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gom 4

God Of Martial Arts Season 4

60 episodes · ONA Completed God Of Martial Arts Season 4, Peerless Valkyrie Season 4, 动漫 绝世武神 第4季,Tuyệt Thế Vũ Thần 4, 绝世武神 4

The story unfolds in the Nine Heavens Continent, a world where martial arts are revered.

Lin Feng, a modern student, experiences a life-altering car accident that leads to a transmigration into the body of the “trash” young master of the Lin family,

who hasn’t awakened his martial soul.

From that moment on, with the power of two martial souls, Lin Feng embarks on an incredible journey.

He breaks through cultivation barriers, overcomes every obstacle, and finds a loyal confidant.

This epic tale follows his shocking path of inheriting powerful martial arts,

ascending to unimaginable heights, breaking through boundaries,

and dominating the martial arts realm. Lin Feng’s journey is a testament to his unwavering determination and skill, as he proudly soars through the skies and leaves a legacy that shakes the world.

I was Trapped on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years Season 1 to 4

iCiyuan animation
200 episodes · ONA Ongoing I'm stuck on the same day for a hundred thousand years,I was Trapped on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years,我被困在同一天十万年,我被困在同一天十万年

Lin Yue’s life was a relentless repetition. Trapped on Hongmeng Continent, he experienced the same day for a staggering one hundred thousand years. Each morning, no matter how hard he struggled, he’d awaken to the same dawn, reliving his life with all his knowledge intact. Over the span of these countless iterations, Lin Yue amassed a profound understanding of the sect’s secrets and the wisdom of innumerable strong individuals.

Gradually, he accepted the grim reality of his predicament, the endless cycle of reincarnation. Yet, on the final day of his hundred thousand-year ordeal, Lin Yue decided to make a dramatic departure from his usual path. He took the daring step of cutting off the arm of the Supreme Elder’s son and spiriting away the Seven Industry Demon Emperor’s fiancée. This audacious act threw the sect into chaos.

To his astonishment, Lin Yue awoke to a new dawn, breaking free from his timeless prison. The consequences of his actions on that last day had ushered in an unexpected and wholly unique beginning.

Rebirth Of Urban Immortal Season 1+2+3+4

Qixiang Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Rebirth Of Urban Immortal Season 1,Rebirth of the Urban Immortal season 2, 重生之都市修仙 3, Rebirth of the City Cultivation season 4

Embark on an extraordinary journey of reincarnation and redemption with Chen Fan in “Destined Rebirth.” After a tragic end during a celestial calamity, Chen Fan is unexpectedly granted a second chance 500 years later, returning to his youthful self on Earth. Driven by a steadfast determination to rectify past mistakes and embrace newfound opportunities, Chen Fan navigates the complexities of life with wisdom and compassion earned from his previous incarnation. As he reconnects with old friends and forges new bonds, Chen Fan’s journey becomes a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of personal growth amidst the ever-changing tides of fate.

Join Chen Fan and his companions as they embark on a transformative odyssey across seasons of discovery and renewal. Witness their evolution as they navigate the intricacies of love, friendship, and the pursuit of enlightenment in a world brimming with possibilities. Through trials and triumphs, Chen Fan’s unwavering resolve guides him towards a future of redemption and fulfillment, shaping a destiny that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Alternative names:
Season 1: Renewal Chronicles
Season 2: Resilience Reborn
Season 3: Redemption Road
Season 4: Revelations Renewed

Swallowed Star Season 4

Tencent Penguin Pictures
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Swallowed Star Season 4,星を飲み込む シーズン 4

Join Luo Feng on a transformative journey after the Battle of Kirishima. Empowered by the Meteorite Star’s legacy, he faces a monstrous threat alongside global allies. Can they defy fate and save their world?

Wu Ni (Martial Inverse) Season 1+2+3+4+5

iCiyuan animation
61 episodes · ONA Completed martial inverse season 1 ,wu ni season four ,武逆 动态漫画 ,第四季 武逆 第四季,wu ni season 1,wu ni season 2,wu ni season 3,wu ni season 4,wu ni season 5,martial inverse season 1,martial inverse season 2, martial inverse season 3,martial inverse season 4,martial inverse season 5

In the realm of mystique and peril, Feng Hao’s journey began with a quest to secure the King of Poisons, a potent elixir vital for saving his beloved daughter, Wanxin. Little did he know, this endeavor would unravel a tapestry of divine legacies and unearthly adversaries.The inheritance of the Great Sage Zhantian bestowed upon Feng Hao more than mere remedies; it ignited a revelation of the celestial hierarchy. As he delved deeper into this arcane realm, encounters with formidable saints unveiled the vastness of godly power, expanding his perception beyond mortal bounds.However, fate, in its capricious design, snatched away Wanxin, plunging Feng Hao into the abyss of determination. His resolve crystallized into an unyielding resolve to ascend the summit of mastery and unravel the mysteries of a broader cosmos. Yet, shadows coiled around him, cast by the enigmatic Alliance of Light and the sinister forces of darkness, veiling their intentions in veils of ambiguity.

Within this crucible of uncertainty, crises awaited, each more ominous than the last. But Feng Hao, with the fire of determination blazing within, stood resolute. With each challenge, he sought not only survival but transcendence, forging adversity into stepping stones on his path to greatness.As the sands of time ebb and flow, the fate of Feng Hao hangs in balance, entwined with the enigmatic trials that beckon him forth. In the labyrinth of destiny, only time shall unveil whether he emerges victorious or succumbs to the tempests that rage within and without.

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