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Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

IQIYI, Tencent Animation, Tencent Penguin Pictures, Vita Animation, Youkou Animation
104 episodes · ONA Ongoing battle through the heavens season 5, btth ,dou po cangqiong 5 ,斗破苍穹 第5季,Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

Embark on a tale of reunion, friendship, and vengeance as Xiao Yan reunites with Xun’er at Jia Nan Academy after three long years apart. Their bond grows stronger as they establish the Stone Gate (Pan Gate), cementing their alliance in the face of adversity.

Driven by the desire to enhance his strength and seek revenge against the Misty Cloud Sect, Xiao Yan ventures deeper into the Qi Refining Pagoda. There, he risks everything to devour the powerful Fallen Heart Flame, a daring move that could alter the course of his destiny forever.

Join Xiao Yan on his perilous journey as he navigates the challenges of the Qi Refining Pagoda, harnessing the formidable power of the Fallen Heart Flame to achieve his goals. In this epic saga of courage and determination, witness the unfolding of Xiao Yan’s quest for strength and justice in a world filled with danger and intrigue.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

Gom 5

God Of Martial Arts Season 5

90 episodes · ONA Completed God Of Martial Arts Season 5, Peerless Valkyrie Season 5, 动漫 绝世武神 第5季,Tuyệt Thế Vũ Thần 5, 绝世武神 5

In the Nine Heavens Continent, martial arts hold the utmost respect. The tale follows Lin Feng, a modern student who, due to a car accident, transmigrates into the body of a seemingly worthless young master of the Lin family, who has yet to awaken his martial soul.

From that point onward, with the power of two martial souls, Lin Feng embarks on a remarkable journey. He inherits profound martial arts, rises to the zenith of power, shatters boundaries, and becomes a peerless figure, proud of his prowess in the martial arts realm.

This astounding story unveils Lin Feng’s path of growth, as he steps on the nine skies, leaving an indelible mark on the world, and ultimately becoming a martial arts legend.

Soul Land 2:Peerless Tang Sect Season 5

26 episodes · ONA Completed Soul Land 2 Unrivaled Tang Sect Season 5, douluo continent 2 peerless tang sect Season 5, douluo continent 2 peerless tang sect douluo dalu 2 peerless tangsect Season 5, soul land 2 peerless tangmen season 5, Douluo mainland 2 Peerless Tang gate fifth season, 斗罗大陆2绝世唐门 第五季

In the latest Soul Land Anime episode, Tang Sect, led by Huo Yuhao, faces Shrek Academy in the intense Soul Fighting Competition quarterfinals. Despite senior brother Beibei’s injury, Huo Yuhao steps up as temporary commander, guiding Tangmen to overcome obstacles and dominate. Experience the thrill of martial arts, strategic battles, and unexpected twists in this Soul Land anime showdown. Will Tang Sect triumph against Shrek Academy? Dive into the action-packed episodes now for an exhilarating journey of resilience and glory!

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Wu Ni (Martial Inverse) Season 1+2+3+4+5

iCiyuan animation
61 episodes · ONA Completed martial inverse season 1 ,wu ni season four ,武逆 动态漫画 ,第四季 武逆 第四季,wu ni season 1,wu ni season 2,wu ni season 3,wu ni season 4,wu ni season 5,martial inverse season 1,martial inverse season 2, martial inverse season 3,martial inverse season 4,martial inverse season 5

In the realm of mystique and peril, Feng Hao’s journey began with a quest to secure the King of Poisons, a potent elixir vital for saving his beloved daughter, Wanxin. Little did he know, this endeavor would unravel a tapestry of divine legacies and unearthly adversaries.The inheritance of the Great Sage Zhantian bestowed upon Feng Hao more than mere remedies; it ignited a revelation of the celestial hierarchy. As he delved deeper into this arcane realm, encounters with formidable saints unveiled the vastness of godly power, expanding his perception beyond mortal bounds.However, fate, in its capricious design, snatched away Wanxin, plunging Feng Hao into the abyss of determination. His resolve crystallized into an unyielding resolve to ascend the summit of mastery and unravel the mysteries of a broader cosmos. Yet, shadows coiled around him, cast by the enigmatic Alliance of Light and the sinister forces of darkness, veiling their intentions in veils of ambiguity.

Within this crucible of uncertainty, crises awaited, each more ominous than the last. But Feng Hao, with the fire of determination blazing within, stood resolute. With each challenge, he sought not only survival but transcendence, forging adversity into stepping stones on his path to greatness.As the sands of time ebb and flow, the fate of Feng Hao hangs in balance, entwined with the enigmatic trials that beckon him forth. In the labyrinth of destiny, only time shall unveil whether he emerges victorious or succumbs to the tempests that rage within and without.

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