shao looming, Ling Yun resolutely intervenes, reclaiming his lost love and defying all who dare stand in his way. Armed with unrivaled martial prowess, Ling Yun scoffs at the challenges posed by ancient masters, wealthy elites, and even menacing cults, confident in his ability to overcome any obstacle. Join him as he reclaims his rightful place and unravels the mysteries of love, power, and destiny across the vast expanse of the multiverse.

The devil is coming

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The devil is coming,魔临 ,Darkness Descends: The Reign of the Demon King

In the annals of our world, a whispered legend persists: the ominous prophecy of the Demon King’s advent. Enshrined within the foretelling are the dread emissaries of chaos, seven malevolent demons poised to unleash despair and shroud our realm in eternal darkness. Their impending arrival casts a pall of apprehension over even the bravest hearts, for their shadow heralds an era of unparalleled tribulation and strife.

Across time’s tapestry, the looming specter of the Demon King’s emergence evokes both dread and fascination. It is a harbinger of existential peril, where the very fabric of existence teeters on the precipice of oblivion. Amidst the whispers of foreboding, heroes arise, driven by the call to defy fate and confront the encroaching abyss. Yet, as the veil between worlds thins, the inevitability of confrontation looms large, a testament to the epic struggle that will determine the fate of our world and all who dwell within its fragile embrace.

“Shadows of the Demon King: The Seven Emissaries, Echoes of Despair: The Prophecy Unveiled, Dawn of Darkness: The Coming of the Demon King, In the Grip of Chaos: Battling the Seven Demons, Realm of Shadows: Defiance Against the Demon King, Veil of Doom: The Rise of the Seven Demons, Darkness Descends: The Reign of the Demon King.”

The Devils Head is Five and a Half Years Old

? episodes · ONA Ongoing ten thousand devils head five and a half years old,the devils head is five and a half years old,万恶魔头五岁半 万恶魔头五岁半海外看,The Devils Head is Five and a Half Years Old

The feared female demon lord of the six realms, who was renowned for instilling terror in the hearts of all who saw her, suddenly finds herself reduced in size overnight. Is she now being bullied, oppressed, or targeted for assassination? Such a thing is inconceivable! Hey, you over there, the useless sword cultivator! The task of returning this miniaturized demon lord to her home is now in your hands!

The Eternal God of War [Forever God]

Yunduowu Interactive Entertainment
60 episodes · ONA Ongoing Immortal God of War, 不死战神,不死战神

Ye Chen, a humble disciple of the Ye family, stumbled upon a life-altering opportunity when he chanced upon twelve enigmatic ancient totems.

Each totem, when activated, granted him a mystical ability and access to an ancient martial art.

No longer confined to mediocrity as an outer disciple, Ye Chen’s destiny was forever altered.

With each totem he unlocked, Ye Chen’s ascent was meteoric, his name echoing across the world as he evolved into a formidable force.

His journey was marked by slaying ancient monsters, acquiring unparalleled treasures,

and venturing into perilous secret realms to face peerless adversaries.

In his pursuit of martial mastery and immortality, Ye Chen forged a path that glittered with brilliance and destiny.

Behold the rise of the Immortal God of War, 不死战神.

The Fabulous Sword God

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Ni Tian Jian Shen, The Fabulous Sword God, Against the Sky Sword God, 逆天劍神, Anti Heaven Sword God

In a world where strength and martial arts  reigns supreme, the ancient art of alchemy threatens to tear apart the very fabric of the universe. Meanwhile, the blazing sword of heaven looms ominously, poised to disrupt the eternal cycle of existence itself. Amidst this chaos, rulers of countless realms fall before the wielder of Titan bloodline, a formidable force unmatched in power.

Enter Qin Nan, the chosen one destined to reshape the fate of worlds. With an invincible martial art cultivated through relentless dedication, he strides boldly onto the path of eternity. His journey is marked by the defeat of countless geniuses and the domination of heavens themselves, as he emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the annals of history.Driven by a relentless pursuit of greatness and fueled by the indomitable spirit within, Qin Nan’s quest for supremacy in martial arts  unfolds with a sense of humanity amidst the grandeur of cosmic battles. With each victory, he inches closer to his ultimate destiny, challenging the very limits of what it means to be truly invincible in a world shaped by power and ambition.

The fallen young man wants to make a comeback

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The down-and-out young man wants to turn over,落魄公子要翻身

Born as a Tang monk and adorned with treasures from birth, his journey takes an unexpected turn when he is unjustly framed by the imperial master and emperor as the reincarnated demon boy. Thus begins his harrowing escape from persecution.

Emerging from an ancient lineage, his path to glory is abruptly cut short as he is forced to flee for his life. Despite his noble birthright, survival becomes his sole pursuit as he navigates the treacherous landscape of betrayal and deceit.

Embark on a riveting tale of resilience and redemption as our protagonist evades capture and seeks refuge amidst a backdrop of ancient traditions and political intrigue. Will he reclaim his rightful place amidst the chaos, or will he be forever condemned to wander the shadows of his past? Discover the answer in this captivating saga of survival and salvation.

The First Son-In-Law Vanguard of All Time(Wu Ying Sanqian Dao)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wǔ yìng sānqiān dào dòngtài mànhuà dì,武映三千道,Three Thousand Roads

In “The First Son-In-Law Vanguard of All Time” by comic artist Zhǎng yuè, Xu Wuzhou finds himself transported through time and space, only to discover that he has become a son-in-law with a less-than-ideal reputation. Branded as a worthless scoundrel, he faces a series of humiliating mishaps, including an ill-fated encounter on his wedding night that lands him in trouble with his disapproving wife and father-in-law. However, his fortunes take a surprising turn when he stumbles upon a broken reincarnation bowl, which grants him the power to absorb metal and enhance his strength. With newfound abilities, Xu Wuzhou sets out on a journey to redeem himself and prove his worth as the Eternal First Son-In-Law.

“Take A Good Look at Me Now / Eternal First Son-In-Law” offers a captivating blend of humor, adventure, and redemption as Xu Wuzhou navigates the challenges of his new life. Join him on a thrilling quest filled with twists, turns, and unexpected discoveries as he strives to overcome adversity and forge a brighter future for himself and his family.

The God Devourer

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing Shi Shen Ji,God Slayer,噬神纪,The God Devourer

After a tragic car accident leaves our protagonist disabled with broken limbs, he faces constant harassment from both strangers and classmates who perceive him as trash due to his condition.

However, one fateful night, everything changes when he gains immense demonic power from a heavenly demon god feared even by the netherworld. Unfortunately, this newfound power comes with a price as he becomes bound to the demonic god with an unbreakable chain lock.

