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Dragon Prince Yuan [Yuan Zun] (3D) Episode 1 to 3 Multi~Subtitles

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Dragon Prince Yuan [Yuan Zun] (3D)

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Dragon Prince Yuan [Yuan Zun] (3D)

Yuan Zun , Dragon Prince Yuan , 元尊
Rating 9.5
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: May 30, 2024 Duration: 10 min per ep. Season: Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 12 Fansub: Fan Sub By Chikianimation.online Censor: Censored
Dragon Prince Yuan (3D Anime/Donghua) Adapted from the novel by Tiancan Tudou, "Dragon Prince Yuan (3D Anime/Donghua)" immerses viewers in the captivating Tianyuan Realm, a majestic world where Origin Qi governs all aspects of life, enabling the mighty to move mountains, control seas, and even manipulate the universe itself. The story follows Zhou Yuan, a young man from the Great Zhou Dynasty, who has endured years of torment due to poisonous energy inflicted by an enemy nation that stole his "holy dragon's destiny." This series intricately weaves elements of fantasy, martial arts, and personal growth, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences. Zhou Yuan’s journey truly begins when he ventures into his ancestral land and encounters the enigmatic Yaoyao. With her guidance, he breaks free from his limitations and sets out on a mission to save his family, his country, and ultimately, the entire world. As Zhou Yuan navigates the complexities of Origin Qi, he transforms from a seemingly ordinary young man into a formidable force of change. His path is marked by perseverance and bravery as he battles to reclaim his destiny and bring light to a troubled world. "Dragon Prince Yuan (3D Anime/Donghua)" is an epic tale of resilience and heroism, showcasing the transformative power of inner strength and unwavering resolve. Alternative names: 1. Yuan Zun (3D Anime/Donghua) 2. Tianyuan Realm Chronicles 3. Origin Qi Chronicles: Dragon Prince Yuan


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