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I Upgrade by Rewarding Apprentices Episode 66 Multi~Subtitles

ONA Sub Sub Released on May 15, 2024 · Posted by ChikiAnimation · series I Upgrade by Rewarding Apprentices

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I Upgrade by Rewarding Apprentices

I Upgrade by Rewarding Apprentices Wǒ Kào Dǎ Shǎng Túdì Shēngjí 我靠打赏徒弟升级
Rating 8.6
Status: Ongoing Released: Feb 21, 2023 Duration: 9 min Per Ep. Season: Country: Type: ONA Fansub: Chiki Animation Censor: Censored Casts:
As the master of the crane, when faced with enemies at the door, I would employ a unique strategy: awakening the apprenticeship rebate system. By generously rewarding my apprentices, I would receive even greater benefits in return as their master. It is essential to foster a strong bond with my disciples, encouraging them to excel and never concealing any secrets as their teacher. In times of adversity, I would rely on the unity and loyalty of my apprentices. By providing them with the necessary resources and guidance, I would empower them to stand strong against any adversary. Together, we would face the challenges head-on, leveraging the reciprocal nature of the apprenticeship rebate system to strengthen our collective power. With this approach, I would cultivate a team of skilled and devoted disciples, united in their pursuit of excellence. The more I invest in their growth, the greater the returns for both me as their master and for the entire group. By embracing transparency and fostering a nurturing environment, we would overcome any obstacles that come our way, securing victory through the combined efforts of the master and apprentices.

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