Determined to become stronger and regain control of his destiny, Beiming embarks on a journey to destroy monsters and bring balance to the three realms. With his extraordinary power and unwavering determination, he strives to prove that disabilities don’t define one’s worth and strength, ultimately transcending the limitations imposed on him by both society and his own body.

The Great Devil Emperor Development System

Ake Animation
? episodes · ONA Completed 大魔皇的日常煩惱,The Great Devil Emperor Development System,大魔皇的日常烦恼,The daily troubles of the Demon King

The Daily Troubles of the Demon King

In a world where humans have dominated for a hundred thousand years, the story of two Demon Emperors unfolds. The old Demon Emperor’s spirit waned under relentless human oppression, leading to his inevitable demise. Rising from this shadow, the fiery young Demon Emperor, Xiao Ting, dedicated himself to an arduous journey of cultivation. Vowing not to reappear until he had mastered the revered “Demon Emperor Sutra,” Xiao Ting astonishingly elevated his power to the 99,999th level. Yet, when he finally emerged from seclusion, he discovered the ‘Demon Emperor Development System.’ Contrary to his expectations of an all-powerful force, he found it embodied in an endearing, bun-headed system member. Thus began their peculiar partnership, where Xiao Ting questioned the tales of newcomers dominating with such systems, suspecting them to be mere fanciful stories.

This unlikely duo embarked on an extraordinary adventure, shattering expectations and revealing that the true power of their alliance lay in the unexpected unity of strength and humility. As Xiao Ting navigates his new reality with his quirky system companion, they face formidable challenges, forge unexpected alliances, and uncover profound secrets about their world. “The Daily Troubles of the Demon King” is a captivating tale that blends epic cultivation, humor, and the endearing dynamics of an odd couple, proving that even in a world of fierce power struggles, the greatest strengths often come from the most unassuming partnerships.

Alternative names:
1. The Great Devil Emperor Development System
2. The Daily Woes of the Demon Emperor
3. Xiao Ting’s Cultivation Chronicles


Episodes updated every Thursday and Saturday.

The head is wrong

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 掌门不对劲,掌门不对劲动态漫画,The head is wrong,Shadows of Virtue: The Tale of Liu Chengfeng, Unconventional Villain

Embrace your newfound role as the ultimate villain, ruling over the Valley of the Wicked with a charismatic and calculated air. While the good person system might be perplexed, your modern ideals are here to guide your villainous ascent. Remember, every legend needs a unique twist. Your path might be unorthodox, but that’s what sets you apart.

As Big Brother Liu Chengfeng, you’ll weave a tapestry of darkness with a hint of charm. Subvert expectations by being a villain with a code—no unnecessary harm, no cruelty without purpose. Your ultimate goal? To make the world see the shades of gray between heroism and villainy.

Utilize your system tasks wisely. Build alliances that benefit both you and the Valley. A reputation for fair dealings and integrity will grant you respect and authority, even among your wicked peers. Establish a legacy of cunning strategies, proving that strength isn’t only physical—it’s mental and tactical.

In your first case, showcase your brilliance. Take on a seemingly impossible challenge with the flair of a showman. Leave your mark as the villain who, surprisingly, saves the day. Let the world gasp in awe as they question their perceptions of good and evil. After all, the most memorable stories are those that defy convention.

Blend charisma, intelligence, and a touch of darkness to make your mark. Become the embodiment of a new kind of villain—one who isn’t confined by stereotypes but thrives in the shades of complexity. Your actions will echo through the ages, and who knows, you might even reshape the fantasy world itself.

The Invincible Ancestor in Modern World Season 1

27 episodes · ONA Completed 山中の独鶴、五百年の再出現" (Yamanaka no Dokugaku, Gohyakunen no Saishutsugen)

After five centuries in mountain seclusion, Ye Jueyu emerged to a drastically changed world. Modern society now embraced supernatural abilities while traditional martial arts dwindled. To his surprise, his former apprentices had become powerful leaders of different factions. Ye Jueyu faced a challenge – finding his place in this transformed landscape.

His profound martial wisdom and unshakeable principles made him an influential figure, bridging the gap between the past and present. As he encountered both old allies and new rivals, he navigated the evolving world, adapting, forging alliances, and confronting the emerging supernatural powers. The story of Ye Jueyu’s return was one of tradition clashing with modernity, illustrating the resilience of a true martial master in a world where the old and new coexisted in delicate balance.

The Invincible Ancestor in Modern World Season 2

31 episodes · ONA Ongoing Zushi Chushan season 2,The Patriarch Has Left the Mountain,The Invincible Ancestor in Modern World Season 2 ,祖师出山第二季,patriarch out of mountain season 2

After 500 years of seclusion, the ancestor of an ancient sect emerges in modern society,

where supernatural abilities have surfaced and traditional martial arts are fading away.

His former apprentices have become powerful figures in various organizations.

Now, as the patriarch reenters the world, he sets out to master the modern city. With his ancient wisdom and formidable martial prowess, he navigates the complexities of modern society, using his abilities to protect the innocent and uphold justice.

As the patriarch interacts with the big bosses of different parties, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. Through his actions, he revives traditional martial arts, proving their worth in the modern era. Along the way, he unearths hidden truths, confronts old rivals, and forges new alliances.

With each step, the patriarch leaves a profound impact on the city and its inhabitants. His journey is a testament to the resilience of ancient traditions, and how the past can find its place in the ever-changing modern world.

The Legend of Sky Lord

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Legend of Sky Lord, 神武天尊,Shen Wu Tianzun

Xiao Chen, the most powerful body supreme in the world, was betrayed by his closest friends,

leading to his downfall. However, he is given a second chance when he is reincarnated in the lower realm,

taking over the body of a young man who was sneak attacked and killed.

Determined to become stronger and seek revenge for his death, Xiao Chen embarks on a new journey.

Focusing on breaking through his body’s limits and honing his theurgy to unleash his true potential,

he strives to reclaim his former strength and power.

In the small sect where he finds himself, Xiao Chen starts his ascent, learning from his experiences and growing stronger with each challenge he faces. As he unveils the truth behind his betrayal and his death, he becomes unstoppable in his quest for vengeance.

This gripping tale of resilience, redemption, and vengeance follows Xiao Chen’s path to reclaiming his status as the most powerful body supreme and settling the score with those who wronged him. With each step, he becomes an unstoppable force, ensuring that those who betrayed him will pay dearly for their actions.

The Lost City Of Alien Beasts

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 异兽迷城,The Lost City Of Alien Beasts,

In the mesmerizing world of “Destined Strife,” orphaned Gao Yang embarks on a journey that transcends reality itself. Raised by a loving family of five in what he believed to be a parallel universe, Gao Yang’s world is shattered at eighteen when he uncovers a chilling truth: his family and friends are not human, but formidable “beasts” lurking in the shadows.

