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I Can Plunder The Chance to Cultivate Immortal Episode 54 Multi~Subtitles

ONA Sub Sub Released on June 11, 2024 · Posted by ChikiAnimation · series I Can Plunder The Chance to Cultivate Immortal
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I Can Plunder The Chance to Cultivate Immortal

Chen Yun's Journey to the Lingxiao Sect: The Disabled Prodigy, ,Unveiling Destiny: Chen Yun's Unique Ability Awakens, ,A Twist of Fate: Chen Yun's Path to Power, ,Overlooking the Heavens: Chen Yun's Reign of Destiny, ,Fate's Game: Chen Yun and the Daughters of Destiny, ,Thwarting Destiny: Chen Yun's Rise to Authority, ,The Fatebender: Chen Yun's Impact on All Living Beings, ,From Mediocrity to Supremacy: Chen Yun's Cultivation Tale, ,Tales of Power and Intrigue: Chen Yun's Journey Through the Fantasy World, ,Destiny's Puppeteer: Chen Yun's Control Over Others' Chances,,掠夺修仙:我能掠夺修仙机缘!
Rating 9.0
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: Aug 04, 2023 Duration: 7 min Per Ep. Season: Country: Type: ONA Fansub: Chiki Animation Censor: Censored Casts:
In the mystical realm, Chen Yun's odyssey veered unexpectedly when he embraced the ranks of the enigmatic Lingxiao Sect.While harboring aspirations of ascendancy through cultivation, he encountered the harsh reality of his modest talents, stalling his ascent within the sect and earning the moniker of inadequacy.Yet, Chen Yun's fortune took a transformative twist as he unveiled a singular gift: the power to unveil the hidden paths of others. With this extraordinary ability, he charted a course divergent from the norm, seizing coveted opportunities and reshaping destiny's fabric to his advantage. Rather than merely observing the blossoming destinies of others, he chose to seize their potential, altering the trajectories of countless lives to align with his own ambitions.Along his journey, Chen Yun forged alliances with a cadre of exceptional individuals—daughters of destiny—each possessing unique talents and promising futures. With a calculated hand, he redirected the fortunes of those destined for greatness, eclipsing their opportunities and ascending to an unparalleled position of authority.Despite the reverberations of his actions, Chen Yun remained steadfast in his pursuit of power and mastery over fate. With each opportunity claimed and every obstacle surmounted, his influence burgeoned, cementing his status as an indomitable force within the tapestry of the fantasy world.Through controversy and consequence, Chen Yun's indomitable spirit propelled him ever closer to the zenith of supremacy, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of destiny itself.

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I Can Plunder The Chance to Cultivate Immortal Episode 53 Multi~Subtitles

Posted by: ChikiAnimation Released on: 6 days ago


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