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Rebirth of the Strongest Urban City Deity Episode 1 to 7 Multi~Subtitles

ONA Sub Sub Released on June 17, 2023 ยท Posted by ChikiAnimation ยท series Rebirth of the Strongest Urban City Deity
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Rebirth of the Strongest Urban City Deity

Rebirth: City Deity,Truฬ€ng Sinh ฤoฬ‚ Thiฬฃ Thieฬ‚n Toฬ‚n, ้‡็”Ÿ้ƒฝๅธ‚ๅคฉๅฐŠ, The Reborn City Tianzun,Rebirth of the city Tianzun
Rating 8.9
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: , Released: May 31, 2023 Duration: 9 min Per Ep. Season: , Country: Type: ONA Fansub: Fan Sub By Chikianimation.com Censor: Censored
Explore the epic tale of redemption and second chances in "Strongest Urban Immortal." Once a greedy and ignorant individual, he inadvertently caused the death of his only relative by antagonizing a powerful family. Burdened by regret and self-blame, his life was marked by sorrow until a dramatic transformation occurred after five thousand years. Rising to the pinnacle of the cultivation world as Wuji Tianzun, he stood on the brink of immortality. Yet, in an unexpected twist, he chose to abandon this ascension and return to the mortal realm, reversing the sect's supreme immortal method. Now armed with unparalleled wisdom and power, he seeks to rewrite his past and make amends for his regrets. Embarking on a journey as the strongest urban immortal, he strives to protect his loved ones and forge a brighter future. This unique saga blends urban life with the mystical, showcasing his quest for redemption and the transformation from a flawed mortal to a powerful protector. "Strongest Urban Immortal" captivates with its blend of action, drama, and heartfelt moments, inviting readers to witness a journey of unparalleled growth and redemption. Alternative names: 1. Urban Ascension: The Wuji Tianzun Chronicles 2. Redeemed Immortal: Journey of Wuji Tianzun 3. Second Chance Immortal: The Rise of Wuji Tianzun

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