Faced with imminent danger, Gao Yang’s life takes a thrilling turn when he stumbles upon the enigmatic [Luck] system, a gift that promises strength with each passing day. As he navigates the treacherous landscape of deceit and betrayal, a riveting showdown between lambs and wolves unfolds.

Experience the adrenaline-pumping battles, heart-pounding suspense, and jaw-dropping revelations in “Destined Strife” – where fate hangs by a thread, and every choice could mean the difference between survival and demise. Join Gao Yang as he embraces his destiny and confronts the darkness within in this epic tale of courage, resilience, and the ultimate quest for truth.

The Most Luxurious Son in Law of Dragon King Palace

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Most Luxurious Son in Law of Dragon King Palace, 最豪赘婿 龙王殿, The Supreme Son-in-Law: Dragon King's Domain,The Ultimate Wealthy Son-in-Law: Palace of the Dragon King

Despite being regarded as useless and worthless by others, I refuse to succumb to their judgment.

My mother-in-law holds disdain for me, accusing me of living off my wife’s earnings,

while a group of despicable individuals harbor malicious intentions towards her. But who says a son-in-law can’t rise above all challenges? I, Ji Xueyu, will prove them wrong!

From this moment forward, I vow to protect my wife at any cost. No obstacle will deter me from shielding her from harm and ensuring her happiness. With unwavering determination, I will defy the odds, showing the world the strength and resilience within me.

I will rise above their prejudices, striving to become a person of worth and value. Through my actions and unwavering love for my wife, I will prove that true character lies not in societal judgment but in the steadfast commitment to protect and cherish the ones we hold dear.

Watch as Ji Xueyu breaks free from the chains of negativity, transforming into a force to be reckoned with. With love as my guiding light, I will navigate the challenges that come my way, safeguarding the happiness and well-being of my beloved wife.

The Peerless Strong Just Want to go Home and Farm

69 episodes · ONA Ongoing 绝世强者只想回家种田, The peerless strong just want to go home and farm

Step into the extraordinary journey of Chen Fan in “Unseen Power,” where a seemingly insignificant young man finds himself transmigrated to a world of martial arts, burdened by the stigma of being powerless and abandoned by the system. Despite his lack of martial spirit, Chen Fan’s life takes an astonishing turn as he unknowingly resides among extraordinary beings and divine elements. The water he bathes in is no ordinary water but a spiritual spring; the person tending his land is none other than a dragon prince; the one watering the fields is the first saint, and even the individual washing his clothes is an imperial empress.

As Chen Fan navigates this harsh reality, he unwittingly attracts numerous powerful figures from across the continent, transforming into a landlord with unprecedented control over the world. His humble abode becomes a nexus of unparalleled strength and influence, setting him on an unexpected path to greatness and authority. “Unseen Power” is a captivating saga of hidden potential and destiny, where the underdog rises to reshape the world around him, driven by the invisible forces that dwell within his seemingly ordinary life.

Alternative names:
1. Hidden Strength: The Chronicles of Chen Fan
2. Landlord of Legends: The Unseen Journey
3. Dragon Prince’s Domain: The Rise of Chen Fan

The Rebirth of the Immortal King of the City

iCiyuan animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 不滅の王,不滅の王,不朽之王,现代的和谐者Bùxiǔ zhī wáng,xiàndài de héxié zhě

Embracing the mystical essence of Taoism, magic, and the pursuit of immortality, your journey in this city unfolds like a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of ancient wisdom. As the immortal king among mortals, your overwhelming abilities beckon you to tread the delicate balance between power and responsibility.

In the realm of medical skills, you find solace in the art of healing. Your hands, once accustomed to wielding arcane forces, now delicately mend the frailties of human existence. Crafting magic pills not only wards off diseases but serves as a testament to your benevolence. Each pill is a whisper of hope, a promise of vitality.

Martial arts, intertwined with your Taoist practice, become a dance of elegance and restraint. Your movements echo the harmony of the universe, a cosmic ballet that weaves through the streets of the city. Instead of dominance, you seek equilibrium, defending when necessary but embracing the Tao of non-resistance.

Amidst the bustling city, you become a silent guardian, a beacon of ancient knowledge. Your interactions with the denizens are not displays of power but acts of compassion. You listen to their woes, heal their ailments, and gently guide them toward the path of balance.

As you traverse the modern landscape, the cityscape transforms into a canvas where your mystical journey unfolds. Your abilities, once a source of potential chaos, now weave a tale of enlightenment and humanity—a unique blend of ancient mysticism and contemporary compassion.

The Soul of the World’s Gate(Violent Delivery King)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Violent Delivery King, 绝世门魂, Peerless Gate Soul , King of Violent Takeaways

Enter the enigmatic world of the “Violent Delivery King,” where the unconventional teenager Qin Ling finds himself thrust into a perilous role as a Town Gatekeeper. Known for his quirky demeanor and unrivaled determination, Qin Ling’s life takes a dramatic turn when he encounters a spiritual attack and receives a mysterious “gate” that unveils the hidden dangers lurking in the shadows. Surrounded by a myriad of threats, from malevolent spirits to morally ambiguous gatekeepers and enigmatic thieves, Qin Ling is propelled into a whirlwind of conspiracies that test his resolve and shape his destiny.

As Qin Ling navigates the treacherous landscape of spirits and gatekeepers, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, determined to eradicate the threats that endanger humanity while unraveling the mystery of his own origins. Join him on an epic quest filled with intrigue, danger, and unexpected alliances as he strives to save humanity and unlock the secrets of his past. “Violent Delivery King” offers a unique blend of action, adventure, and mystery, inviting readers to delve into a world where the line between friend and foe is blurred, and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Alternative names:
1. Gatekeeper Chronicles: The Adventures of Qin Ling
2. Spiritsbane Saga: Quest of the Violent Delivery King
3. Shadowgate Mysteries: The Enigma of Qin Ling

The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital

61 episodes · ONA Ongoing The strongest man in Qingshan,青山第一强者

Enter the extraordinary world of Qingshan Mental Hospital, where the boundary between sanity and madness blurs amidst a backdrop of encroaching evil. Despite the rampant chaos outside its walls, this sanctuary stands as a haven where even the most powerful malevolent forces are reduced to mere shadows, serving as fodder or companions for its eclectic inhabitants. Within its confines, genius and strength abound, defying conventional norms. Among them is Lin Fan, a self-proclaimed practitioner trapped within the confines of a severely ill body. Refusing to be labeled as just another mental patient, Lin Fan asserts his normalcy, finding solace in his peculiar habits like touching sockets, scaling high-voltage boxes, and performing daring dances on rooftops during thunderstorms.

As Lin Fan navigates the surreal landscape of Qingshan Mental Hospital, he discovers a community unlike any other, where eccentricity is celebrated and strength takes on many forms. Amidst the chaos and absurdity, friendships are forged, secrets unravel, and unexpected alliances form. Will Lin Fan’s unconventional journey lead him to unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic institution, or will he become just another eccentric soul lost in its labyrinthine corridors? “Qingshan Mental Hospital Chronicles” is a captivating blend of fantasy, mystery, and humor, offering readers a glimpse into a world where the line between sanity and madness is as thin as a thread.

Alternative names:
1. Asylum Adventures: Tales from Qingshan
2. Eccentric Sanctuary: The Lin Fan Chronicles
3. Beyond Sanity: Journey through Qingshan’s Madness

The Strongest Abandoned Son

Qixiang Animation
80 episodes · ONA Ongoing the strongest abandoned son, 最强弃少 动态漫

In the blink of an eye, Ye Mo awoke to a world that felt strangely unfamiliar. The surroundings, once so familiar in his previous life, had morphed into the sights and sounds of modern Earth. The air was devoid of the spiritual energy that once coursed through his veins, and his heart sank at the absence of his lovely master from the realm he once called home.

To add to the confusion, he discovered that he now inhabited the body of a young man, a vessel abandoned by his own clan for reasons that carried a weight of embarrassment. It was a disorienting experience, like stepping into a new chapter of his life with a past he had not lived.

As Ye Mo grappled with this unexpected turn of events, the echoes of his past intertwined with the challenges of the present. The journey ahead promised to be a blend of self-discovery, adaptation to this modern world, and the redemption of a life left behind.

The Strongest Ancestor is Now Online

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The strongest ancestor has been online for the first time,最强老祖已上线第

Embark on an unforgettable journey alongside Ye Xuan as he navigates the ancient landscapes of Lingtian Continent. Armed with the formidable ancestor system, he sets out to conquer the trials that lie ahead, determined to carve his name into the annals of history. Witness his relentless pursuit of strength and mastery as he unravels the secrets of the system and harnesses its potent abilities to overcome every challenge that crosses his path.

Experience the highs and lows of Ye Xuan’s adventure as he faces formidable foes, unforeseen obstacles, and moments of triumph and despair. Follow his quest for greatness as he strives to ascend to unparalleled heights, leaving an enduring legacy that will echo through the ages. Join Ye Xuan as he embraces his destiny and embarks on a journey that will shape the fate of Lingtian Continent forever.

The Strongest Body Refiner in History

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Strongest Body Old Ancestor In History,The Strongest Grandmaster of Body-strengthening Cultivation,The Strongest Body Refiner in History,史上最强炼体老祖,Shi Shang Zui Qiang Lian Ti Lao Zu

Ye Cangxuan, the renowned first ancestor of body refining, underwent rigorous training by refining the bodies of ten thousand gods and demons, tempering his skin with the bones and blood of countless monsters. The Yin and Yang energy from the Nine Heavens illuminated his meridians, and the stars of various realms shaped his soul. However, during a battle against heavenly tribulation, Ye Cangxuan fell to the mortal world, leading to a shift in the Heavenly Ranking and causing chaos across the Nine Realms.

In this new life, Ye Cangxuan has overcome adversity and restored his divine power, reaffirming his invincibility in the realm of body refining. Despite having access to limitless pills, treasures, and extraordinary abilities, he chooses to push forward according to his own desires, freely traversing between heaven and earth. Unrestrained and determined, Ye Cangxuan roams the world, embracing his unparalleled strength and challenging the boundaries of what is possible.

The Strongest Consort of All Time

iCiyuan animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 重生之大魔帝发展系统,転,生の大魔帝開発システム

Chu Tianshu, reborn in a new world, discovers he’s in a secret marriage with the princess of the dynasty. Facing scorn and danger, armed with unique abilities, he defies the odds, navigating a world where he’s destined for greatness. In the end, he reflects on a life lived true to the legacy of a time traveler.

The strongest dog in another world

41 episodes · ONA Ongoing The strongest dog in another world,最强异世一条狗

Yang Shan, the internet’s maestro of biting humor and a certified pro at trolling, once famously declared,

“I can outshine you even if I’m dressed as a mutt!”

But destiny had a curveball waiting for him. One ordinary day, a cryptic system appeared, rewriting the rules of his existence.

The Strongest Fairy in the City

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Reverent Saint, Luo Wuji , Luo Wuji, The Reverent Saint , The Immortal Emperor Luo Wuji has returned , 仙尊洛无极

In his second chance at life, Luo Wuji, once the all-powerful Wuji Immortal Lord,

now goes by the name Luo Chen. He’s just an ordinary student starting a new life in Tongzhou to provide a home for his college girlfriend.

In his previous life, he suffered betrayal and hardship, but this time around, he’s determined to create a different destiny.

The Strongest God King

Qixiang Animation
56 episodes · ONA Completed The Strongest God, Zui Qiang Shen, 强最神王,The Strongest God King

In an era brimming with ethereal energy and a realm where immortals converge, a young warrior named Wu Fu returned from a long-awaited reunion. Observing his eyes, one could sense a profound tranquility within him. Wu Fu’s mission was clear: he would wield his sword with unwavering resolve, vanquishing every last foe that stood in his path.

Armed with unyielding determination, Wu Fu set forth to confront the adversaries who threatened the peace and balance of the world. With each swing of his blade, he would dispel darkness and restore harmony. His journey would be arduous, as he faced formidable foes and encountered treacherous trials. However, Wu Fu remained resolute, his spirit unshakeable.

As he traversed the realms, Wu Fu’s skills would sharpen, his power would grow, and his name would become synonymous with victory. Through countless battles, he would carve a path towards justice, dismantling the forces of evil and upholding the values he held dear.

Witness the awe-inspiring tale of Wu Fu as he rises to the challenge, his sword carving through the ranks of his enemies. His journey would become a legend, woven into the fabric of this extraordinary world of immortals and pulsating aura.

The Strongest God King on Earth

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The strongest god king on earth , 最强神王在地球

Yu Chi, the son of the mighty God King, was sent down to Earth to face a series of trials.

To ensure fairness, the God King imposed a rule upon Yu Chi, requiring him to rely solely on the lawful methods of the human world.

As an additional measure, Bi An was assigned to accompany Yu Chi as a supervisor, ensuring his adherence to the rule. Despite harboring doubts, Yu Chi embraced the challenge before him.

Determined to fulfill his objective, he assumed the role of a noble warrior,

dedicating himself to upholding justice and aiding the vulnerable.

Through his unwavering commitment to righteousness,

Yu Chi’s actions left a profound impact on the perception of the human world.

The Strongest Immortal Chen Luoxuan

45 episodes · ONA Ongoing 最强仙尊陈洛轩,The Strongest Immortal Chen Luoxuan

In the epic saga of “The Great Immortal Chen Luoxuan,” the titular character meets his demise in a fierce confrontation with the residual consciousness of Haotian. However, fate grants him another chance as he is reborn, transported back a million years into the past. Determined to rewrite his destiny, Chen Luoxuan embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. With each step, he delves deeper into the mysteries of cultivation, striving towards ultimate perfection while addressing the lingering regrets of his previous life.

As Chen Luoxuan navigates the complexities of his newfound existence, he encounters formidable challenges and adversaries. Yet, armed with the wisdom of his past experiences and an unyielding resolve, he forges ahead, confronting his inner demons and external foes alike. Along the way, he forms alliances, cultivates profound insights, and unlocks the latent potential within him. Through perseverance and unwavering determination, Chen Luoxuan endeavors to carve out a destiny worthy of his aspirations, transcending the boundaries of time and space to emerge as a true immortal of unparalleled power and wisdom.

The Strongest in the World

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 伝説の対決:歴史の英雄たちが蘇る, 真打ちの戦い:関羽の物語, 覇者の誇り:項羽の力強い征服, ひとつの漫画から来た:呂布の恐るべき力, 満州の英雄:鰲拜の勇者の挑戦

Prepare for an unparalleled spectacle as cutting-edge technology resurrects 16 legendary heroes from ancient times! From the indomitable Guan Yu to the mighty conqueror Xiang Yu, and the formidable Lu Bu from ‘One Manhua,’ to the valiant hero from Manchuria, Aobai, these iconic figures clash in epic battles for supremacy.


Each warrior, fueled by a desire to claim the coveted title of the strongest in history, engages in intense struggles where victory means more than mere glory—it grants the victor the privilege to make a wish, altering the course of fate itself. Don’t miss this extraordinary showdown of historical titans, where the boundaries of time and legend blur, and only the strongest shall prevail!

The Strongest Master [Supreme Way]

Ake Animation
? episodes · ONA Completed supreme way, the strongest master ,the supreme godly way ,wu shang shen tu, 最强主宰, The Most Powerful Dominator, Zui Qiang Zhu Zai , Zuì Qiáng Zhǔ Zǎi, 最强主宰

In the vast cosmos, the tale of Hong Zheng unfolds like an ancient tapestry woven with threads of destiny. Endowed with the ancient divine blood that courses through his veins, he was once a prodigious genius destined for greatness. However, the wheels of fate took a cruel turn when he was framed and met a tragic demise at the hands of those closest to him—his childhood sweetheart and best friend.

But lo and behold, a decade later, Hong Zheng emerges from the shadows of death, reborn with a miraculous resurrection fueled by the majestic might of dragons. His journey to reclaim what was unjustly taken from him begins, marked by the extraordinary Dragon body metamorphosis and the cultivation of golden bones, rendering him invincible.

Embracing the mantle of the Dragon Emperor, he embarks on an unwavering quest for revenge against those who betrayed him. His every step echoes with the resounding determination to crush his enemies beneath the weight of his newfound power. With the flames of vengeance burning fiercely in his heart, he vows to ascend to the pinnacle, reigning supreme over all realms—undeterred, unyielding, and unmatched.

This is the saga of Hong Zheng, The Strongest Master on the Supreme Way, a force to be reckoned with in his relentless pursuit of dominance over the heavens and the earth. His story, intricately woven with the richness of keywords like ‘The Strongest Master [Supreme Way],’ unfolds as a unique and compelling narrative of resilience, power, and the indomitable spirit of a Dragon Emperor.

The Strongest Mortal in the Three Realms

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 三界最强凡人 ,Sānjiè zuì qiáng fánrén,The strongest mortal in the three realms

In the vast tapestry of existence, the founder of the world, a celestial being of unparalleled power, stirred from his divine slumber with a singular purpose. Driven by an unwavering compassion for all living beings, he made a profound sacrifice. The celestial being relinquished his abilities and memories, adopting the mortal guise of Ye Qingyun[Mortal God].

Ye Qingyun, now an ordinary mortal, was thrust a millennium back in time before the impending catastrophe. The key to averting the crisis lay in the enigmatic disappearance of Ye Qingyun[Mortal God], who wandered the world cloaked in the anonymity of an unremarkable body. Only through the intricate dance of life, death, and the rekindling of fractured hearts could the looming peril be vanquished.

In the annals of this cosmic tale, Ye Qingyun became the epitome of a “Mortal God” — a paradoxical blend of mortality and divinity. As he navigated the currents of time, the destiny of worlds hung in the balance, intricately woven into the fabric of his mortal existence. The echoes of his journey whispered through the corridors of fate, an ode to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless power hidden within the seemingly mundane.

The Strongest Prince Consort’s Journey

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 最强驸马逍遥游动态漫画第一季,The Strongest Prince Consort Escapes Dynamic Comic Season 1

“The Strongest Prince Consort’s Journey” unfolds the captivating tale of Zhuang Yan, a determined male protagonist on a quest to transform himself into the epitome of handsomeness. To achieve his ambitious dream, he harnesses the power of Taichu, an extraordinary artificial intelligence capable of unraveling the mysteries of the universe’s birth and death. Embarking on a journey across parallel worlds, Zhuang Yan finds himself in a realm reminiscent of ancient times—a world mirroring the splendor of the Song Dynasty.

In this captivating narrative, Duan Fengliu, the newly reincarnated emperor of the Dali Kingdom, takes center stage. Empowered by the assistance of his advanced AI companion, Zhuang Yan navigates through the complexities of three worlds, transcending boundaries and escaping the confines of destiny. The relentless pursuit of strength and the echoes of royalty resonate as the narrative unfolds, weaving together a tapestry of adventure, ambition, and the indomitable spirit of the “strongest prince.”

The Strongest Sect of All time (All Hail the Sect Leader)

Tencent Penguin Pictures
24 episodes · ONA Completed The Strongest Sect of All time (All Hail the Sect Leader),all hail the sect leader, the strongest sect of all time, wan gu zui qiang zong, 万古最强宗

Jun Changxiao, the unassuming leader of the End-of-the-Line Sect, could never have foreseen the hidden talents within his disciples. Their newest, casually recruited female disciple concealed secrets that transcended mystique. A seemingly ordinary act of mercy towards a male disciple with closed eyes unveiled a prodigious talent. The Sect of the Vanishing Veil had unwittingly become a sanctuary for extraordinary individuals. In a cosmic twist, they defied fate itself, embarking on an unpredictable journey against the heavens.

This extraordinary narrative unfolds as the End-of-the-Line Sect blurs the lines between the ordinary and the exceptional. Join them on a relentless journey challenging the established order, where legends are born, and even celestial beings marvel at the unfolding drama.

The Supreme God of Heaven

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Supreme God of Heaven,神天至尊

The once-mighty Demon King, rendered powerless by his human lineage and betrayed by the allied five races, faces death alongside his wife, Mo Wen. As his life ebbs away, Wu Wu unlocks the celestial laws, bestowed with the “Soul of the Absolute Beginning” and resurrected. Venturing into the mortal realm in search of his human mother, he confronts Ye Hen, the Ye family patriarch seeking her soul, and rescues Mo Wen’s reincarnation. Tracking the truth, Wu Wu uncovers the hidden machinations of the ascended humans behind the alliance’s treachery. Defying odds, he thwarts their sinister plot, uniting the five races and challenging the Immortal Race alongside Mo Wen, forging a new era as the God Race rises.

The Ten Great Emperors at the Beginning are all my Apprentices Season 1

60 episodes · ONA Completed ,My Ten Royal Disciples: The Genesis of Great Emperors, ,The Decade of Supreme Sovereigns: All My Apprentices, ,Ten Great Emperors Under My Wing: An Epic Tale, ,Master of Ten Emperors: A Legendary Journey, ,The Ascension of Ten Great Emperors: My Pupils' Triumph, ,Imperial Chronicles: My Ten Disciples' Reign, ,The Empirical Dynasty: Ten Emperors, My Legacy, ,From Novices to Emperors: My Ten Prodigies, ,Sovereign's Legacy: Ten Great Emperors, My Successors, ,The Imperial Order: Ten Great Emperors, My Apprentices,开局十个大帝都是我徒弟,The Ten Great Emperors at the Beginning are all my Apprentices

Gu Xuanchen, once hailed as the King of Generation, trained ten mighty emperors as his disciples until fate dealt him a cruel hand, sealing his powers and bringing him to a tragic end. Reborn as a humble son-in-law, he faces betrayal on his wedding day, leaving him injured and powerless. Shackled and thrown into dungeons, he embraces the opportunity for vengeance in his next life. With memories of his past life intact, he sets out on a journey of cultivation from scratch, determined to reclaim his lost glory and unleash his true potential.

Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Dingji Qiyun, Qiaoqiao Xiulian Qiannian, Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years, 顶级气运,悄悄修炼千年, Top Tier Providence

In “Top Tier Providence,” Han Jue discovers he’s been reincarnated into a world of cultivation, where he can approach life like a video game. Spending years rerolling his cultivation potential and connate providence, he gains unparalleled abilities like immortal beauty, top-notch charm, and mastery of the sword. With a low-profile cultivation strategy, he quietly progresses for a thousand years until the immortal world threatens to cleanse the mortal realm. Forced to reveal his true power, Han Jue challenges the notion of deity supremacy and discovers his own extraordinary strength.

Alternate names: “Unparalleled: Immortal beauty, top-notch charm”, “Destined Sword fanatic: Top-notch Sword Dao aptitude, top-notch Sword Dao comprehension”, “Unparalleled Movement Technique: Top-notch movement technique aptitude”, “Descendant of the Immortal Emperor: You will receive an unparalleled cultivation technique and 1,000 superior-grade spirit stones”, “Dingji Qiyun, Qiaoqiao Xiulian Qiannian”


Ultimate Scheming System

? episodes · ONA Ongoing I become stronger by punching my face, 最强反套路系统,Ultimate Scheming System,Strongest Anti M.E.T.A

Xu Que, a prodigious master of counter-techniques, has attained a level of skill that borders on perfection. With a blade gripped firmly in his left hand and a divine sword in his right, he effortlessly overpowers every challenger in the realm of cultivation. The renowned members of the formidable “Explosive Sky Gang” stand in awe of his exceptional expertise, acknowledging that at his age, they were far less accomplished than Xu Que is now. Such is the magnitude of his unparalleled talent and dedication to the martial arts.

Unrivaled Player In Online Gaming World

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 网游之天下无双,网游之天下无双,The world of online games is unparalleled

Embark on an epic journey through realms unseen as you follow Lu Chen, the formidable Shura King, wielding the legendary Hellfire Sword and clad in the divine Soulshine Armor. With each step in Cloud-Walking Boots, he commands the frigid realm of death, embraced by the enigmatic Death Goddess and the radiant Angel. Enter a world where novices tremble in awe, as Lu Chen’s presence dominates the screen, captivating audiences with his power and presence. Don’t miss this thrilling donghua adventure where darkness meets light and legends are born anew. Experience the legend of Lu Chen, the Shura King, like never before!

Urban Alchemist: Master of Medical Martial Arts

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Urban Healer: I Am the Peak of Medical Martial Arts, 都市圣手:我即医武巅峰

Embark on a gripping saga of vengeance and redemption with Lu Feng, the sole survivor of the Lushis ambush, who returns home after seven years of mastering the arts of medicine and combat. As he assumes the identity of Su Zhen, he delves into the shadows of the past, determined to uncover the truth behind the tragedy that befell the renowned Lujia clan of Yucheng. Along the way, he discovers deeper mysteries involving ancient martial artists and practitioners of mystical arts.

Through a series of continuous battles and triumphs, Lu Feng evolves, realizing the weight of his responsibilities and the true extent of his abilities. Join him on this epic journey of self-discovery and justice, where the secrets of the past collide with the present, and the art of medical martial arts becomes his greatest weapon in the fight for truth and vengeance.


Urban Immortal King Season 1

iCiyuan animation, Vita Animation
80 episodes · ONA Completed Urban Immortal King,Urban Fairy King, Dushi Xian Wang ,Metropolis Immortal King ,都市仙王,都市仙王

Bai Li Yun Xiao, a soul navigating the intricacies of life in the vast continent of Jiuxiao. After experiencing the inevitable embrace of death, he found himself reborn, thrust back 300 years into the past. His second chance unfolded in the midst of urban adolescence, where he embarked on a journey to reshape his destiny, striving to ascend once more to the pinnacle of the world. In his heart echoed a resolute mantra, “Whether in the celestial realms or on earthly grounds, victory shall be mine and mine alone.”

Urban Strongest Landlord

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The most powerful landlord in the city,都市最强房东

In the bustling city, the enigmatic master decided to take an unexpected turn, retiring from the shadows to embrace the role of a landlord. Though it appeared to be a casual venture into real estate, the reality was far from ordinary, steeped in a tapestry of risks and surprises. Amid the lively and vibrant atmosphere of the rented houses, a story unfolded—a tale of shifting alliances, evolving friendships, and the delicate dance between love and redemption. Witness the characters navigate a maze of challenges, exploring the intricate balance between perseverance in friendship, redemption in love, and the struggle to break free from the ties of family.

In this urban saga, the protagonists embark on a journey as the “Urban Strongest Landlord,” where every twist and turn leads to growth, and where the bonds formed under one roof are tested by the complexities of life in the city. Through the highs and lows, the characters navigate the intricate web of relationships, showcasing the resilience of friendship, the transformative power of love, and the liberation that comes from breaking familial constraints. The tale is a unique blend of urban life’s challenges and the strength that emerges from facing them head-on.

Urban Supreme(Supreme Taoist Doctor)

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 都市至尊,Urban Supreme, Lord of the Metropolis

Enter the realm of the Taoist doctor, a figure shrouded in mystery yet revered for his unparalleled skills. With each shot, he holds the power to both give life and administer justice, casting out evil and restoring balance to the city. Armed with a skillful hand and a heart filled with benevolence, he roams the streets, punishing the wicked and bringing solace to the oppressed.

In a world plagued by darkness, the Taoist doctor stands as a beacon of hope, his actions guided by ancient wisdom and moral righteousness. Through his unwavering dedication to his craft, he embodies the essence of compassion and righteousness, leaving a lasting impact on all who cross his path.

Join the Taoist doctor on his quest to uphold justice and heal the wounds of society, as he navigates through the complexities of morality and righteousness. Through his unique blend of ancient Taoist teachings and modern medical expertise, he brings light to the darkest corners of the city, proving that true power lies not in force, but in the purity of one’s intentions.

Urban Yin Yang Fairy Doctor

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing 都市阴阳仙医,Urban Yin Yang Fairy Doctor

Lin Xiu emerged from the enigmatic Immortal Island, an aura of undeniable pride radiating from every step. Having bested every master on the mystical isle, she bore the triumphant confidence of a true conqueror. But if you doubt her prowess, consider this: Are you perhaps a formidable saint? If so, my sincerest apologies, for Lin Xiu may have inadvertently crossed the path of a living deity, and for that, she offers her utmost respects.

What should I do if I suddenly become an immortal?

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Túrán chéng xiānle zěnme bàn,突然成仙了怎么办 ,Túrán chéng xiānle zěnme bàn

In the ethereal realm where the fabric of time bends and weaves, Jun, known by his Taoist name, grappled with the profound wisdom: “When your soul pierces others, others are also piercing you.” Lin Fan, equally ensnared by the enigma of existence, found himself drawn into an extraordinary journey alongside the mysterious Saint. Their encounter marked the inception of a timeless odyssey that transcended the confines of mortal understanding.As Lin Fan and the Saint traversed the labyrinthine corridors of time, they unearthed a revelation that defied the laws of nature—a revelation that they could traverse through each other infinitely, their souls intermingling in the cosmic symphony of existence. Bound by destiny and propelled by an insatiable thirst for enlightenment, they embarked on a time-traveling journey that would unravel the very fabric of reality.

Through the eons, their quest for immortality became a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Amidst the swirling currents of time, they navigated through epochs of antiquity and futures untold, their souls intertwined in a celestial dance that spanned the breadth of eternity. With each leap through the temporal abyss, they delved deeper into the mysteries of existence, forging a path that defied the boundaries of mortal comprehension.

When did I become invincible?(Am I Invincible)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 我什么时候无敌了,When did I become invincible?,Am I Invincible

He always thought he was a mere mortal, blissfully unaware that his humble yard was brimming with artifacts and the chickens he raised were, in fact, phoenixes. For five years, he lived peacefully in a mortal town, oblivious to the extraordinary nature of his surroundings. It wasn’t until the system finally granted him access to the world of practitioners that he began to see the truth. As he stepped into this hidden realm, he realized that no matter how formidable a cultivator might be, they would tremble in fear and reverence, calling him “senior” upon meeting him.

In his journey to uncover his true identity and the immense power he unknowingly wielded, he encounters various cultivators, each revealing the profound respect and awe they hold for him. The seemingly ordinary life he led transforms into a saga of discovery, strength, and mystique. As the “Hidden Immortal,” he navigates through a world where the line between the mundane and the magical blurs, uncovering secrets that challenge everything he once believed. Embark on this epic adventure where every corner holds an artifact, and even the simplest creature might be a legendary being in disguise.

Alternative names:

  • “The Unseen Immortal”
  • “The Mortal with Hidden Power”
  • “Secrets of the Hidden Immortal”
  • “The Hidden Sage’s Journey”
  • “Mystic Revelations: The Hidden Immortal”

With A Sword Domain, I Can Become The Sword Saint

? episodes · ONA Ongoing 开局有剑域我能苟成剑神,With A Sword Domain I Can Become The Sword Saint, Kāi Jú Yǒu Jiàn Yù Wǒ Néng Gǒu Chéng Jiàn Shén, Starting With Having a Sword Domain a Dog Like Me Can Become the Sword God, Kai Ju You Jian Yu Wo Neng Gou Cheng Jian Shen, 开局有剑域我能苟成剑神

Zhang Fan transmigrated to other world and was genius but was framed by great elder of sect and lost his all cultivation.
When he was alive and dying, the system finally went online.
God envoys, immortals, and demon emperors were all chickens and dogs in front of him.
Zhang Fan is invincible in the world. Fan also wanted to unsheath his sword and break through the sky,
but the Invincible Sword Domain has a limited range.
In order to gain the experience points needed to expand the domain,
Zhang Fan can only lure those with malicious intentions to come.
Since then, there has been a legend in this world that
he overwhelmed countless arrogances and mastered gods with a single sword…

World Defying Dan God

30 episodes · ONA Ongoing World Defying Dan God,Shényù Póluónǚ: Shěn Xiáng de Juéshì Chuánchéng,神遇婆罗女:沈翔的绝世传承,Prideful Medicine God

A fortuitous meeting with both a goddess and a demoness bestowed upon young Shen Xiang an unparalleled legacy. From them, he inherited divine pulses, the pinnacle of martial arts, and transcendent alchemy skills. With these extraordinary gifts, his path of cultivation became remarkably smooth and unmatched.

Wu Ni (Martial Inverse) Season 1+2+3+4+5

iCiyuan animation
61 episodes · ONA Completed martial inverse season 1 ,wu ni season four ,武逆 动态漫画 ,第四季 武逆 第四季,wu ni season 1,wu ni season 2,wu ni season 3,wu ni season 4,wu ni season 5,martial inverse season 1,martial inverse season 2, martial inverse season 3,martial inverse season 4,martial inverse season 5

In the realm of mystique and peril, Feng Hao’s journey began with a quest to secure the King of Poisons, a potent elixir vital for saving his beloved daughter, Wanxin. Little did he know, this endeavor would unravel a tapestry of divine legacies and unearthly adversaries.The inheritance of the Great Sage Zhantian bestowed upon Feng Hao more than mere remedies; it ignited a revelation of the celestial hierarchy. As he delved deeper into this arcane realm, encounters with formidable saints unveiled the vastness of godly power, expanding his perception beyond mortal bounds.However, fate, in its capricious design, snatched away Wanxin, plunging Feng Hao into the abyss of determination. His resolve crystallized into an unyielding resolve to ascend the summit of mastery and unravel the mysteries of a broader cosmos. Yet, shadows coiled around him, cast by the enigmatic Alliance of Light and the sinister forces of darkness, veiling their intentions in veils of ambiguity.

Within this crucible of uncertainty, crises awaited, each more ominous than the last. But Feng Hao, with the fire of determination blazing within, stood resolute. With each challenge, he sought not only survival but transcendence, forging adversity into stepping stones on his path to greatness.As the sands of time ebb and flow, the fate of Feng Hao hangs in balance, entwined with the enigmatic trials that beckon him forth. In the labyrinth of destiny, only time shall unveil whether he emerges victorious or succumbs to the tempests that rage within and without.

Xianjun Yushi[The Immortal Emperor’s Invasion]

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Immortal Emperor's Invasion,仙君御世动态漫画,Xianjun Yushi,Rise of the Reborn: A Tale of Redemption and Mastery in an Ancient Sect

In the mystical world of rebirth, a hero finds himself in a new identity within an ancient sect, burdened by the label of ‘waste.’ Destiny, however, introduces him to a compassionate master who becomes his guiding light in a quest for self-improvement. With unwavering determination, the hero conquers challenges, wins trust, and evolves into an elite sect member.

As the hero’s abilities flourish, the suzerain recognizes his potential, and the hero’s inspiring journey becomes a beacon of hope for the sect. Battling rivals and adversaries, the hero’s resilience grows, transforming him into a symbol of perseverance and triumph.

The story resonates with themes of determination, the strength of the human spirit, and the potential within us all. This tale of rebirth and growth is a powerful reminder that even those deemed ‘waste’ can rise to become elite, reflecting the resurgence of the ancient sect and the indomitable spirit it embodies. Experience the captivating saga of the hero’s transformation and the sect’s revitalization in this captivating tale, a testament to the enduring power of redemption and mastery

Xianwu Emperor

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Emperor Xianwu,Immortal and Martial Venerable Emperor,Immortal Martial Emperor,Venerable Tiên Võ Đế Tôn,仙武帝尊,Banished Disciple’s Counterattack,The God Warrior King,仙武帝尊,King of Martial Arts

Nine thousand years ago, Emperor Xianwu ventured with millions of gods into the ancient prehistoric wilderness, but none returned except for a mere wisp of real fire that remained in the world.

In the present day, Ye Chen, a discarded disciple of a sect, finds himself expelled and homeless. Undeterred, he embarks on a journey to become strong. Determined to overcome his setbacks and carve his own path, Ye Chen sets forth on an extraordinary adventure, seeking to rise above his circumstances and prove his worth in a world filled with challenges and opportunities.

Xuantian Supreme

60 episodes · ONA Completed Huyền Thiên Chí Tôn, 玄天至尊 현천지존,Xuan Tian Zhi Zun,The Heavenly Conqueror,Xuantian Supreme,玄天至尊

After a passage of countless millennia, QingYu resurfaces, wielding the legendary scroll of a thousand beasts. Possessing unparalleled power capable of reshaping the lands and piercing through the heavens,QingYu ascends as the supreme ruler of the eternal heavens.With the scroll in hand, QingYu commands an array of mythical creatures, their might echoing across the realms. From majestic dragons to mystical phoenixes, each beast bows to their indomitable will.

The lands tremble beneath their presence, and the skies bear witness to their extraordinary might.As the supreme force of the eternal heavens, QingYu stands as a beacon of unmatched power and wisdom. With the scroll’s secrets at their disposal, they navigate the intricate tapestry of existence, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of eternity.From the grandeur of celestial battles to the delicate harmonies of cosmic balance, QingYu’s reign reverberates through the realms. Their path is one of conquest, enlightenment, and the relentless pursuit of absolute supremacy.Witness the awe-inspiring return of QingYu as they unleash the full potential of the scroll of a thousand beasts, ascending to heights never before fathomed. Brace yourself as the eternal heavens quiver under their influence, forever altered by their unstoppable reign.

Yu Ling Shi[Spirit Controller]

ziyue animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Spirit Controller,Yu Ling Shi ,Yu Ling Shi[Spirit Master], Ngự Linh Thế Giới Spirit Master Tamers Повелитель духов, 驭灵师

In the whimsical world of “Ink and Reality,” renowned yet perpetually procrastinating cartoonist Alex Mercer is about to discover the greatest twist of his life. One fateful day, a mysterious phone call transports him not into a distant era, but into the very world he had meticulously crafted through his art. The shock intensifies as he finds himself inexplicably transformed into Wang Xiaoming, a previously overlooked and bald supporting character in his own creation.

Alex, an artist who had always reveled in the power to craft his own stories, now grapples with the bitter reality of being a mere supporting character. Wrestling with the notion of relinquishing control over his destiny, he embarks on a captivating adventure where the boundary between creator and creation blurs. Can a creator, with all his artistic prowess, truly rewrite the script of his existence and change his ultimate fate? As Alex ventures through this surreal journey, he seeks the key to his own artistic and personal redemption, defying the narrative he once authored.

Alternative Names:

  • The Creator’s Redemption: Ink and Reality
  • Artistic Odyssey: From Creator to Character
  • The Cartoonist’s Paradox: Living in Ink
  • Procrastinating Cartoonist’s Great Escape

Zhen Guo Shen Son-in-law

? episodes · ONA Completed 镇国神婿 动态漫画,Zhen Guo Shen Son-in-law,Dynamic comics of the son-in-law of Zhen Guo

In the mystical realm of Qimen, where ancient traditions and destinies intertwine, Chu Chen, hailing from the illustrious Qimen lineage, found himself ensnared in an unforeseen twist of fate. A descent from the sacred mountain led to an inadvertent sealing of not only his own soul but five others, casting him into a peculiar role as a fool’s son-in-law for a puzzling five-year span.However, within the labyrinth of his sealed existence, Chu Chen stirred, awakening with a newfound vigor and an unwavering resolve to embrace his destiny as a dominant and fearless son-in-law. In the wake of his revival, he embarked on a remarkable journey, navigating the intricacies of his mystical predicament.Unfazed by the challenges that lay ahead, Chu Chen delved into the world with a penchant for the strongest wines and an unyielding spirit. Confronting adversaries deemed troublesome by many, he chose to face each hurdle head-on, turning every encounter into an opportunity for a daring counterattack.His daily quest for dominance unfolded with a determination to reshape the narrative of his life. The rich tapestry of his journey was woven with the threads of courage, resilience, and an unquenchable thirst for victory. As Chu Chen navigated the twists and turns of his destiny, the echoes of his name, whispered with both reverence and awe, resonated through the mystical realms of Zhen Guo.In this unique tale, where every step is a dance with destiny, Chu Chen’s story stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, triumphing over the enigmatic forces that sought to confine him within the shadows of his own sealed soul.

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